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Finished Sock, On Deck redo, On the Needles Now, a Happy, Productive Visit

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Knitter’s Husband Marine Life Socks finished the other day.  They are approximately a size 13.  That’s a whole lotta sock.  Told Spencer while he was here for Thanksgiving that his feet are NOT allowed to grow any more.  It’s bad enough he’s at a size 12.


Spencer’s SF Giant’s socks not happening anymore.  The yarn is splitty, the colors are NOT working out in the jumble and I do NOT like knitting them as the yarn has too much nylon and it does NOT flow over the needles.  Spencer has agreed about the colors and has picked a different yarn out of the stash.  Cherry Tree Hill’s “Middle Earth”.  Photos later.  Still keeping an eye out for the right yarn as I do want to make him some Giants socks.  Definitely needs to be self-striping 100% Merino – which is way out of my price range at the moment.  This is how far I went before I had to say “NO MORE” – not black/orange/white but brown/coral/white.

Going on the needles today as I watch Da Bears trounce the Vikings – socks for my partner in crime Antonella.  After slacking off for three days, they are FINALLY going on the needles – Claudia Hand Painted Yarns “Roasted Chilies”.  I have five more pairs to make after these.  FIVE.  Yeah, I should really get going.


Once Spence FINALLY got to my house, we had a simple Thanksgiving dinner of lasagna and a salad.  But first we had dessert.  We LOVE pumpkin pie in The Chaos so that had to be eaten first!

After we rested a bit after our mini-feast, we went through all the boxes he left in his room.  I made a special pile of them and we made quick work of going through it all.  We came across wonderful things that triggered many happy memories of his grandparents, both gone now.  Here we are in two of the many awesome hats from his hat collection.  Mom and Dad always sent him various hats for birthdays and holidays and hats were his souvenirs whenever anyone traveled.  Here, he wears the Davey Crockett ‘Coon hat his Papa Bernie gave him, and I’m in a fancy Greek hat that Grandma Mary brought back from her Mediterranean Cruise.  He took the furry hat back to UCLA.

It was a Happy Holiday Visit, and we got some sorting and organizing done too!  What more could a Mom ask for…

Except maybe her Honey coming on December 14th for a Happy Holiday Visit and Honey helping sort and organize too!  I’ll have them both in for Christmas/New Year’s so look forward to whipping The Chaos into a bit better shape while they are here.  Looking forward to having access to strong, tall men.  I’ll have to cook and feed them, but small price to pay for all the much needed help they will provide.


Birthday Boy…

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…no longer. Spencer is now a “young man”.

My young man is now 16 – as of 6:49am this morning – I swear, I woke up in the middle of the night with labor pains to mark this momentous occassion.

Seems like just yesterday that I took my first look at the wriggling baby who wrapped his long, tiny fingers round my one big finger in the delivery room.

Now he’s pushing 5’10”, is about 160lbs and wearing size 11 shoes.

No photos today cos I’m a totally lame mother. We went out to breakfast this morning before I headed off to work and he went off to spent the day with his best buddies. I took a photo of our burritos, but not my newly driving 16 yr old son.


Happy Birthday to MEeeeeee – Now with edited updates!!!

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Yes, today is my b-day. If you are keeping track, I’m 46 today. On the other side of “mid-40’s” getting close to 50. Sigh.

Yeah, I have mixed feelings about today. Add to that the fact that the high temp will most likely be 100F and well, whatever. Birthday ennui.

ETA: Not sure if it got that hot, but for a while there this afternoon, it was pretty damn close while we walked about. Gah.

There are plans for the day…once they are started, I should feel better about things.

An online chat with Honey.

ETA: I misses you lots.

Lunch with Spencer at our favorite deli. Then on the bus and off to the movies for the matinee showing of the new Harry Potter movie. YAY!!!!

Either before or after the movie, it’s a quick trip to the bead store to get some stuff for Friday’s class. I don’t think that the stuff I ordered online is going to make it in time. It took forever for my payment to clear the bank, so shipment was delayed. Stupid banking system! I only need a few curved tube beads and 30 inches of flexible wire. sigh.

ETA: My stuff showed up today! What a wonderful b-day surprise. The postman was delivering to the boxes as we were leaving and we just about tackled him looking for stuff (we’re waiting for a few other things as well). Got my jewelry bits order and a few b-day cards!

There are cards…here’s the one Honey sent me…hee hee hee

ETA: Selected by Cow – who thought I should get a cow card, but all he could find was sheep.

And gifts….when we renewed our cell phone family plan, we upgraded and Mom was kind enough to pony up the extra cash to get me this cool whiz bang phone. I’ve had it since May-ish and I absolutely love it! Thanks Mom!!!!

Others have been teasing me with “you have to wait til dinner to get your presents” (you evil person, you know who you are) and Spencer is on his way soon and says he has a card and gift for me. Going to open that one right away!

ETA: Evil person finally gave up the goods – some makeup goodies, a gift card, and a cute little polka dot bag which is already packed full of jewelry class supplies – you all know how I love my bags!!! Spencer gave me a gift certificate to the local art supply store! My friends and family know me way too well! I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!! THANKS A BUNCH!!!!

Drawing class was fun again…my classmates seem to have calmed down a bit and are now telling each other to shut up. I managed to snag a seat right up front so I could see and hear everything! Found out why after about 5 min into the class. Seems the a/c blows right on that spot and the one next to me – which happened to remain empty for the entire class. Several people sat there and as soon as the a/c came on again they went running for the hills complaining about bad nerves, this, that or the other malady that would act up if the a/c blew on them for 3 hours. Ahhh…peace and quiet!!! Guess that’s my territory now! I especially enjoy the a/c blowing on me after a hot ride to class. heh heh heh

Yesterday, we did faces and then concentrated on eyes. That was really cool. Someday I promise to scan in my stuff as I’ve discovered I really CAN draw. I get that from my Dad. My drawings are not perfect, but that’s ok, you can tell what they are supposed to be and my faces actually have features and don’t just look like smiley faces. hee hee hee With practice I’ll get better and better. I am SO GLAD I took this class!!!!

I know, I’ve been absent…

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I have enjoyed being semi-unplugged since I officially stopped working on May 15th.

Have been very busy as well.

There was finishing the Dress.

Really wish I had a dress form….this hanger does NOT do this dress justice…at all!

There was mad, crazy, almost all night gaming at KublaCon…

There was bike fixing, switching out of various and sundry bike bits and pieces.

There has been bike riding almost EVERY day! I’ve dropped 5 pounds so far… YAY!

And there was not much knitting or other crafting…except for Mom’s birthday earrings.

I’ve been in a sort of a ‘crafter’s block’ situation. My head is bursting with crafty ideas for knitting, sewing, crocheting, embroidery, combinations of all of the above…lots of prototypes for stuff to put out on my shop need to be made…the crafty list is endless.

Yet…I could do nothing.

Enter the craft palette cleanser…

Remember the “birthday balls” from last summer?

Well those 45, plus about 5-10 more, along with random balls found here and there round the Chaos, make up this BIG, HUGE, bad boy of a blankie (big enough to cover a twin size bed and then some – in the photos, it’s on my double bed). Enter Size S extended Tunisian Crochet Hook, 3 strands held together, and Voila! Check out Stitch Diva for an easy Tunisian Tutorial – I also bought my S hook from them at Stitches West back in February. They also have a pattern for a stash buster blanket, but I just did my own thing.

The dominant colors in my acrylic stash were black and various shades of dark blue. I held one strand of black, one strand of blue and then just grabbed for colors. The balls were stacked nicely in the container according to color, so I attached one color, used it til it ran out, then started on the next and so on and so on. The photos don’t do it justice as it’s rather cool looking and flows pretty well from one section to another. Using the black and blue as the “glue” was a very good idea. Eventually I ran out of black and blue and then started in with the other base colors of green and dark red…and then found some more black, so added it back in… It was a fun project!

I started this sucker on the evening of June 1st…worked on it every night that week for about an hour or two, one or two hours over the busy weekend, left it alone until last night…DONE!

Insta-warm blankie, and the acrylic stash is G-O-N-E. At least I think it is….I’m sure more of that stuff will pop up…I swear, it breeeeds.

It’s BIG, it’s HEAVY, and it’s Spencer’s. He likes lots of weight and warmth on him in the winter while he sleeps. This should do it.

Craft palette cleansed.

Had an interesting last few days, but will save that for another post. I’ll try not to stay away from the computer so much. 🙂

Sammie on Sunday is postponed to bring you…

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…Kublacon weekend…

We got home at 1am on Friday night/Sat morning….

3am Saturday night/this morning…

Just walked in about 3o min ago.

The boys have been non-stop Warmachine tournamenting. Yesterday they set personal records…13 hours straight at the tables with back to back tournaments. They were pretty much zombified when we left the Con this morning. I had to wait until we arrived home before I could give into zombification since I was responsible for getting them home. 🙂

Ms Cow and I just aren’t used to all this late night activity…

Up and at ’em again by 8:30 this morning. Good grief.

Tomorrow we are up early to get to the Con by 9am. “One last game”…kinda like “one more row” only you destroy someone else’s army instead of finishing a sock, or sweater or something warm and cuddly.

I’m tired, kitty has missed me (and I her), and my bed should be warmed up and ready for me to dive in…good thing I’m lazy and haven’t taken off our heated mattress pads yet. It’s been cold here!!!!!! And it’s even colder down at the Convention – it’s down in Burlingame just past the SF Airport. Foggy and very very windy!

And now, kitty and I are headed to bed…warm, soft, wonderful bed….

A love affair renewed…

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Today Spencer and I met up at the BK to do some bike work. He switched out his center pull brake for a side pull one, then found a Fixie back wheel and switched that out. I had to work on my brakes and my front wheel.

Last Monday while Spence and I were out riding, well, we didn’t get very far at first, because one of my bungee cords slipped down thru my front basket, wrapped itself around the wheel thingy and there you go. Headed back to the apartment, left Sgt Puff and headed out instead on Honey’s bike.

Anywho, I haven’t ridden my bike all week – I’ve been on Honey’s – and Oooh…his saddle is so uncomfortable. Spencer said the front wheel was a bit wobbly and since we had the extra bike, it hasn’t been that big of a deal. I packed Sgt Puff up on the bus rack this morning and we headed over to meet Spence at the BK.

Several hours later, brake cables lubed and adjusted, front wheel worked on and true once again and chain lubed. I did all the work myself!!! Before I trekked out to BK, I took off the front basket and hardware and one of the back baskets. I’m going tomorrow after Sock Club to get a fabric pannier. I’ll eventually get two, but one will do for now. It’ll be good to have something lighter weight that can be removed easily if I don’t need it.

Now that she’s all lean and mean and lubed and adjusted…don’t we all wish we were – ahem – I’ve got a girl crush on her all over again. We just flew down the trail…and most importantly, I can carry her again. 🙂

Can’t wait until tomorrow morning when we can ride again to BART. It’s SF Sock Club first Sunday meetup! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sammie Sunday…minus the Sammie

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…since HRH Sammie is buried under the covers keeping warm, and I’ve already shown you a picture of a motionless lump under the duvet…

I decided to show this video of Spencer on his “new” bike…minus the peddles and the chain…hence the “Fred Flintstone imitation comment”…

The bike, by the way, was finished yesterday. It’s currently a single speed and not a fixed gear like he wanted. He has to get the correct rear wheel, blah blah blah yada yada yada bikebikebike. I don’t really speak bike yet, so….whatever.

Anyway, we went to the “Grand Opening Party” for the Bike Kitchen this afternoon – and spotted a small orange frame that just might work for a bicycle for me! We are off to BK next Saturday and hope it’s the right size. I’m looking to build a light weight bike for distance riding. Sgt Puff will still be around for local riding and shopping and errand running, but she’s not good for distance – she’s too heavy for that – she’s good for short distances and carrying lots of stuff. And she does it very well!

More photos of his new bike, and maybe my newest addition later…and yes, I know…I still owe you guys a recipe.

I’m exhausted…time for bed! Should have been snoozing hours ago…

Not just another pretty face…

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…or should I say bike?

We’re taking a break from Sammie Sunday…if I get my energy back, I’ll post a photo of her tomorrow…

Today, Spencer and I participated in the Critical Move for The Bike Kitchen. Check out the “Latest News” section on the page…the 2/22 entry.

(Spencer and I discovered The Bike Kitchen in January. It’s an awesome place with really cool people.)

Yes, you read it correctly. Moving The Bike Kitchen by bike. In the rain. By bike. Did I mention it was raining?!?

Oh man, what an experience. Spencer and I got up early this morning. Rode to BART in the rain (I remembered that I had rain ponchos – which helped – just a little). Rode to the old location – again in the rain.

And we made 3 trips together with the rest of the folks who also came to help. Spencer had his large messenger bag…and for the second trip, actually carried some tires over his shoulder. I had my metal baskets and bungee cords. 🙂 OOOOh, on the last trip, Spencer even pulled a trailer with a small filing cabinet on it!!! And my pretty, girlie bike worked so hard today. She did great!!! She’s not just another pretty bike…she can haul with the big bikes!

The hard core trailer pullers probably made quite a few more runs than we did, but after a point, there was nothing small left for us to carry.

There were lots of bikers there with trailers and these really cool bikes. The back carry thingy actually folds down and can carry quite a bit of stuff.

Since it was so rainy out, I didn’t take my camera. There were plenty of other folks documenting the process though. One girl from a local high school – The Bike Kitchen is the subject of her senior photography project. A couple of guys from City College in SF – doing a documentary about the The Bike Kitchen. Several other video cameras and still cameras were around as well. Once they all post links and stuff, I’ll link to them and then you’ll be able to see all the folks who participated and you’ll probably think we were all crazy to do this in the rain.

I have to admit that yes, we were, but Spence and I had a good time and so did everyone there. We met and talked to a lot of really nice people. (oh, and AmpuT, Spencer got to talk lots of bikebikebikebike…with everyone.) And we got interviewed a few times for the documentaries. I’m so proud of Spencer for following thru with this…he was the only kid there. And we were the only mother-son team there. One guy even called us rock stars since everyone wanted to talk to us.

Spencer and I won’t be too difficult to spot. I had a bright orange rain poncho on, and Spencer had a blue rain poncho on…and everyone just kept taking our pictures…guess not too many parents hang with their kids?

Anyway…yesterday we helped a friend move to a new apartment…and today we did the Bike Kitchen thing.

Can I rest now?!?!?!?!