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The Great Frizz-out of 2012

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Here in Northern California, we are experiencing the “GREAT STORM OF 2012”.

I put it in caps and quotes because, well, because it is such a big thing on the news.  It even has it’s own theme song.  Every station has it own “storm weather” music.  So when it plays, you know they are going to be talking about the weather.  Which really hasn’t changed much really.  Wave after wave of storm fronts carrying so much moisture they have no choice but to dump it on us.

The worst of the dumping comes during the peak morning and evening commutes too – I don’t think I’ve taken off my wellies or ducks all week.  And my umbrella has yet to dry out completely.  My world as I know it is a GIANT puddle.

Up until this past week, we’ve had a pretty dry winter.  Our water levels or whatever the hell it is called were at 20-30% throughout the area.

This time last year just about every area that counts such things was at 100% or more.  Most were over 100%.  According to the snow scientists dudes the snow pack was impressive – also close to or surpassing the 100% mark.

What that means is that we have enough water to get us through a summer and a fire season.

Just last week everyone was predicting drought conditions and a very dry summer which would lead to what could only be (in my opinion only) the entire state burning to a crisp in the coming fire season.

We needed more rain and snow if we were going to survive the year.

Well folks, all that wishing and rain-dancing has paid off because your dreams have come true.  It has been raining / snowing since Monday.  Non-stop for five days.  FIVE.

I’m not one to begrudge Mother Nature when she does something that we all need and have been hoping for.  You GO Girl, let us have it!  And all that, yada yada yada.


I have a new haircut.

It is short.

My hair is naturally curly.  (those of you who know of such things can pretty much see where this is going)

I had just got to the point where my new hairdo and I could agree on what it should look like after I’d applied the right amount of frizz control/ shine serum and blow dryed it using a multi-bristled round brush. (None of which I have EVER done in my entire life.)

It has taken me many days of trial and error with the serum and many hours of practice with the brush/ dryer combo to get it just so.  It’s not anywhere near what it looked like right out of the salon, but hey, I’m working at it and it gets better every day.

And then the Great Rain Storm of 2012 started…which then triggered the Great Frizz-out of 2012.

Apparently the amount of serum I was applying is only enough to give my hair a shine.  It does nothing for the frizz.  How can it when it’s up against the Great Rain Storm of 2012.

I am reminded of a school photo back from 3rd grade.  It was a particularly humid day that September in Chicago.  My hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail, a front tooth was missing (maybe two?) and my smiling face was surrounded by a slight halo of frizzy little wisps of hair.

Water levels: 50% (that is MY estimate, I haven’t seen any numbers yet, but rain in inches is impressive)

Frizz Factor: 200% (and rising)

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Still recovering from the fun of the wee hours of this morning. I didn’t sleep at all.

Maintenance men have been going in and out all morning and the carpet cleaner will be here “sometime today”.

Kitty is in hiding. With all this coming and going of strange people, I don’t expect to see her for at least 2 days.

Pumpkin pie is actually pretty good. Especially after sitting overnight. The real test is when the pie expert tries it tomorrow (that would be Spencer).

Pluses and Minuses at 1:15am

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Minus – a hissing noise which is obviously water running, but where? (12:15am)

Plus – I had just climbed into bed so it’s not like I was sound asleep

Minus – I can’t find where it’s coming from…it’s not any of the toilets, I didn’t leave any of the faucets running.

Plus – I found it…

Minus – the hot water valve under the bathroom sink is spewing forth a wee bit of water

Plus – this apt complex has on-site 24/7 maintenance, who are now getting a call

Minus – I just stocked up on all sorts of toiletries, especially the female sort which are now getting soaked cos the wee bit of water is now rivaling Old Faithful and just as hot

Did I mention it was the hot water valve?

Plus – the female toiletries are super absorbent

Minus – EVERYTHING is getting WET while I frantically pull out the rest of the stuff under the sink.

Plus – Maintenance dude shuts off water to my apartment

Minus – water is flowing into bedroom at this point

Did I mention it was HOT water?

Plus – Maintenance dude brings wet vac and sucks up the water.

Minus – lots of things are VERY WET and instead of doing what I had planned for tomorrow (oh yeah, today), I get to dry everything out. Except the female things, there is no hope for them. Altho I think I can salvage the ones in the box that only got a wee bit wet from the first trickling of water…

Plus – he fixed it

Minus – he has to come back tomorrow (umm…today) with more sucking machines and a carpet cleaner and yeah

Plus – I have water, in all the right places

Minus – I’m WIDE AWAKE.

Plus – I don’t pay for water or for the gas to heat it.

Thank you Maintenance Dude – I really wish this could have happened in the middle of the day – and thank goodness I was home when it did. It’s now past 1:30am and he’s still putzing round in the bathroom and here I sit. WIDE AWAKE.

Telling you all about my super absorbent female toiletries, oh and the flood of hot water in my bathroom/bedroom.

Haven’t seen Kitty for a while. She’s pretty much traumatized, the wet vac was pretty damn scary. Don’t think I’ll see her for a few days except for litter box runs and occasional munching. Sigh.