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…and the secret knitting begins…

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…but not after two whole nights spent tearing The Chaos apart to locate my stash of knitting needles.  I had even went so far as to hit Michael’s during lunch yesterday to buy the needles I needed – knowing full well that a minimum of TWO SETS of the damn things were at home.


Luckily for my wallet and my sanity, Michael’s didn’t have ANYTHING I needed.

And I found ALL my needles last night.


So now this sweater languishes once again in the bottom of my project bag sitting next to the couch, buried under the new projects ready and waiting to go once the one on my needles is done.

Every night this week that wasn’t spent searching desperately for needles was spent going through a shitload of knitting patterns, my boxes of yarn, and my gift list and seeing who gets what and in what yarn, and wondering CAN I POSSIBLY KNIT IT ALL BEFORE XMAS?!?

You know, typical knitter crap.  You KNOW you are or already HAVE gone through all this, don’t deny it my knitting friends.

For the non-knitters, welcome to the insanity that is Xmas gift knitting.

Usually it starts earlier for me, in October or so, but I haven’t picked up the needles on anything since Mom’s birthday Damask shawl in June.  After the shawl, the weather got really HOT and I lost my mojo.  And it has stayed too warm-ish to knit until the last few weeks.

It came SCREAMING back Sunday night-along with high winds and colder temps.  Just in time to (hopefully) knock out a few small gift projects.  Now that I have all my damn needles, I think I’ll be OK.

Here’s an important tip…organizing all your knitting stuff into one general area only works if you ACTUALLY PUT IT ALL IN THE SAME DAMN SPOT.

So now after I finish off this post, I’m going to go back to watching Bocelli live from Central Park on PBS and pick up the needles and continue on with the first project on my list.

The only thing missing from this whole setup tonight is my faithful knitting companion Kitty.  I do so miss her company on these solo nights at home. 🙁

Sadness for sure…

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I promised an update and here it is…

Sammie, my faithful furry companion of 18yrs passed to the big cat condo in the sky at about 4:45pm today.

She is greatly missed. I miss fighting over the computer mouse and her trying to sit on the keyboard while I type.

She lived a full life staring down evil squirrels, terrifying Spencer and his friends (she REALLY enjoyed that), eating treats, hogging the bed and the couch and generally wrapping me round her little paws.

It was a very difficult thing to do, but she passed quickly and quietly in my arms. Spencer was there with me and Honey was there with us in spirit. Thanks to Antonella for the encouraging words.

The hospital staff was very respectful and took very good care of her.

We have millions of many happy memories.

I’ve just finished cleaning out her litter box for the last time and packing up all her toys and other cat doodads for donation.

I made her a little pink quilt when we first got her and that will stay here with me. I’ll keep it in the cabinet until it’s time for us to welcome another furry companion into our home.

Goodbye my sweet kitty girl.

Sad times

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I know I said earlier that I was going to try and blog more.

Well, life has made me a liar. There hasn’t been much to talk about that I want to share via the blog and I really haven’t taken the time to just sit and write about the rest.

Right now, I’m in a bad state of mind. My furry baby cat (who is 18 yrs old and definitely no baby) is fading. She’s been for a while now and she took a turn for the worse this week.

We have an appointment at the vet this afternoon.

My constant furry companion for the last 18 years may not be returning home with us.

We’ve been trying to come to terms with the reality that we’re going to have to let her go. Sooner rather than later.

It has not been easy.

I promise to post what happened. If you don’t hear from me for a while, you’ll know that we had to let her go and I’m dealing with the emotional fallout.

Gee…almost a month between posts!

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Hey, I’m on a roll…

Sorry no postie. I’ve been really busy at work. On a computer and sitting all day equals total aversion to sitting down in front of a computer at night.

I’ve been sitting, but not with the computer.

I’ve done a few rows of knitting here and there. I’ve been reading. I’ve been listening to someone else read (books on CD anyone?). I’ve been playing Xbox (yes, I do). Mostly tho, I’ve been collapsing on the couch after dinner and falling asleep.

I’ve started a Pilates class on Wednesdays at noon. Unfortunately I’ll have to stop that after this month. I just can’t keep up with it financially. I am going to get 2 good months out of it, so hopefully can continue on my own.

Been on the bike a few times.

I voted. Ms Cow wrote in Cow for Parks and Grasses Boss. Wonder what the vote counters thought of that. 🙂

Found a great hairdresser. Got great new color, went bold on a new, shorter cut. Lost a great hairdresser. Went back for great new color and to maintain cut. Color worked, cut, not so much.

Growing out hair…and will most likely go back to coloring my own hair again. I can color my own hair in an hour as opposed to 3 hours at the salon. And will still save money over getting it done at a school. As for cuts, I can go to the corner and get a quick trim for $10 with a coupon. Bim bam, I’m outta there! No more wasting an entire Saturday morning or afternoon sitting in a chair smelling chemicals for 4 hours.

It was good while it lasted. The salon folks were very friendly and really listened to what I wanted to do with my hair. I just can’t do it any more. Sigh.

I really do like my new cut, but it’s a pain. It grows out way too quickly. I can’t pull it back and still look nice – it takes about 8 clips to hold it back cos it’s so thick. I look like I was having something done at the salon and had to leave in a hurry.

If I leave it down, I get hot. Really hot. Especially when riding my bike. It’s like wearing a really really thick woolly hat that dips down over the back of my neck. All the time.

No thanks. I like the option of either putting it up or wearing it down or wearing it half up or whatever.

So I’m going to let it grow back. I miss my biking braids too. 🙂

Went thru an episode of Kitty not sleeping and MEOWING all night long. Is why I’ve been so damn tired. No sleep will do that to you. She’s sleeping again now, but I’m still not. Sigh. I’m getting better but I swear I still hear her MEOWING even tho she’s sound asleep at the end of the bed.

I’ve been trying to organize and get rid of about half of what I’ve got in this place before Honey and Cow arrive. Less than 40 days now and the place is not quite where I’d like it to be. I’ve got lots of things that need to go away and now need to find a way to get them away.

Getting a few items from a very generous friend that need new homes and I really could use here, so need to get back to work. They are arriving tomorrow.

Before I forget again…

Happy Biking Anniversary to me and my pretty pretty bike. Three years last month (Oct 16th) and still going strong. Really wish I could get myself in your saddle a lot more often.

Time to sort, organize and pack up give-aways!


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The cat luxuriates in an apartment cooled by an A/C.

I’m at work in a non-A/C warehouse where I will be baking by 2:30pm.


Don’t think so.

But…I am glad that she will be comfortable and not baking. Me? I can always go sit out in the boss’s car and turn on the A/C for a bit.

Kitty? If the A/C wasn’t on, she’d be stuck in a hot apartment.

…and we can’t have that.


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Still recovering from the fun of the wee hours of this morning. I didn’t sleep at all.

Maintenance men have been going in and out all morning and the carpet cleaner will be here “sometime today”.

Kitty is in hiding. With all this coming and going of strange people, I don’t expect to see her for at least 2 days.

Pumpkin pie is actually pretty good. Especially after sitting overnight. The real test is when the pie expert tries it tomorrow (that would be Spencer).

Pluses and Minuses at 1:15am

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Minus – a hissing noise which is obviously water running, but where? (12:15am)

Plus – I had just climbed into bed so it’s not like I was sound asleep

Minus – I can’t find where it’s coming from…it’s not any of the toilets, I didn’t leave any of the faucets running.

Plus – I found it…

Minus – the hot water valve under the bathroom sink is spewing forth a wee bit of water

Plus – this apt complex has on-site 24/7 maintenance, who are now getting a call

Minus – I just stocked up on all sorts of toiletries, especially the female sort which are now getting soaked cos the wee bit of water is now rivaling Old Faithful and just as hot

Did I mention it was the hot water valve?

Plus – the female toiletries are super absorbent

Minus – EVERYTHING is getting WET while I frantically pull out the rest of the stuff under the sink.

Plus – Maintenance dude shuts off water to my apartment

Minus – water is flowing into bedroom at this point

Did I mention it was HOT water?

Plus – Maintenance dude brings wet vac and sucks up the water.

Minus – lots of things are VERY WET and instead of doing what I had planned for tomorrow (oh yeah, today), I get to dry everything out. Except the female things, there is no hope for them. Altho I think I can salvage the ones in the box that only got a wee bit wet from the first trickling of water…

Plus – he fixed it

Minus – he has to come back tomorrow (umm…today) with more sucking machines and a carpet cleaner and yeah

Plus – I have water, in all the right places

Minus – I’m WIDE AWAKE.

Plus – I don’t pay for water or for the gas to heat it.

Thank you Maintenance Dude – I really wish this could have happened in the middle of the day – and thank goodness I was home when it did. It’s now past 1:30am and he’s still putzing round in the bathroom and here I sit. WIDE AWAKE.

Telling you all about my super absorbent female toiletries, oh and the flood of hot water in my bathroom/bedroom.

Haven’t seen Kitty for a while. She’s pretty much traumatized, the wet vac was pretty damn scary. Don’t think I’ll see her for a few days except for litter box runs and occasional munching. Sigh.

Contest! Fabulous Prize!

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Not from me tho, I’m just trying to win it. 🙂

Such being the case (we love free things and prizes here in the chaos), go check it out. AntiM is giving away a few cool things for your home. Technically one is for your furry friend, but still, you win it.

So click on over, enter and don’t forget to say Donnaz Chaos sent you (I get extra entries if you do).

Hopefully I’ll win the heated leopard print kitty dish and that little witch I call my Precious Little Princess Kitty can stop going medieval on my good wrist – she’s pretty much scratching/biting the shit out of it lately. Just giving her extra treaties isn’t cutting it…she apparently wants MORE.

Part 2 of My Chat with Ms. Sammie

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Ms. Cow: Hello again my dear.
Ms. Sammie: Meow…meow.

MC: Remember I said I’d have some things for you to look at?
MS: Merowww…
MC: OK, let’s get started then…Here we have humans trying to get with the black and white…

I think it’s too geometric.
MS: Meow!
MC: I knew you would agree. Here we have some Ben and Jerry Cows being well, Ben and Jerry Cows. They are very…um…avante garde…

MS: Merow?!?!?!?
MC: OOOH! Look at this Ms Sammie. A kitty really going all out for the black and white Cow look!!

MS: MEOW! Meow meow meowmeowmeow….MEEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!
MC: Yes, my friend, I agree. It’s a bit much and really, Kitties should stay Kitties and Cows should stay Cows. It’s the way Nature intended.

MC: Exactly and you really do wear that solid white well.
MS: meow (blushing)

Until next time, use your Cowmon Sense!!

Drive-by posting…

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Still gettin’ things done over here in the Chaos.

OMG…so who else is going to run off and make some of these?!?!?! I’m stopping on the way home to find something to put in them…either chocolate chips or blueberries or something otherwise yummy! Must. Make. Some…

Mom’s recovery is coming along. Not only is she back to her normal self (as evidenced by some annoying parental habits), but the doctor even says she’s healing well. 🙂

I finally remembered to ask Mom if she still had some old beads laying around the house. Sure enough, the old candy tin housing my Grandmothers glass seed beads is alive and well and soon to be on it’s way to the Chaos. I used to “play” with those beads when I was little, pouring them out of their vials, putting them back in, arranging the little glass vials “just so” in the tin. Counting the strands on the tassels – that’s how seed beads used to be sold, strung on cheap string and made into cute little bunches, or tassels as I called them. Well, the strings have long since deteriorated, it’s a good thing I put the tassels into old film canisters. 🙂

Now that I sort of know what I’m doing, I’m going to try and make some jewelry out of these family antiques. I can’t wait to see them again (the memories!). There will be photos as soon as my Mom and Sis find a good way to pack it all up and ship it safely.

I’m back in the saddle – have been bike riding Friday, Sunday and Monday! Today I rested as I’ve managed to get out of riding shape and am quite sore from the waist down. Tomorrow I go for a ride again. Yay!

My poor little kitty (my 16yr old fluffy white baby) was sick this morning…sure hope she’s feeling better. Can’t quite tell as she’s been sleeping all day. Guess that’s a good thing – since that is normally what she does anyway.