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Think I owe a hair update…

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…it is still not colored.

I’m tired of doing it.

I had to file my taxes early so that we could fill out and submit financial aid forms for college.

I’m getting a refund.

It got deposited yesterday.

Work is having another convention booth down in LA at the end of March.

I’ve lost 9 lbs.

I’m stressed and not sleeping enough.

I deserve a rest.

I deserve a treat.

Mid-March I will be going for the works.

Mid-March plus one day:

The before mid-March will be forgotten.

No grey hairs.

A sassy new haircut.

A happy me.

…and I won’t scare anybody off at the convention.

Bring it.

Lunch with a friend

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Yesterday, Ms AmpuTeeHee and I met for lunch. You can read about it there and see a photo of my yummy burger.

And oooh, it was good. Hit the spot. Don’t normally go for the beef burger (I prefer turkey) and the fries, but every now and then the body just craves it.

I’m not very good with measuring portions (I eyeball it), keeping a food journal, or counting calories, etc. I DO pay attention to what’s in my food, what I eat, how much of it I eat, and how my body reacts to whatever it is I’m eating. I let myself indulge a craving (within reason) every so often, cos I can’t do “you CAN’T” have this or that or the other thing. Just makes me want it even more, and then I give in and go overboard.

Add all that “monitoring” to riding my bike to the train station when it’s not raining, and you get…..

drum roll…

….10 lbs lost since I started my new job. YAY!

I am happy about that…very happy. The planets are aligning as far as getting myself to a healthy place, so I’m going with it. I know that’s a lot for me (just me, no one else) to lose in 1 month. I also know that going forward, the weight might not come off as easily. I’m ok with all that. I’m on pretty good speaking terms with my body, so I know what it can do and how far I can push it. When it pushes back, I listen.

In the meantime, clothes are fitting better, even shoes. It’s a good feeling.

I don’t care what the scale says, or what the clothing tag says. Just feeling comfortable is nice.

A Good Day

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Woke up extremely tired this morning. Promise not to whine about getting old, etc tho.

Weighed myself last night and saw the little red thingy pointing at a smaller number. Hmmmm….weighed myself this morning and saw the little red thingy pointy to an even smaller number.

I knew I had probably lost a few pounds as I have been eating sensibly/healthy and riding my bike almost every day. The biggest clue is how baggy my jeans are…I had to dig out my belt.

It may sound like I’ve lost a lot, but it’s only been a few lbs. I’m happy tho as the baggy pants bit tells the bigger story. Things are shifting, I’m gaining muscle, etc etc. If I could only stop having to bundle up so much, you could actually see my curves trying to reappear.

It’s fascinating watching my body react to what I’ve been doing. It changes almost daily.

And that’s a very good thing.

The temptations are extreme tho. Spence made the most awesome lemon bars I’ve ever tasted last night. He’s going to a community service thing today and baked them (from scratch no less) to take along. I’ll post a photo and a link to the recipe sometime this weekend.

OMG they were good, but I only had a few little bites. Good thing he took them out of the house!

My Post Counter is Wrong

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Wrong I tell you! I’ve been posting and posting and jabbering on and on and the count is still in the 550’s…I swear it’s been that way since the beginning of summer. I KNOW I’ve posted more than 10 times since June. Gah.

Whatever, time for some more jabbering.

I miss knitting.

I tried with the Tunisian Hook last night – no dice. Even that was too much. Regular crochet doesn’t work either.

Neither does sewing, making jewelry, or any other sort of crafting.

My consultation appointment with the wrist doc with the “New and Improved” MRI is tomorrow morning. I’m SO FLIPPIN’ TIRED OF WAITING.

The wrist REALLY hurts. The damp and cold IS NOT HELPING.

There has been a whirlwind of sorting and organizing activity here in the Chaos.

My apartment complex is getting inspected by the City on Friday morning. Nothing like an “incentive” to get you moving a bit faster.

The only storage areas left for sorting are the big, useless dining room closet and the smaller, but still as useless hall closet. Those will have to wait until after the inspection. Boxes and whatnot that have already been sorted but don’t have a home yet will be marked appropriately and put wherever there is room – need to get them out of the way.

I’ve made so many trips up and down to the recycling bins and dumpster that I should have buns of steel.

I’ve made 2 trips this week (so far) to the thrift store with a very large metal cart full of donations each time – on the bus – it’s been quite easy actually. The big cart is now sitting full in the corner waiting for another run. Can’t go tomorrow cos of doc appointment and Friday I’m expecting a package delivery, so I guess I’ll start up with the thrift store runs again next week.

My doc appt is tomorrow.

I’ve been doing some culinary experimentation. It sounds a lot better than its been tasting, trust me. It’s been fun tho – and I can usually salvage most of it, so we haven’t been starving.

My doc appt is tomorrow!!!

Back to work putting things away. I’ve done as much sorting as I can, now just to get it all back under the bed and in the closets and tucked away til after the holidays. I will do more as time and wrist permits – don’t think I’ll have it all done before the Holidays and I really do want to decorate for Xmas. So….everything goes away, clearly marked and mostly in their permanent homes.

After New Year tho…it’s back at it full force!

I got a new exercise DVD today from my DVD swap club. I’m so excited. It’s Core Conditioning and what not, but uses belly dancing moves. I watched it thru while eating lunch today (yeah, I know) and I think I just might be able to actually do this one and keep on doing it – I like belly dancing and the instructors aren’t annoying and my body is familiar with the moves – and it’s very low impact.

I’m going to the doc tomorrow.


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Hello all,
Well, Spencer has given the thumbs up to the latest attempt at Pumpkin Pie, but we both agree that the crust sucks. So next time we make a pie, we’ll use a different crust and see how it goes. At least the filling recipe works – that’s the most important bit!

The other day, I was going thru my closet, drawers and container-of-clothes-that used-to-fit-and-will-again. You guys know how that goes…sigh. Anyway, I managed to get several grocery bags (ok 8) of clothes and accessories to give away. Lots of old stuff, stuff I haven’t worn in years, clothes that don’t fit anymore and clothes that I don’t care if they ever fit again.

Again, you know how that goes…

Anyway, I kept running across clothes that still had tags. Pathetic. Chaos hoarder that I am, I still had the receipts and went to Ross (that’s where I get 99% of my clothes and accessories) and got a store credit. With that credit, I bought some things for the kitchen.

I also bought a bunch of socks (damn those necessaries like that really add up quickly, don’t they – and they always all fall apart at the same time!!!) and a few pairs of gym shoes.

Which is why I’m writing this damn post in the first place. I decided while I was sorting thru clothes and more and more went into the container-of-clothes-that used-to-fit-and-will-again that I was going to have to work a lot harder to get into the damn things. I’ve got a LOT of REALLY NICE clothes. I’ve been really down about my weight lately (ok, for pretty much all my life) and thinking I REALLY need to do SOMETHING more than what I’m doing now. Riding my bike is good, but lately, I’m not riding all that often and that’s really not going to help in the long run.

I enjoy doing my exercise outdoors. So I decided that when I took all this stuff back, I would get myself some walking socks and running/walking gym shoes. And I did. That was yesterday. I walked for an hour this morning. It was cold. I’m freakin’ insane.

I finally did it. I’ve been thinking about doing something more than just riding my bike for a very long time – 2 weeks or so to be exact – actually a LOT longer, but thinking seriously for about 2 weeks. Sorting thru my clothes on Sunday turned out to be the catalyst I needed to get my ass in gear.

And it walked on the trail for an hour this morning at the ass crack of the day. It was cold. Which made me walk faster, which was good, cos you get more out of walking if you actually put some effort into it. I hurt, but that will go away with time. It’s been years since I’ve distanced walked.

Tomorrow I ride Puff. I don’t know how long I’ll go for, but I’ll be leaving with Spencer when he rides off to BART in the morning – which is when the sun comes up. You know, the ass crack of dawn. Sigh.

And the last reason I’m writing this post is that I need some help. I need a goal to work for…cos apparently, losing weight, being healthy, and living longer aren’t good enuf to get me to exercise as much as I need to…sigh.

If anyone knows of any local 5k Walks or walk/runs or bike rides that don’t cost much and are easily accessible by public transit…please let me know. I am going to do as many as I can. I need to keep moving. It’s the only way I lose weight.

20 years ago, I lost about 50 lbs. The way I did it was thru the Jenny Craig diet program and training for The Mutiple Sclerosis 150 mile bike-a-thon (MS150). I ate JC meals and rode my bike 2 hours a day. I was a lean, mean, riding machine. I kept off the weight until I got pregnant – and I STILL have that “baby weight” – even tho my “baby” is almost 16 years old. Sigh.

OK, so I’m 20 years older and can’t afford a fancy pants diet program. So what am I supposed to do?

Easy, drag my ass outside to move every day – for now that is riding or walking – my 20yrs older and 60lbs overweight body can’t take much more than that right now. Eat right, get enuf rest and all that sort of stuff. With a hell of a lot of work, and a visible goal on my calendar to work for, I can do it.

If you know of a website or a walk/ride, let me know in the comments. My ass thanks you – really it wants to curse you, but I’m making it mind its manners.

Still working hard at being unemployed…

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Hello everyone,

Things have been tough in the Chaos here. Lately I’ve been a bit down so NOTHING is getting done around here. Just the basics to get by. Being sick last week, disappointment after disappointment and life in general has just been dragging me deeper and deeper.

No creativity let loose, no making of anything, no sorting, no organizing. Nothing.

I get up late, I chat with Honey for an hour, I sit on the couch with the Kitty and read or sleep the day away. Horror of all horrors, I’ve actually been watching daytime TV!!!! Talk shows only, no soaps, and the talk shows are of the more “classy” type. No Jerry Springer or that other dude allowed. Sometimes I put on Discovery Channel all day.

I’ve learned a lot about building cars (Overhaulin’) so I guess it’s not really time wasted, right? Yeah, right.

My Mom and Sis sent grandma’s vintage beads on Saturday. The USPS attempted delivery on Monday (that was QUICK!!). Silly me decided to go out and enjoy the nice weather, so I missed them. I’ve been trying to get it re-delivered ever since. I finally cornered the carrier today and he promised he’d bring the box tomorrow.

I can’t wait to get my hands on them! I have lots of plans in my head and hopefully I can pull myself up and out of my current funk enough to work with them and get going on some really cool stuff!!! Which I hope I can continue and grow into SOMETHING going on around here besides moping and feeling sorry for myself.

Today I decided I need to put myself on a schedule. Time blocks need to happen for daily/weekly chores, deep cleaning, sorting/organizing, creating/making, bike riding, exercising, relaxing, and so on. I need to pull myself up and get my butt in gear or NOTHING is going to keep getting done. And I want this place looking good by Christmas. I want to start the new year with an organized place. I know if I just made myself do something little every day, I could do it. There really isn’t that much to do, I only need to apply myself a whole lot more.

I’m even thinking about going back to school. Don’t know what I’d study yet, but the thought is there – again. Especially since I’m having such bad luck on the job front.

On the wrist front, I’ve been dealing with pain from a “cyst” type thing on my wrist. My insurance company is stalling the doc’s office. They’re not being very timely with responses for pre-auths, etc. I don’t know what is worse, the pain or the frustration. Meanwhile, the pain gets worse and worse. Gee thanks insurance company. So glad you care so much for your members. So very glad this isn’t life threatening.

On a happier note, Ms Cow will step in and do some more fashion posts. She’s really getting into this…she is making notes for a post as I type. We bought a new book about Fashion History and she’s had her nose in it since Monday. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Getting ready for Friday…

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Last night, as I entered in months worth of bike rides and swimming to, I remembered to check the trails and see what was available to get me across to the other side of town to my Jewelry Class on Friday. With all this entering, I still have a few weeks of entering to do…I REALLY need to keep up with that – gah.

Lo and behold…the trail that goes in that direction just happens to go *almost* right past the school where my Jewelry Class is!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to see that. Now I don’t have to leave uber early to get there and then sit and wait for 45 min after class to catch the bus home. Stupid bus schedules totally suck when it comes to being convenient for anyone but the bus company. grrr.

Today I packed up Ms Cow and the bag of supplies I will be taking, along with my locks and cables and headed out to try out the route. Was mostly looking for how hilly it would be, as it goes round the foothills and even a part way up into them. I was also looking for a travel time.

I am happy to say that the trail is totally doable for me, some slight hills, but nothing I can’t handle. The trail pops out at a main street that has a marked bike lane – one block later, I’m in the parking lot. Time? 25 minutes. Only 5 min longer than my trip to Drawing Class. This is indeed good news as I don’t do well with hills – altho it would technically help me get better if I had to ride up one at least once a week. Oh darn. Another good thing about this route is that it’s not all windy. Only the first part is windy, the rest is nice and calm. Heaven.

No bus! Hardly any wind! *Almost* door-to-door trail. YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

I’m all set…just need to give Sgt Puff a mini-checkup and make sure she’s all set. I’ve been riding her a lot lately. Think Spence and I should probably go back to the Bike Kitchen on Saturday and give her a really good look-see.

Drawing Class tomorrow!!!

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I’m hoping to have a fun time with the class and not sit there like a bump on a log.

The two, giant, tunisian crocheted blankets have not done their job. I am still blocked.

I have figured out that there are many reasons why:

1. I’ve been very lazy. Very easy to be very lazy when you don’t have to get up and go someplace where people have promised to pay you if you show up and do stuff.

2. My apt is a chaotic mess. Result of the laziness, of course. I have promised myself today is chore day – going to get all the basic stuff done, pack for class and then work a bit more on getting my crafting supplies in order. Ooooh…it’s lunch time! Chores will have to wait – can’t do chores if I’m hungry!

3. I have no idea where to even begin being creative. I have many lists of ideas. I have many ideas in my head. I look at the lists and it’s as if they are in a foreign language. I go to pull ideas out of my head and they are no longer there…they return when I decide to leave them alone.

4. I’m feeling rather lonely lately. Lonely equals woe-is-me, pity parties that totally block out any desire to do anything but park my ass on the couch and watch nonsense on TV. Which then ends up with me in bed with a book or magazine cos there is nothing but crap on TV. And then I can’t even concentrate on what I’m reading.

I do get out with my friend Antonella, I chat daily with my Honey, Spence and I spend lots of quality time together when we get the chance, I still call the family and chit chat, and I have actually been dragging my ass out on the bike and have been swimming once. My blood pressure is down and so is my weight – 4 more lbs actually.

I should be happy. I think about it all and go “meh – whatever”.

Trying not to put too many high hopes on these classes I’m taking and I think I’m doing pretty good with that. Stepping out of my creative box with the drawing is something different which I think I will really enjoy. The jewelry class can only help me as I have had lots of ideas for new pieces but I have no idea how to bring them into reality.

The classes are what they are and my chaos is what it is…hopefully being in contact with more people will get me back to whatever it is I was before I lost my job – ironically, I don’t even know what that is, really.

Meh – whatever!

Sammie on Sunday…

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…no photos this time as we have been bonding on the couch…and I didn’t want to ruin the moment.

Lately my little princess and I have been at odds…fighting over who has ownership over the laptop…or the office chair…or the mouse. She’s been quite the little fuzzy white pill lately.

She’s even learned where the delete key is on the keyboard, and has been having way too much fun sitting on the mouse and alternately right and left clicking by switching her weight.

The list of things she’s been doing lately goes on and on, and I won’t bore you, but let’s just say, things are never boring when I sit and do the job search thing and chat to Honey in the morning.


Tonight we’ve come to some sort of truce…either that or she was cold… We sat together tonight watching crap on TV. Her on my lap purring, me dutifully petting and petting and petting. It was very calming for both of us and I’ve missed that interaction these past few weeks.

I’m hoping she’ll hop up onto the bed tonight and sleep in “her corner” again. I’ve missed her. Where has she been sleeping? On the damn office chair! Gah!

Anyway, I finally checked the mail from Saturday as I came home from an afternoon out with my friend and partner in crime, Antonella…and there was the local class schedule for the Adult Continuing Education place. Kitty and I had a quick read thru and decided I should take a Drawing Class. It’s on Tuesday mornings going for 8 weeks. Folks 55 and older have priority registration since it’s a day class, but I’m hoping there’s no rush on the class – please leave a spot for me…pretty please?

Several years ago, I signed up for a similar class in the evening and it ended up being canceled because not enough people signed up. I can’t even tell you how disappointed I was! I had my sketch pad and pencils and rubber erasers all ready to go…I ended up handing them over to Spencer. Which only means, I get to go shopping for new supplies! 🙂

Fingers crossed this time it works. If I do find a job before it ends, well, I just stop going. It’s not that much ($36 for residents for 8 classes) and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do…and it’ll keep me busy. Plus I get a really good ride in going to class…it’s about a 7 or 8 mile round trip bike ride guaranteed once a week.

After my morning “job” of looking for work and then spending some time chatting with Honey tomorrow, I’m off to register…and if I get in, I get a supplies list and can go to the art store this week. I think I should probably wait until Spencer gets back from his Dad’s. Going to the art supplies store is “our thing” and if I go without him, I don’t think he’ll ever forgive me.

Wish me luck!

Oooh! Have I mentioned that I’ve dropped 9 lbs since I stopped working? Can I get an “amen sister?” I’m also sleeping better…can you say I love not having a stressful job anymore?

Now to just find a job before the stress of not having one sets in…..sigh….

I know, I’ve been absent…

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I have enjoyed being semi-unplugged since I officially stopped working on May 15th.

Have been very busy as well.

There was finishing the Dress.

Really wish I had a dress form….this hanger does NOT do this dress justice…at all!

There was mad, crazy, almost all night gaming at KublaCon…

There was bike fixing, switching out of various and sundry bike bits and pieces.

There has been bike riding almost EVERY day! I’ve dropped 5 pounds so far… YAY!

And there was not much knitting or other crafting…except for Mom’s birthday earrings.

I’ve been in a sort of a ‘crafter’s block’ situation. My head is bursting with crafty ideas for knitting, sewing, crocheting, embroidery, combinations of all of the above…lots of prototypes for stuff to put out on my shop need to be made…the crafty list is endless.

Yet…I could do nothing.

Enter the craft palette cleanser…

Remember the “birthday balls” from last summer?

Well those 45, plus about 5-10 more, along with random balls found here and there round the Chaos, make up this BIG, HUGE, bad boy of a blankie (big enough to cover a twin size bed and then some – in the photos, it’s on my double bed). Enter Size S extended Tunisian Crochet Hook, 3 strands held together, and Voila! Check out Stitch Diva for an easy Tunisian Tutorial – I also bought my S hook from them at Stitches West back in February. They also have a pattern for a stash buster blanket, but I just did my own thing.

The dominant colors in my acrylic stash were black and various shades of dark blue. I held one strand of black, one strand of blue and then just grabbed for colors. The balls were stacked nicely in the container according to color, so I attached one color, used it til it ran out, then started on the next and so on and so on. The photos don’t do it justice as it’s rather cool looking and flows pretty well from one section to another. Using the black and blue as the “glue” was a very good idea. Eventually I ran out of black and blue and then started in with the other base colors of green and dark red…and then found some more black, so added it back in… It was a fun project!

I started this sucker on the evening of June 1st…worked on it every night that week for about an hour or two, one or two hours over the busy weekend, left it alone until last night…DONE!

Insta-warm blankie, and the acrylic stash is G-O-N-E. At least I think it is….I’m sure more of that stuff will pop up…I swear, it breeeeds.

It’s BIG, it’s HEAVY, and it’s Spencer’s. He likes lots of weight and warmth on him in the winter while he sleeps. This should do it.

Craft palette cleansed.

Had an interesting last few days, but will save that for another post. I’ll try not to stay away from the computer so much. 🙂