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Secret knitting continues…

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…I am pushing the limits here, but still knitting my little fingers off.  If I was using metal needles, I think sparks would be flying.

Not really, but the projects have been going along a lot quicker than usual.  I’m sure it has NOTHING to do with the short deadline I’m up against.

Not at all.

One project is blocking another is halfway done on the needles.  The rest are not due before Xmas, so I’m in pretty good shape so far.

I’d be in better shape if I would have started earlier, but well, I’m knitting now, that’s all that matters.

Spence and I spent yesterday with family friends who came into town with their son to spend the day “in the big city” shopping and seeing the sites. 

Spence and I went earlier so I could shop for a coat. Happy to say I found one and now I won’t be freezing my butt off at the bus stop in every long sleeved shirt and fleece I have with a down vest zipped over it.

One of the downsizes of losing weight is all your nice warm winter coats and jackets are too big. Don’t get me wrong, clothes being too big is a good thing, but not in winter.

Anyway, we met with friends after lunch and spent more time trying to keep track of each other in the crowds than actually LOOKING at anything.

Oh, and I don’t care what language you speak, I’m sure they ALL include the words EXCUSE ME or PARDON ME or THANK YOU.  We may not all speak what words you speak, but most of us can recognize good manners.

And to the guy trying to sell his “art” for money instead of begging…it was a good idea until you started yelling out random insults.  Kinda ruined the whole vibe you had going on.

Just sayin’.

We gave up on the insanity after 2 hours (not even 2 actually) and got in the car for the long journey out of downtown.  It took us longer to get from Union Square to the Bay Bridge than it did to get from the Bay Bridge to Back 40 Texas BBQ.

Where we all enjoyed the company of friends over a yummy meal.

After we waited 40 min to be seated.

MOMMMMM…my email is being mean!

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You, my dearest email, have turned into a demon.  You constantly taunt me with your “SALE!” , “WHAT A DEAL!”, “AND LAST CHANCE CLEARANCE!” subject lines.  Stop delivering the “Biggest Sale of the Season”, and “FREE SHIPPING” emails.  Didn’t you hear me tell you I am trying to save money?!?!?

Away with you online only Yarn sales, biggest Bead sale ever, and “you bought from us before, here’s a BIG coupon so you can come back and buy MORE STUFF” emails.

I’m trying to save money.

I really am.  My target is something very special, so I’ve been trying REALLY hard to save as much as I can.

It’s not really working though.  Not because I’ve been on a spending spree.  I will admit to having spent a lot of money last month, but it was all birthday money and gift cards.  The BEST money to spend.  THANKS to all who contributed to my shopping deliquency.  I totally enjoyed it.  That has finally dried up, so no more shopping.  Now if I could get my life to cooperate and quit costing me so much damn money, I’d have LOTS saved up in no time flat…sigh.

It’s REALLY annoying to get all these emails ALL DAY LONG taunting me with all the things I WANT but do not NEED.  I do not want the torture. DO NOT WANT!

I’ve spent the last month or so removing myself from email lists.  As the emails come in, I “click here to unsubscribe”.

Amazingly enough, they are still coming.  If I know that I haven’t signed up for anything from a particular company, the emails are marked as “junk” and get filtered out.  I have apparently signed up for a shitload of crap over the last zillion years I’ve had an email though – and it’s taking a long time to get it sorted out.

At least I don’t get a whole bunch of catalogs in the snail mail anymore.

That reminds me, I do keep getting a few catalogs in the mail.  Need to get myself off those mailing lists too.  As much as I love diverting myself by looking at pretty yarn and shiny beads every so often, I really don’t need the temptation.

It’s not like I don’t know where to go if I ever need anything. 🙂

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Not cos I’m bored, but because I’m tired.

Antonella and I did most of what we planned for Saturday. We got out to the Art Show, the Bead Shop, the other stores on the way home.

What we didn’t do was make anything. We were out running about from 11am until 4:30pm and pretty much wore ourselves out. We got to my place, I made dinner, she “shopped” in my bead stash and that was pretty much the end of that. We even went to sleep early!

We’re going to have to try and get together for jewelry making on another weekend. The next time, we’re not going out beforehand!

We came home with some cool stuff from all the places we went – and were very well behaved at the bead store (not very much wallet abuse at all!).

I have more energy after work now – that only means I sit on the couch, but don’t fall asleep. Hah. Last night while on the couch, I culled my bead stash. And part of my fabric stash. Tonight I’m going to try and get some stuff made for KublaCon. Dunno tho, as I’m biking off to Kohl’s for some shopping. This is the last day I can use my Kohl’s bucks so I don’t want to lose that $20 coupon I got a few weekends ago. Plus I’ve got a $20 store credit and also will be retunring something. Hopefully I can spend it all tonight as I don’t get to Kohl’s very often.

After all that (it’s a long ride home – with potentially full paniers), I just might sit on the couch and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….

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Got any cheese with that whine?

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As a matter of fact, no, I don’t.

And that’s why I’m a whiny cranky pants today.

This whole weekend was just one shopping fail after another.

Saturday we biked over to the farmer’s market for some of our favorite chipotle cheddar cheese. The vendor wasn’t there, so…no cheese for us…one week. We head off to Safeway for some stuff and Spencer pops into McCallou’s looking for a beanie – he comes out with 2. Grr.

Yesterday, I talked Antonella into running off with me to the Ashby BART flea market. We were on the hunt for interesting beads and bead findings. Neither one of the two vendors who sell things like that and are usually at the flea market were there. Not many vendors were, but that’s beside the point.

Antonella consoled herself with two cool rings and a pair of very pretty earrings.

I got nuttin’. Grrr.

We went off to downtown Berkeley for lunch and a stab at getting some more dice beads. At least the pizza was most excellent.

Like I was telling her on the way home. Once I get it in my mind that I am going out for a specific item, I get very disappointed when I don’t get it and no matter what I look at, nothing seems appealing. And when I have an entire weekend of not getting, well…crankiness ensues.

I am in a rainy mood. The weather dudes say that more is on the way.

Bring it.

I know it’s Saturday cos Blogger says so…

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…this week I have absolutely no concept of time or what day it is…

Oh well. Right now, I know it’s Saturday. I’m sure I’ll wake up tomorrow thinking it’s Wednesday or even Saturday again. A friend commented at dinner “isn’t every day a Saturday when you’re out of work?” Pretty much as the days start melting into one, but I really do like to keep track of things…sigh. I think my brain is going on vacation. Really need to get going on some crafting – I need to keep it a little bit more stimulated than I have been. I’ve been reading a lot, but it needs some diverse activities.

Right now, I just wanna go to bed and get a decent night’s sleep. I haven’t had one in over a week and it’s showing. I get easily confused, disoriented, and am prone to zoning out. Getting a bit more regular with the bike riding will help, but the weather is just too hot to do that. Sigh.

Anyways, I’ve had a nice cup of English Tea, cuddled with the Kitty and now it’s time to pry the kid off the xbox. My bargain shopping partner in crime is back in town and we’re heading out tomorrow for a day of hunting down some good deals. We need our rest.

Good night from the Chaos – where things are getting less and less chaotic (organizing-wise) daily.

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You’d think I’d post more…

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….being that I am unemployed and supposedly have nothing better to do…

Today I went into San Francisco to DSW warehouse and then on to Chinatown. A good walk about the City wandering in and out of various bathrooms and shops does one good.

Yes, I did buy shoes* and yes, I bought myself a small silk zipper pouch and a wee bit larger messenger bag at my fav shop in Chinatown, said hi to the giant wooden willie and then made my way home.

And now I’m sitting here in my new shoes ** (oooh they sure are comfy!) typing up a blog post. Cos I’ve got nothing better to do.

*No way in hell did I pay that much. I paid less than $40. What I REALLY want now are these. Can’t wait til they hit the discount shops….

** I have a thing for born and boc shoes…

yeah, whut-e-vah…

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Yep, the bike is still in the hallway with a flat.

The jewelry still needs to be re-done.

There has been no drawing.

There has been no organizing.

There has been no cleaning.

I have yet to color my hair – and the grey roots are getting bad. I’m wearing hats to cover it – I NEVER wear hats.

It is now 10:30pm and I’ve just realized I didn’t eat dinner. And it’s not cos I was busy.

I did manage some laundry the other day, but only cos Spencer needed some clothes washed so he could pack them and I ran out of clean socks and undies. The whole “no more clean undies” is a great laundry motivator, isn’t it?

I am a slug.

If only my brain could do physical labor, I wouldn’t be one.

In my brain, I’m one very busy woman, getting all sorts of things done…a little crafting, cooking, cleaning, organizing tornado. Whirrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Oh, and those gift cards? Gone.

Good to know I still have an imagination and despite my slugnicity, I can still shop.

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A busy night last night…

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…things are all a-buzz in the Chaos lately.

Some of the reasons can’t be revealed just yet, but they will soon…after Stitches.

Yes, I’m going to Stitches!!! Hitching a ride with the AmpuT early on Saturday morning.

I’ll be looking for you No-Blog-Rachel!!!

We have all been very creative lately.

Even Ms Cow has gotten the “I need to make something NOW” bug.

We set off to JoAnn’s Craft Superstore with our 40% off coupon yesterday at lunch.

You see, Ms Cow needs a Tea Set. Now, we’ve been to Japantown, Chinatown, every toy store in the area, have searched Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, everywhere…and no where…NO WHERE have we found a tea set sized for use by the Cows. We did find a teapot in Chinatown (which is a bit on the small side), but no tea cups were to be had anywhere! Now, if Cow and Ms Cow were sized the same as Barbie, this would be a non-issue…

Well, being frustrated by the whole situation and Ms Cow being the take charge crafter that she is…we decided to make our own.

So we needed clay.

Since when are there so many freakin types of clay?

Anyway, after much scrunching of brows, looks of dismay, feelings of despair, and knashing of teeth…we decided to get some Super Sculpey. Once we’re done shaping it up, it will be baked in the oven and then we can paint it.

Here is Ms Cow with her first little ball of clay. This will soon become a tea cup.

We had lots of fun working with the Super Sculpey. It’s very soft and pliable and won’t dry out since it doesn’t harden unless you bake it. So far so good. We’ll keep you all posted on our progress.

Here’s Ms Cow with her evenings worth of work:

Four tea cups, four saucers, a sugar bowl (with lid even!!!) and a creamer (with a spout!!!).

She’s very clever and good with the clay our Ms Cow…

We won’t be able to use the teapot we have with the cups we’re making, it’s too small for these Cow Sized cups. But, we can at least use it as a model for one we can make ourselves. Ms Cow really likes the shape of it.

Can’t wait to make more things with this clay…it’s fun!!!

Meanwhile, Ms Cow, Spencer, and I are preparing for Stitches…and the Kublacon!

Took a chance…

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…but kept the receipt.

Headed to Ross along with my shopping buddy Antonella tonight.

Bought two suits for interviews – brand name suits for good prices.

They are petite cut and awesome – no taking up the sleeves or hemming the jacket or the skirts!!!

But they don’t quite fit.

Better get out on the bike more and pop in more of my many exercise DVD’s.

I have hopes of fitting into them. One is one size too small, the other is two sizes too small. And yes, I did look for them in bigger sizes, but no luck.

I’ve kept the receipt and haven’t cut off the tags yet, just in case real life interferes and I don’t lose what I need to lose.

I want to at least get into the one that’s one size too small – that’s sooooo close.

Did I mention I don’t have to take up the hems?

The cuts are modern, but not trendy or “young”. Once they fit, they will outline my figure without being tight or revealing. Professional. Love them.

I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a Mrs. Roper Moo-Moo suit from the woman’s section. Just too much fabric and no shape at all.

I may be overweight, but I do have a figure and I like to see it. The right cut looks classy – it will show off your figure without putting too much emphasis on it. And these suits have the right cut for my short body.

I’m a woman, not a blob.

I will buy a “normal” size suit if I have to go bigger, but by God, I just don’t want to…the tailor’s bill would be enormous. They’d have to adjust the shoulders, sleeves and take in some on the waist of the jacket and probably the length, and then take up about 10-12 inches off the skirt or pants.

It’ll be easier to lose 10 lbs. (hopefully more) – and that can only help my health and self confidence. Which will definitely help me when I go for the inevitable interviews.

It’s been so long since I’ve been in the job search market that I’ll take all the help in the self confidence department I can get. I’m not as young as I used to be and the competition now will be fierce.


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