Moving Right Along…

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Things have progressed quite a bit since last I posted.

I have sent my affidavit of support form I-134 and all supporting documentation to Martin in anticipation of his Embassy Interview.

His physical exam is scheduled for this Wednesday, December 11th.  He bought his train ticket to London today.

We chatted today about wedding ceremony stuff.  There is a lot to do in a very little time.

So much to coordinate as most all of the people who are going to be at the wedding are coming from out of town: Spencer from L.A., my Sister from TX, Martin’s family and friends from the UK and a few friends from here and there.

Wonder if we can have a Skype Wedding……

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Still hangin’ in…

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We found out October 21st or so that our petition had been stuck in the National Visa Center in New Hampshire during the shutdown but was now on its way to the London Embassy.

Last week Honey got the all important letter from the US Embassy in London. Now we fill out more forms, gather more documents and evidence and soon Honey goes for his physical then his visa interview.

Things are moving along now. Exciting times!!!

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Latest Info

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Our K1-Visa petition has been approved and our bundle of papers and forms and evidence etc is now headed to the London Consulate for processing.

A big step forward!  This happened last week and Honey and I are very excited.

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of his official letter detailing what he needs to do next!


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Clever prank!

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I’m still Here…and so is everyone else.

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Yesterday I turned 50yrs old.

There was no zombie apocalypse.

California didn’t break off and sink into the Pacific Ocean.

The Earth didn’t spiral into the Sun.

In other words, it wasn’t the end of the world.

It was just another day and here I am the day after saying it wasn’t so bad.

It is especially good if you face it head on with no grey hairs on that head and lots of love and happy wishes from those in your life who haven’t hit that milestone yet.  From those that have, you get welcomed to “The 5-0 Club”.

Never knew it existed.  I always thought it was just AARP.

Oh, and I will be filling out that AARP membership.  I’ll get a snazzy free travel bag and access to a supposed boat load of discounts.

And getting older is all about the free and the discounts.  Even more so than it was before 50.  🙂

Happy Birthday Spencer, Part 2

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Almost forgot…

Here’s your “birthday shirt and a pair of socks”.  They should be done by the time you are 30.  Love you!

Happy Birthday to Our Spencer

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Dear Spencer,

Happy 19th Birthday Son!

This is the first time that neither your Dad nor I have been with you on your birthday.  It is inevitable that this happens, you are becoming your own Man.

But, as I keep telling myself, I was there for the one that started them all – the day you were born.  I celebrate this date for me too you know.  It may be your Birthday, but it’s also my MomDay.

You complained that you had to work today.  All I can do is smile and say “welcome to the real world”.  The only time I have not had to work on my birthday is when it fell on a weekend.

I hope you enjoy yourself today both during work and after work and I hope the weather in LA is a lot better than it is here.  At least it’s not 110F like it was the day you were born in Texas.

Have a great day Spencer!



PS When are you going to send me your Mother’s Day photos?  I need some recent pix. Thx.

Simple Pleasures

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Petition Update and Creativity

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No new progress on the petition/K-1 Visa process yet.

They have updated the processing times for the California Service Center from 7.5 months to 5 months, so that is promising.  Our petition has been in the system for 1.5 months so far give or take a few days.

We had a bit of a hiccup when I got the official notice saying they had received our petition and gave us our case number.  They listed out our names and birthdays and low and behold, I had filled out my Honey’s incorrectly on the main form.  It was correct on all the others and there was even a scan of  his passport, but still they requested a copy of his birth certificate.  Sigh.  We had to wait a bit for the certificate to come but all’s well now as they have everything they need once again.

We have not received any more notices or anything, but I’m just glad there is a number to call and very nice, helpful people on the other end to help you update things when you screw up.  Of course that triggers a notice for documentation, but that is ok, at least we know that it is actually being worked on!

Oh, and I told Honey not to take it the wrong way that I got his birthday wrong.  I always mess up with Spencer’s and I was ACTUALLY THERE on the day it happend.

I’m just bad with stuff like that lately.

I read an article last week that said hot flashes are a major contributor to women having memory fog and that it is temporary and things go back to normal when the flashes stop.

I’m still waiting for the stopping bit.  Summer is pretty much here, it’s been hot and I can barely tolerate heat without hot flashes – with hot flashes it is just not good.

I want my normal brain function back please.

I have been having funny ideas about cartoons concerning hot flashes and general menopausal issues.  One day soon I will be going to a place where I can sit, relax and try my skills at drawing.  I have been writing down all my toony ideas as well as other Thoughts that pop into my head.

Now I won’t forget any of it.  They are mostly things I want to make, and they are quite good, so hopefully some day I’ll be able to work on them.

A first of MANY squeeeees to come….

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Just received notice that our I-129F petition form has been accepted into the “system” and we have been assigned a case number.  Now it really IS official. :o)

Now you know what I will be doing every hour until the thing is complete…checking the status online of course.

I can’t help it!

This is very exciting and it came about a week sooner than I had expected.  I’m hoping (and so is my Honey) that the rest of the process happens just as fast!

Send good thoughts, pray, cross your fingers, light candles…we need the good vibes for a quick process.

I’ve suddenly become VERY impatient. :o)