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Canadian Geese in the Spring

Are so loud it makes my ears ring

They start up in the morning

Without any warning

Why don’t you just take off, eh?

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Train spotting…

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Left-handed knitter on the train,
Knitting fast and true.
I looked up, you smiled at me,
I smiled right back at you!

Ah, the knowing smile of a fellow knitter that says “We got it right don’t we – best thing to do on the train.”

I’ve finished all sorts of books and now I’m all booked out. Time to knock out some small knitty projects while I ride on the train. I’ve never actually knit over the summer (wool + heat + me = ugh), so we’ll see how long I can keep this up. It’s not officially summer yet, but the temp yesterday in my neck of the woods was 97F. It’s back down to the 80’s this week, so there will surely be plenty of knitting.

Oh yeah, Disc 1 and Time Traveler yarn, both delivered on Saturday. Watched the dvd and the yarn is on the shelf and readily available for petting. 🙂

A Pumpkin Pie Poem

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I smell something baking, it’s another pumpkin pie.
I’ve failed at this already, I keep asking myself why?

I put in all the ingredients, just like in the list.
I should have gotten a pumpkin pie, but all I got was pissed.

I pulled it out of the oven, it was not a pretty sight,
The center was still mushy, gah, that sure wasn’t right!

Beep beep beep goes the timer, it’s time to check the pie,
It sure does smell good, could this be my final try?

I turn on the oven light, so far it looks good to me.
I open up the oven, and GAH, what do I see?

The middle is still liquid, it’s happening again.
I put it in for more time, let’s see what happens then.

Beep beep beep goes the timer, it’s time to check the pie
I’m beginning to think, YES! This IS my final try.

The whip cream is at the ready, the pie is cooling on the rack.
I hope when I cut into it, I won’t be screaming FRACK!

If it doesn’t work, that’s ok, I’ve got more pumpkin cans.
I’ll keep trying til I get it right, for we are pumpkin fans.

I’ll update you all tomorrow on the status of this second try at Pumpkin Pie. I followed the recipe on the can of Trader Joe’s organic pumpkin mush and that was not only a failure, but it was EPIC. And on Thanksgiving. Not a good scene – we had our hearts set on pumpkin pie that night.

This all came about as a brilliant idea to stock up on cans of Pumpkin mush while it was in the stores so we could enjoy Pumpkin Pie during the non-Holiday season – whenever we had the craving for one. I figured it would be easy to make. Can’t be that hard right? Silly me.

I googled online and found a website with recipes using Trader Joe’s ingredients. So far so good.

If this one doesn’t turn out, I have several more to try.