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Last Saturday I was full steam ahead on the Chaos Redecoration of Spencer’s Room.

These past few days, not so much.  I’m just not feeling it.  The beginning of the week was soooooooooooooo hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.  Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Seriously, it was triple digits for a few days.  It is now cooler.  I am much happier.  The internal furnace (aka hot flash) was full blast these last few days, either brought on by the high temps or just because it felt like firing up full blast.

Loving the cooler temps because even if the inner furnace is ready to blow, I feel “normal”.  My cheeks may be purple or red, or one in each color, but I don’t feel like I’m going to singe all the hair off of my head.

Side Note: If you see me out in public, no, I did NOT lose my mirror when putting on blush this morning.  I don’t wear makeup, that is my new natural coloring.

Back to being stalled.  If you can’t tell, I do NOT like high temps.  I feel drained, listless and downright useless.  Since last Saturday, it was all I could do to make sure I got back home.  Therefore, nothing was done in the room.  I tried several times to get some more work going on, but as far as I got was to go into the room, stand in the middle, sigh and walk out.  There really isn’t much left in the room to do.  Just need to move the bed, vacuum that corner, clean the window, vacuum the curtains (they get dusty and the vacuum is the easiest way to deal with floor to ceiling curtains), move the bed to the other wall, move the drafting/sewing desk and chair to the room, move the big metal shelf to the room, and start putting things away.

Oh, is THAT ALL?!?

Saturday it’s an early trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics for some fabric (of course), and then it’s back to more linen laundry and work in the room while that is happening.  I need to get that room set up as soon as possible.  I’ve got some MAJOR projects in the works and I really need to get them going.  This time around, we’re working with the serger and the sewing machine.  It’s Chaos Quilting time. I’ve got three to make.

Dog-size, lap-size, and Twin XL-size.

That is all.

Could have caused so much trouble…

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…with the title I wanted to use.

It had to do with the fact that I’m on my own a lot lately – Lonely.

It’s at least a zillion degrees outside – Hot.

I don’t see my son a whole heck of a lot lately – Mama.

I’m needing something to drink – Seeks.

Preferably something tall and cold – Tall One.

Which could have gotten me a lot of hits.  It still might.


I made this**:

A big pitcher of cucumber, lemon, and mint water. Although there is no mint in it at the moment since the grocery store didn’t have any mint. Mmmmm…hits the spot.

Spencer drank half of it when he came home before he took a shower and went back out again.

I’ve become a pit stop/diner.

Thank God I don’t have a washer/dryer, I don’t want to be the laundry-mat too.

Besides, his Dad would never see him if he didn’t go there and do laundry every so often.

There has been a lot of knitting going on during the Chaos Commute.  Not much happening at home lately.

Too. Damn. Hot. To. Knit.

1 cucumber, sliced
2 lemons, sliced
5-10 fresh mint leaves

Add all to glass pitcher, add water, let it set for a few hours in the fridge.  After a day, you can take out the slices and leaves if you still have some water left.  It’s very refreshing on a hot day.  Ours usually doesn’t last that long, cos it’s just so darn refreshing.

If you have a camelback water system, drain the water thru a sieve to get rid of slices, leaves and seeds before you put the water in it.  Tastes so good when you’re out running or riding.


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The cat luxuriates in an apartment cooled by an A/C.

I’m at work in a non-A/C warehouse where I will be baking by 2:30pm.


Don’t think so.

But…I am glad that she will be comfortable and not baking. Me? I can always go sit out in the boss’s car and turn on the A/C for a bit.

Kitty? If the A/C wasn’t on, she’d be stuck in a hot apartment.

…and we can’t have that.

I know it’s Saturday cos Blogger says so…

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…this week I have absolutely no concept of time or what day it is…

Oh well. Right now, I know it’s Saturday. I’m sure I’ll wake up tomorrow thinking it’s Wednesday or even Saturday again. A friend commented at dinner “isn’t every day a Saturday when you’re out of work?” Pretty much as the days start melting into one, but I really do like to keep track of things…sigh. I think my brain is going on vacation. Really need to get going on some crafting – I need to keep it a little bit more stimulated than I have been. I’ve been reading a lot, but it needs some diverse activities.

Right now, I just wanna go to bed and get a decent night’s sleep. I haven’t had one in over a week and it’s showing. I get easily confused, disoriented, and am prone to zoning out. Getting a bit more regular with the bike riding will help, but the weather is just too hot to do that. Sigh.

Anyways, I’ve had a nice cup of English Tea, cuddled with the Kitty and now it’s time to pry the kid off the xbox. My bargain shopping partner in crime is back in town and we’re heading out tomorrow for a day of hunting down some good deals. We need our rest.

Good night from the Chaos – where things are getting less and less chaotic (organizing-wise) daily.

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It’s so boring round here…

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I’m keeping busy, but still….snoozeville!

I’ve gotten in the mood lately to do lots of sorting and clearing out and etc etc etc. The Chaos is becoming less chaotic by the day. There is still quite a bit to do, but I am making lots of progress going thru boxes and getting rid of stuff.

Spencer had a friend over this weekend, so even tho I did do a bit of work, I really couldn’t do much. He is Spencer’s Kublacon buddy and they were working on their armies. Every year they are the only two that have unpainted pieces in their armies. I somehow convinced them that they should meet once a month or so and just paint and practice strategies and stuff like that. They got quite a bit of painting done and even put some time in at the local game shop testing out some new strategies at the gaming tables. Spencer has just put away the final remains of all his paints, brushes, glue, bits, pieces and whatnot and the place looks halfway decent. Yay!

It’s going to be pretty damn hot here for the next few days (100F +) and I am still in a purging/sorting/cleaning mood, so it is perfect! I wont’ be wanting to go out in the heat and what else have I got to do round here? I am determined to have this all cleared out before the Holidays hit. Fingers crossed I can keep up with it!

Now to go wrap up some books for Book Swap. Two more go out in the mail tomorrow!

Happy Birthday to MEeeeeee – Now with edited updates!!!

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Yes, today is my b-day. If you are keeping track, I’m 46 today. On the other side of “mid-40’s” getting close to 50. Sigh.

Yeah, I have mixed feelings about today. Add to that the fact that the high temp will most likely be 100F and well, whatever. Birthday ennui.

ETA: Not sure if it got that hot, but for a while there this afternoon, it was pretty damn close while we walked about. Gah.

There are plans for the day…once they are started, I should feel better about things.

An online chat with Honey.

ETA: I misses you lots.

Lunch with Spencer at our favorite deli. Then on the bus and off to the movies for the matinee showing of the new Harry Potter movie. YAY!!!!

Either before or after the movie, it’s a quick trip to the bead store to get some stuff for Friday’s class. I don’t think that the stuff I ordered online is going to make it in time. It took forever for my payment to clear the bank, so shipment was delayed. Stupid banking system! I only need a few curved tube beads and 30 inches of flexible wire. sigh.

ETA: My stuff showed up today! What a wonderful b-day surprise. The postman was delivering to the boxes as we were leaving and we just about tackled him looking for stuff (we’re waiting for a few other things as well). Got my jewelry bits order and a few b-day cards!

There are cards…here’s the one Honey sent me…hee hee hee

ETA: Selected by Cow – who thought I should get a cow card, but all he could find was sheep.

And gifts….when we renewed our cell phone family plan, we upgraded and Mom was kind enough to pony up the extra cash to get me this cool whiz bang phone. I’ve had it since May-ish and I absolutely love it! Thanks Mom!!!!

Others have been teasing me with “you have to wait til dinner to get your presents” (you evil person, you know who you are) and Spencer is on his way soon and says he has a card and gift for me. Going to open that one right away!

ETA: Evil person finally gave up the goods – some makeup goodies, a gift card, and a cute little polka dot bag which is already packed full of jewelry class supplies – you all know how I love my bags!!! Spencer gave me a gift certificate to the local art supply store! My friends and family know me way too well! I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!! THANKS A BUNCH!!!!

Drawing class was fun again…my classmates seem to have calmed down a bit and are now telling each other to shut up. I managed to snag a seat right up front so I could see and hear everything! Found out why after about 5 min into the class. Seems the a/c blows right on that spot and the one next to me – which happened to remain empty for the entire class. Several people sat there and as soon as the a/c came on again they went running for the hills complaining about bad nerves, this, that or the other malady that would act up if the a/c blew on them for 3 hours. Ahhh…peace and quiet!!! Guess that’s my territory now! I especially enjoy the a/c blowing on me after a hot ride to class. heh heh heh

Yesterday, we did faces and then concentrated on eyes. That was really cool. Someday I promise to scan in my stuff as I’ve discovered I really CAN draw. I get that from my Dad. My drawings are not perfect, but that’s ok, you can tell what they are supposed to be and my faces actually have features and don’t just look like smiley faces. hee hee hee With practice I’ll get better and better. I am SO GLAD I took this class!!!!

It’s Center of the Earth Hot….

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Yes, it really seems like it is…

Here in the Chaos, we’ve managed to not have the A/C on for most of the day. Once the highest heat of the day passed (I think we topped out at 106F maybe higher), I turned it on so as to cool the place off so we could sleep comfortably.

People always ask…but don’t you waste energy or whatever by waiting? Not really. Either I have it on all day – where it’s pretty much running all day, or I wait until around 6pm ish, turn it on, let it run for a few hours and that’s that.

We don’t really need it on all day – we are lucky. We are on the first floor immediately above the underground parking. The underground parking that pretty much stays cool year round. The concrete ceiling is basically our floor, only covered with a pathetic excuse for a pad and carpet.

In the winter, we’re always cold. But in winter, it’s very easy to put on layers of lovingly hand knit items to keep us warm…and those giant blankies I’ve just made will definitely come in handy once the mercury dips this winter!

In the summer, we are comfortable…only turning on the A/C at night – even during the hottest of heat waves.

In that we are lucky, cos there are only so many clothes you can take off when you are not the only one at home…and it’s quite expensive to run our A/C all day long. This place is not well insulated – at all.

Little Princess Sammie has found a nice cool nook to hide in all day…only coming out for drinks of water and snackage. Spencer has been playing on his Xbox most of the day. I’ve been reading, playing addictive games on the laptop, or having a quick lie down. It’s been pretty quiet round here as I suspect it’s been for anyone else who is experiencing hot temps today. It’s just the best thing to do.

Once dinner settles a bit more (we just had home made turkey burgers – YUM), Spencer and I will head out to swim. It was too hot to go to the pool today when it was in full sun.

I even hand washed the few items he’ll need for his next week of being a Junior Counselor. There was no way I was going to trot up to the HOT laundry room and deal with laundry just for a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. I just did them here in the plastic tub thingy and hung them up – they are pretty much dried already.

So much for today. Not much exciting but I did manage to blab a lot, didn’t I?

I am so excited for tomorrow. Claudia is doing her drawing tonight and will post about her ride and who won what from her prize basket tomorrow. I not only find out if I won anything (oh please let me win one of the AWESOME prizes!!!), I also find out who won the 3 items I donated.

One week until my classes start!

I’m going crazy – the wait is killing me.