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No Photo Monday

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The extra needles did not show up today, so there are no photos of socks ready for heel pattern enhancements. hahaha

There are, however, photos of the latest work done on Spencer’s room.  Just not tonight.

I was just too lazy to download/ upload/ add to post.

There was, however, a small bit of exercising and then some watching of the Viggo 2.  I was in the mood for some Viggo and I finally re-did the cables from TV to cable to the digital whatsit thingy I had to get from the cable company so that my old TV (bought in 1990) could get a digital signal.  It’s just a big cable-y mess behind my TV, but now I can watch DVDs again.

I think tomorrow night there will be some “Mummy” watching while I work on some Marine Life heels.

Viggo Hangover…..

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OK…guess since everyone else has already posted about Saturday, guess I should get my bum in gear and post too!

But first…Friday was spent sleeping in (YAY!), chatting with my Honey and Family (double YAY!) and getting ready for Saturday.

…and…finalizing carpooling plans for Saturday’s Knit/Movie fest over at AmpuT’s house.

Saturday morning, Rachel swung by my place for a quick pick up and we headed up to Casa de Cute Doggie (AmpuT’s place).

This be the cute dogdog Riley… guarding Rachel’s Spinning Wheel. Which was totally cool by the way. Saw for the first time, up close and personal, someone spinning. Way COOOOL! (Don’t worry wallet, you are safe…wool sensitive, remember?)

And here we have the most wonderful hostess and awesomest cook AmpuT and the Spinning Rachel..with Riley in all his cuteness between:

We had brunch, knitted, spun, played with cute dogdog and the whole time the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Viggo I, II, and III) was playing for our viewing pleasure.


Extended versions of all 3 no less…more Viggo!!!! And can I just say OMG at the things that were taken out….I must say, I had a hard time concentrating on anything cos of all the ‘new’ stuff I hadn’t seen. Definitely cut out some important character development stuff and some really important bits!!!

And you read right…ALL 3… Rachel left after the first I think – it’s all just a big Viggo blurrrr – she had to get going to go with her hubby to another function (social butterfly that one!).

AmpuT totally twisted my arm and FORCED me to watch ALL 3 movies in ONE DAY!!! Actually it wasn’t really all that hard to do…after the first one, I was hooked. Sigh…Viggo, I am SOOOOOOOO easy when it comes to you!!!

What projects were worked on? Rachel spun for a bit – fascinating, then joined us on the couch to knit on a sweater, AmpuT was working on a sweater – and tinking a lot, Viggo can be distracting that way you know – and then a scarf, and I finished up an important piece of my sister’s gift, and then took apart my mom’s sock and then started up on a blankie for Spencer.

I know, I know, I wasn’t going to start another knitting project…but I just couldn’t concentrate enough on the gift or the socks while the movie was playing to work on them any further. The blankie for Spencer is 200 or so stitches on big needles, garter stitch. Perfect mindless knitting for Viggo watching. And…it’ll be good for a ‘something different for a night’ break once I finish up the gift and the socks and start on the quilts.

This one will rest in Mr. Stuffles until I need it for zoning out.

Since I didn’t get home until 1:30am Sunday morning, I slept in late, and spent almost all day talking with Honey (yay Skype!!!), organizing my electronic pattern files, and trying to figure out why the hell I can’t get this tiny little tatting shuttle thingy to work properly! Hee Hee

OK…now it’s Monday, and I’m still feeling like I’ve been up all night (oh yeah, I slept lousy, so I pretty much was), but I still need to work a full day and be productive and all that.

And the guys are ready for me to do my thing…so off I go…

Summary: Great time was had by all! But I still can’t Tat. Sigh.

At least *someone* is making progress around here…

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…too bad it’s not me!!!

Spencer has finished his art project. We’re off together to school in the morning. He needs an adult with him to run interference on the commuter train…I’m good at that. Yes, I took pictures, yes, I’ll eventually post them.

I really wasn’t going to admit this, but I just have to…I’ve totally farked up my sister’s birthday present. I realized last night that I’m not going to have enough yarn to finish it – and I’m more than 2/3 of the way thru. Sigh. I started off with 3 very large balls of the main color and 1 medium size ball of the contrast color. Oh NO!!! But wait…as I grab for the 3rd very large ball of main color, I see a problem. This last very large ball of main color, is NOT the same color as the other 2 very large balls of main color. GAH!

Soon after I began a “tearing thru the apartment and everything that could possible hold yarn search”. It was fruitless…I came up empty handed. Sigh. Might as well go to bed.

Funny thing was, I wasn’t upset – and I still am not upset. Go figure.

Today, for an early lunch, I popped over to the local JoAnn’s and bought the yarn I needed. After some design discussion with the Honey (he was very helpful), I cast on again tonight while Spencer finished up the “art project” and we watched Season 3, Disc #1 of the new Doctor Who. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Doctor Who.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to knit on the once-farked, twice started, very late birthday present for my sister. And nothing else will get knit on until this doggone fark up is done.

I shall prevail.

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Coming soon to a blog near you…

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Finished objects! Two of them!

Needles on fire! I’m knitting again!

Future projects! Yarn P0rn!

First post about vacation!

Other stuff!

Not so many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But first, I need to decompress from this week (with some knitting and some Viggo and some pizza), and I have a busy weekend ahead.


The Last 24 hours…

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Once work was done…I putzed around the apartment, basically doing nothing. Whatever. Round about 9PM, I decided to be productive. I wanted to knit. Imagine that. I needed some background noise for the knitting…which movie to watch? Wasn’t ready for any Viggo – don’t think I could have handled it. WTF? Couldn’t watch Viggo?!? There is DEFINITELY something wrong with me.

Anyway, decided instead on some Brendan Fraser, John Hannah, and Oded Fehr (sp?) in The Mummy. I think I’ve seen The Mummy more times than I’ve seen Viggo I, II, and III – hard to believe, but yes. I knew exactly what was happening and could happily knit away.

I’m happy to say, I’m almost done with the second mitt…the former demon mitt from hell. Instead of tinking over 2 inches (it was worse than I thought), I just took the whole shebang apart. Rip, rip, rip…R.I.P. second mitt from HELL. It was wonderful to sit and knit and watch gorgeous men on the tellie. Sigh. What a wonderful Friday night. No kid, just me, and my knitting, and Brendan Fraser.

This morning I got up early and headed to the Flea Market in Berkeley. Found some nice crytals – think I’m going to make earrings out of them…I’ll post them when I finally do…got some sunglasses for both myself and Spencer. Nothing else struck my fancy, so headed back home, met up with Spencer and headed to Target.

At Target, there lives the Perfect Purse.

I. WANT. THIS. PURSE. But I won’t let myself buy it until I organize up my little office space. I stopped by it to visit. I pet it, I told it that it would be coming home with me soon…then walked off before I was tempted to toss in the cart and run to the checkout.

As I was wandering thru Target wanting the purse and feeling sorry for myself, I came across this…

Oh. My. God. Purse? What purse? Viggo. Oh sweet Viggo. Sigh.

Fast forward a few hours to…On the way to his soccer game tonight (they won by the way!!!), we were running ahead of time, so did some shopping in Oakland on the way. I suppose I’ll post a picture of my new jacket at some point. I love it!

No purse at this outing. Almost had some shoes, but I’m sure if I tried to walk in them I would have most likely fallen flat on some part of my body which would have been very entertaining to watch.

But I got a new jacket – and I love it – and it’ll go fantastic with my new mitts. FO pix of those coming soon!

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Here’s some clever…along with a public service announcement…

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…actually some lazy…just some copy and pasting of links… but still you will learn and get public serviced in one entry…

Originally linked from Claudia…knitting your food…
…and what do my wandering eyes spot when this is over?

Such a catchy little tune….

Snake Plissken! I thought you were dead!

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Looks like we’ll be getting an updated version of Escape from New York. According to the Gossip, looks like Gerard Butler (Leonidas in 300 – and Total. Scottish. Hottie.), has signed on to play Snake.

This could be interesting…

Hmmmm….doesn’t look like they’ve cast the character of Maggie yet – played by Adrienne Barbeau in the original. Mr. John Carpenter, e-mail me. I’ve got the hair, I’ve got the boobs, I’ve got the attitude. I’m available. Let’s talk.

Mr. Butler, I’d love to work with you on this project, e-mail me.

The original movie came out in 1981. I remember when it came out on video. We’d have occasional EFNY viewings. Every time someone said “Snake Plissken! I thought you were dead!”, we’d all have to take a drink of whatever we were drinking at the time – this was college, so it was usually alcoholic. We loved the movie whether we were drinking or not. It was campy, “futuristic”, and everyone had cool costumes. Kurt Russell was great. I’d been crushing on him since his Disney Days – he was a hottie – and still is too. What more could you ask for? Loved his character in another John Carpenter cult classic Big Trouble in Little China.

Mr. Russell, I’m sure you’re going to have some input – why don’t you play the prez – oooh or the cab driver – oooh or the Commish? E-mail me. Let’s talk – loved you in Overboard and Backdraft and aren’t you due for another project?

Gentlemen. Let’s talk. I’m looking for a new gig.


And now for some knitting content:

The Phoenix wrap is getting close to finishing. YAY! I used up the last bits of a ball yesterday on the way home from work. I’m going to measure it tonight and then start another ball. I think I need a wee bit more before I start the last section – which is of course – beading! Awesome. Can’t wait to wrap myself up in it…

Will probably work on the Gossamer shawl more this weekend – unless of course I go on a “Rhett Respecting Rampage”. I’m on a roll – and really digging the good sleep I’ve been getting lately.

My commute shawl is chugging along. It’s on smaller needles, so progress is happening, but not at a noticable pace. This one will keep me busy for quite a while.


“Rhett Contest” – sorry J and no-blog-Rachel. Good guesses with fantastic reasons, but you are incorrect. You can try again. Guess as many times as you wish. I think I might just have to start giving clues on Monday. I can’t wait for you guys to guess!

“I saw it in the window, and I just couldn’t resist it!” Yes, Rachel, I remember that Carol Burnett skit very well. I almost wet myself when I saw it…

If you haven’t already…

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…go see the movie “300“.

Very well done. If you don’t like blood and violence though, I don’t think you’ll like it.

I saw it this afternoon with my friend Gary. I loved it! Loved it! Gary liked it too. He said something funny as we were walking out. Something to the effect that it was the polar opposite of a chic flick and I was one of very few women in the theater. Hee Hee.

Oh, and Stephieface? Oooh yeah baby. The Mister will like it and so will you my friend.

There’s another reason I liked this movie and this mama-to-be knows why. Gerard Butler, I’m available, call me. Oh, and David Wenham you can call me too…

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Mojo Monday

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Hey everyone, my knitting mojo is back…I felt it coming back before I found the mini circs on Saturday, but now it is all the way back – and more than I can handle.

I had planned on doing absolutely nothing this weekend. It was supposed to be a lazy weekend. Instead I got quite a bit of organizing and knitting done. Oh, a lot of movies played on the TV too. And most importantly, I washed that gray right out of my hair. And I knit. A lot. We’re talking two (yes 2!) FO’s and an almost pair of FO’s.

What else do you do when it’s doing this outside?

So, this weekend I made this…

It’s a gift for a friend. Yarn is Nanook (50% nylon/50% microfiber) from ArtFibers Yarn in San Francisco. Lost the color number. Two balls held together to make a double strand (oooh, that sounds kinky). Size 13 needles, 12 stitches, garter stitch with a fringe. (NOTE to Cherry: Here’s a good tip for if you want to fringe something. Cut all the yarn for your fringe first, then you can just knit your scarf until the yarn runs out.)

…and this (for lil’ ol’ me)…

Same yarn as the blueish one above. This time, green Nanook double stranded, and 10 stitches in garter stitch.

…and I am almost done with Gary’s gloves (no pic ’til they’re done). If I get some knitting time tonight, I will most likely finish a few of the fingers. Then I will just have a few more fingers left, some end-weaving and they’ll be ready. Just in time for the Superbowl. (GO BEARS!)

My needles are on fire I tell you.

Now that I am finishing up all these projects, I am at a total loss as to what I should start next. My knitty mojo is playing serious head games. My fingers say KNIT! My brain says WHAT? It’s really annoying I tell you. I wish the voices would just hush up and give me some peace and quiet already.

Movies watched this weekend: Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Mummy, Scorpion King, and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. They were the movies already sitting out by the TV, so I went with those. Well, I guess you can’t really call it ‘watching’ since I was pretty much bouncing off the walls while I wasn’t sitting and knitting. And then I was knitting. So it was pretty much listening. That’s what happens when they take away your extended cable I guess…

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OMG folks, it’s another rare weekend sighting…

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Wonders never cease…posting on the weekend. Can you tell the kid’s not around?

Stephieface: I agree. Totally. Get me dirrrrty Viggo! Yum.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch the trifecta of hunks in The Mummy. That’s Brenden Fraser, John Hannah (love his accent), and Oded Fehr.

After a break for hair coloring, it’s a late afternoon Viggo II drool fest. (LoTR, The Two Towers)

Yes, folks. This weekend is about watching gorgeous actors on my TV. I do lots of other stuff while watching, but I’d rather remember the gorgeous hunks. Makes shredding paper or going through boxes or doing laundry so much easier when your mind is semi-escaping into some other reality populated by handsome men…

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