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Emo Roller Coaster…not a ride I like…

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From the highest personal high in a long time for me to a family low.

The “family dog” Dexter had not been himself since the New Year.

He was in the doggie hospital most of last week.

He improved so was sent home with my sister who had been lovingly caring for him since Mom passed away (and before then too – he was spoiled rotten by them both).

She had to make the decision to put him down last night while I was on my way home.  He had a relapse and there was no easy way back.

My small family is in mourning once again.  He was a beloved family member who stood loyally by my Mom for a very long time and had been a loving companion to my Sister.  He was spoiled rotten and could be a pain in the backside but we all loved him anyway.

He was 13 yrs old.  He is deeply missed.

We know his Spirit is with Mom’s and they are having a nice long reunion walk.

Rest easy Dexter.

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Jewelry Class

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OK, so we’ve got a class full of chattering and eating seniors for drawing…and an oversold class full for jewelry…the class was designed for 25 students and there are about 35-40 of us in the class. The teacher ran out of handouts, seats, you name it. I think the next 5 classes will be much better tho as she’ll be much better prepared – and she’s bringing more assistants to help her out. She only had one today.

But I still like both classes as I am learning quite a bit!

Today in Jewelry Class, I made a very pretty bracelet. I immediately came home and ordered the supplies from my fav online jewelry supply store for next week’s class. What I don’t use for class, I’ll definitely use to make more pieces for my “jewelry collection” to sell online. I am glad that I don’t have to buy any beads right now as I have quite the collection! Have all the tools I need as well. I have most of the findings I need, I just needed some clasps (as I have yet to make any bracelets or necklaces) and some stringing wire and some curved tube metal beads. Oh, is that all?!? hee hee. Actually, it’s not that much at all. And I am uber excited to use some of my larger beads that aren’t quite right for stitch markers or earrings. YAY!!!!

Time to do homework. This weekend I will do some drawing. For jewelry class, all I really need to do is go thru what I have now and break it down into a smaller kit for class – and then find something clever around here to put it all in that will survive an hour round trip on the bike. And then wait for my online order to arrive. YAY!!!!

I’m very excited to finally understand some techniques that I’ve known and read about but could not really get my head around. Seeing others do it and then trying it myself immediately after really helps.

And at some point this weekend, I will post a photo of the bracelet and scan in my first drawings. I was quite excited about it all and showed Spencer what I’ve done so far. He of course said it was all awesome…but he’s biased…and was waiting on me to cook dinner…so he could have just been telling me that so he wouldn’t starve! hahahahahahaha

In other news…I’m back on the creating wagon – and not just for class! I’ve finally picked up the knitting again and am working a little bit every night on the Stitches on the Bridge scarf I’m making. You know, the double knit scarf with a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge on it. Yeah, I frakking crazy!!!

And in the “awwwwwwwww” category…Sammie is sleeping on the bed with me again and sitting close by purring while I knit away. I can’t tell you how happy I am about that. I’ve missed her so much!!!

Sorry so boring around here lately…

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I can’t help it. Not only have I been extremely busy, but I’ve been sick off and on for a very long time (damn allergies) and for the past week I’ve been dealing with a pulled back muscle.

There are many days where I don’t even want to get up. What’s the point? The coughing, the sneezing, the pain. But yet I do, and I trudge thru the days and try to sleep thru the nights.

Whine whine whine…

The lastest…

My last day at the paying job is tomorrow (or should I say today, it is after midnight). I just checked my bank balance. The last deposits have been made. It’s pretty much officially over except for shipping out the laptop. Sigh.

Work on the costumes continue. The dress is almost done. I have to do just a few more things to finish attaching the bodice to the skirt and then it’s the hem and we’re off to school sometime tomorrow. And that’s it for costumes. Good thing too, the first performance is next Wednesday.

The Casa de Chaos is a total wreck. Even worse than before. The poor cat is covered in bits of fabric and thread. That’s what she gets for sleeping under my sewing table in a pile of fabric bits and pieces. She’s royal, she likes velvet, what can I say?

I’ve got lots of cleaning up to do. Looking forward to getting a few boxes worth of stuff out of the house and back to former paying job. Then it’s time to dive into what’s left. Not like I’m not going to have some time on my hands. Sigh.

Taking some time off. Maybe I’ll see a movie. Maybe I’ll just stay home with my butt and relax for once. The back needs rest. The brain needs rest. My sanity needs rest. Yes, doing nothing for a week or two sounds wonderful.

Next Friday begins KublaCon Weekend with the Boys. WooHOOOOOO!!!!

I hope to be out on Sgt. Puff again next week, so definitely need to get my back well. I haven’t been able to do much and even spent Mother’s Day flat on my back in bed and medicated. Lovely.

Also need to kick the job search into high gear, help out a friend at his new business (non-paying job), and start making some stuff for my online shop. I’ve been ignoring way too many important things around here – including myself.


It’s late, I’m tired, my bed is heated up and ready. I know, it’s hot out here, but it does feel good on my back and helps my muscles relax after a long day at the computer and sewing table.

Oh, and THANK GOD for massaging shower heads.

Oh, and Ibuprofen too.

Sammie on Sunday

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Single White Female seeks…

HEY!!! Why you shut puter? I waz just getting started. You are an evil woman. Eeeevillle! Grrrr.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted…welll, yes I can.

I’ve been busy doing this (making costumes)…

…among numerous other things.

Check out the evil look I’m getting…Spencer said, “In my own defense it was at 6:30AM! In the MORNING! You’re evil Mom. EVIL!!!”

So I responded: “Stop whining or I’ll make you model the poofy knee pants too!!!”



It’s the 500th post…whoopty doo….

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OK, so it’s not as inspired and creative and all hoopla-y like I wanted it to be…deal with it.

I’ve been fighting a losing battle with allergies and finally went to the doc today. Came home with some really gung-ho meds. Nothing like some booyah drugs to take care of bidness! Looks like I’ll be on the allergy meds full time during the ‘season’ again. That’s what I get for wanting to get out and bike while it’s snowing pollen. I’ve got some nerve, don’t I?

Really sounds like I’m on something besides allergy meds doesn’t it…what DO they put in those nose sprays now-a-days?!?

Seriously tho, I’m just so excited cos after one spray up my snozzle, I’m ready to go. I’ve got lots to do, so the whole world better just step aside, I’m back…and I’m going to start knocking out some awesome stuff.

First off, Spence and I had this totally awesome Sammie Sunday planned out. Picture Kitty in an easter basket surrounded by fake grass and plastice eggs. Kinda like a “Watch out Cadbury Bunny, Princess Sammie is in da house/we’re really not amused about this” thing.

As you can see from the lack of photos, that didn’t happen. Total. Non-cooperation. Damn. Cat. Next…

My big plans for a really cool 500th post shot to hell once I figured out I needed a zillion photos to do it and lots more time than I had and more brain power than I could muster…so now it’s going to be a series. I’m calling it “The Family Jewels Series”. Not the crown jewels, altho that does give an idea for a Sammie Sunday photoshoot. And not those kinds of family jewels – you dirty minded people!!!

This series is going to highlight the artistic side of my family – as in every one is a jewel to be admired cos they are talented and I love them, etc. Which also will include Honey and his folks cos they are quite talented as well. And with everyone included, it will be a lovely, long and hopefully extremely interesting series. Stay tuned. Not only do I have to gather photographic evidence, but it all has to be organized and of course I’ve got to pull all these ideas out of my head, but make sure nothing else leaks out.

Good heavens this is getting long. Next…

Been doing a lot of reading…can’t do much else, so have been knocking back the Terry Pratchett Discworld Series… came to a halt with that one tho, as I still need to get some missing books, so have moved over to Angels and Demons for something different. Love me a good mystery, murder every so often. Next…

Working on some costumes for Spencer’s school. The drama class is putting on “Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead”. I’m making 5 pieces and one Queen’s dress. Cue panic. I’ve lost a lot of time with this cos of all the stomach flu and allergy and sinus headaches bordering on mini-migranes (oh the PAIN!!!). But that’s all over now and I’m back in business. Time to start crankin’!!!

AHA!!! I’ve remembered why I’m such a spaz right now. I’m caffeinated. Forgot to tell the girl to give me decaf when I got a coffee while I was waiting for my prescription. NEXT….

Still trying to get some cool projects out of my head and off the “to-do” list and on to some needles. Shhh…they are secret. So I’m hoping the ‘Jewels’ series of posts will keep your minds off what I’m doing. heh heh heh. Next!

Working on another project called “Stitches on the Bridge”. I’m hoping to make a small panel with the Golden Gate Bridge double knitted on it…thought that would be cool to make a bridge to go on the bridge. Have the yarn, have the swatch, need to grid out the design. Thought it would be cool to get in on some “sanctioned” guerilla knitting – after, all the panels get auctioned for charity. So I’m knitting for good and not evil. Next!!

Am so far behind on my SF sock club socks. Don’t really care, I AM working on them and they DO get knit on during sock club meetups and bus/train rides. Next…

Lastly – yay!!! she’s about to shut up!!!! – got some “new” stuff to work on more things for my shop! OHHHH, and speaking of shop, check out the videos that were just posted up over at the Phat Fiber blog. D’Lnn Designs gets a shout out at timestamp 6:35 in the first video. Yay!!!!

I’m sure there is lots more I could post, but I think I’m starting to crash. GOOD GOD!!! When did it turn 8pm…I’ve been working on this damn 500th post for too long. Gah.

Sammie Sunday…Not the damn bike again…

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Look!!! She’s AWAKE!!!!

Let’s see what’s happening in my kingdom…

Ack…it’s that damn bicycle again…

It’s NOT that exciting…


Ooh…an itch…much more exciting…

So NOT worthy of our attention…

Scary big truck going past our balcony!!! Run away!!! Run away!!!

And there you have it. Sammie on Sunday…awake and alert and not amused by the bikebikebike.

Last Minute Sammie Sunday and our “New” addition to the Chaos

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Here are a few more videos of Sammie…checking out Spencer’s new bike.

I was feeling much better, so we headed out on Saturday to The Bike Kitchen in San Francisco, paid $30 for “digging rights” and got lucky. Spencer found a frame the right size for him (finally!) and we built up a bike – we were there from opening til closing. It’s still missing a few important bits (pedals, a chain, and a brake – just one brakes as he’s making a fixed gear bike), but we’re going back soon to finish it off.

Here’s a photo of The Bike Kitchen (new facilities)…

And Spencer, the proud “daddy”, with his “new” “baby”…

Go check out The Bike Kitchen (we call it BK). They’re a non-profit service type of place – run completely by volunteers and donations of bikes/bike parts and money. Lots of really nice people and they do a lot for the local community. If you check out the links in the second paragraph (titled We have moved to 650H Florida St), you can see how exactly they moved back on Feb 22nd. In the rain. Spence and I were there helping. If you pay attention really closely, you can recognize the two of us in a few of the photos. For “action” shots of riding thru San Francisco in the rain, I’m wearing a bright orange rain poncho, and Spencer is wearing a blue rain poncho. We had a blast and are happy to support The Bike Kitchen and all they do. For non-riding photos, Spencer has on black/red/white plaid shorts (yeah, I know) and I’ve got my bright coral riding jacket on…

Spencer has tomorrow off, and as I’m feeling even better every day, if it’s not raining, we’re going off for a short ride. I can’t wait…I have missed being out on my Sgt Puff and am really pretty much pissed that I missed out on the awesome riding weather we had last week!

I will post about projects and the recipe I promised…this week! Promise!

Sammie Sunday, Double Whammy Wednesday Edition

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Yes, I’m late again. I’ve been down with the worst stomach flu I have ever had…EVER. Things have not been pleasant here in the Chaos.

I did manage to remember, in a moment of rare conscious activity, to actually take the following video (yes, Sammie on video!!!) and photo on Monday. Not bad for laying half-conscious in my bed…


Here is HRH Sammie performing her daily Royal Bath…

And the resultant Rest After Bath…

Stay tuned for an awesome “This Really is a 30 minute Meal” Recipe and some knitterly projects. And some non-knitterly projects.

I have to gather all my photos and get some rest.

Yet another Sammie Sunday Monday…

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….hey, spent all day yesterday vegitizing after Stitches…I needed to recover…

….and Sammie helped…

Her Royal Highness Kitty…lounging on her pile of soft, squishy, handmade-especially-for-her-comfort, blankies.

Actually, they were made for everyone else, but being the reigning Royal in the household, it’s her prerogative to appropriate whatever the hell she wants for her personal use and comfort.

All Hail the Kitty!

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Sammie on Sunday Plus One Day

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As promised, a delayed Sammie on Sunday photo…

She was half asleep and purring on my lap. Helping me warm up after my long day out in the rain.

I’ve entered our rides into the MapMyFitness log.

Round trip to BART (home station) => 5.97miles

Ride from Powell St BART to Bike Kitchen old location => .79 miles

Back and forth with 3 loads for the Critical Move => 6.81 miles

Ride from Bike Kitchen new location to 16th St BART => .89 miles

Over 14 miles…good grief…no wonder we were beat yesterday when we got home.

We’re very glad we did it though as it gave us both a sense of accomplishment.

We were very productive and made ourselves useful the entire weekend. 🙂

I think I’m going to buy myself something little and purty at Stitches West on Saturday.

Spencer is watching some eBay auctions for bike parts…he deserves a part or two for his new bike.

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