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Crispy Leaves

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Leaves on the sidewalk swirl as I walk through them
More float to the ground around me
Crunch, crunch, crunch
Fall is here.

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More from the Poetry Corner

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Alternate Commute Universe

An empty train pulls into the station.
It should be packed with commuters!
Am I in an alternate universe?
Who cares, I have a seat!
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This calls for a poem…

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OH. Mmmm. Geeeeee.
Universe hear my plea
Stick their feet to the floor
So they’ll stomp no more
And in peace once again I’ll be
Oh the joy of having neighbors who have absolutely NO consideration for those who live above, below and beside them.
Get control of your brat, keep your cigarette and marijuana smoke to yourself, and God in Heaven PLEASE get some good taste in music.
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Poerty Corner

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Oh. Mm. Gee.
I REALLY have to pee.
I wonder just how nasty
this BART station bathroom will be.

NOTE: And that, my dear readers, is my morning commute in a nutshell.

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2nd verse

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Rinkety tinkety tink
This knitter is pushed to the brink
She’s tired of tinking
Her mojo is sinking
Rinkety tinkety tink

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Me and my big mouth…

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This is what happens when you are stupid enough to not start on time, then rush, and then have the balls to brag that things are going along GREAT JUST GREAT!

And then you publish it on the internet.

You mess up the pattern and don’t notice until 3 rows later.

THREE LONG ROWS OF 130+ stitches.

And it wasn’t a simple enough thing for me that I could just let a stitch go, go down a bit and fix the mistake.  I don’t do well with that process to begin with…  If I did that, it would just be better to frog and start over because it would all be a big fat yarny mess.

So just spent almost the entire knitting time since I bragged about how well things were going, tinking*.

Rinkety tinkety tink. 
The yarn ball fell in the sink. 
The knitter went skating, instead of just waiting,
and busted her butt in the rink.

(Makes no sense whatever, I know. It just popped into my head.)

So… Sorry Sis, you’ll have to wait a few extra days for your knitterly item.  There’s an envelope coming to Mom’s house by Saturday.  Enjoy your gift card in the interim.

*Definition of Tink:
Tink is the term used by knitters to mean unknitting or knitting backward. Tink is actually knit spelled backward.

When you notice a mistake in your knitting either in the row you are currently working on or the row you just finished working, the easiest way to fix it is to tink back to the problem stitch and start over.

It is not recommended that you tink over several rows because it takes a long time and is very nerve-wracking.

Also Known As: Unknitting, backward knitting