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Tired and vamped and ready to rock

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Tired: Still not getting enough sleep.

Vamped: I had blood taken today.

Ready to rock: I have a Zipcar membership.

I’m looking forward to packing up a Zipcar or Ziptruck full of donations or consignments or hazardous household waste and taking it off to someplace other than the Chaos.

Think I owe a hair update…

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…it is still not colored.

I’m tired of doing it.

I had to file my taxes early so that we could fill out and submit financial aid forms for college.

I’m getting a refund.

It got deposited yesterday.

Work is having another convention booth down in LA at the end of March.

I’ve lost 9 lbs.

I’m stressed and not sleeping enough.

I deserve a rest.

I deserve a treat.

Mid-March I will be going for the works.

Mid-March plus one day:

The before mid-March will be forgotten.

No grey hairs.

A sassy new haircut.

A happy me.

…and I won’t scare anybody off at the convention.

Bring it.

Remember the Knitting

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OK, so here I sit typing up a blog about knitting when I should be fast asleep.


Some things have not changed in The Chaos.  It hasn’t moved and I haven’t done much with sorting through things lately.

Some things have changed in The Chaos.  The Queen of The Chaos (that would be me) is shrinking.  Just a little.  If Her Majesty could get off her Royal Bum, she might be shrinking faster.  But that’s a whole new blog post.

The point is, this sweater has been languishing in my project bag for a long time.  A very long time.  I’m making it with the most scrumptous yarn (in the 07 Autumn colorway) I have ever gotten my Royal Paws into…bought in England.  Yum.  And Purrrrrrrrrr.  And if I had an entire room of it, I would sleep on it.

Yes, it’s THAT yummy.

Anyway, I had a feeling all along that Juliet would end up being too big, but that did not deter me one bit in continuing to knit it.


Well, honestly, because I have no concept of gauge and how to manipulate that S.O.B. to get it to work in my favor.  Also, well I am a short, potato shaped knitter with a warped sense of what should fit.  It’s not that I’m a size 20 trying to fit into a size 2.  It’s just that I cannot for the life of me accurately judge what size I am.  Seriously.  Measuring does not help.  I just cannot correlate measurements with making garments that fit me.

That sounds much better than “because I’m a total nutter”, doesn’t it?

This gauge imparement is why I make socks and scarves and hats.  Simple stuff for my simple brain – until I can get a handle on this whole gauge thing.  Honestly (again), if I could handle free-form knitting that ended up as something usable, I’d do that.  No pattern, no gauge, no rules – just KNITTING at it’s purest.


Anyway, back on topic.  Now that I’m not so much the large Idaho I used to be, but, still potato shaped none-the-less, I realize that my Juliet will need to be frogged and restarted.

Which does not bother me in the least, because if you have been reading me since the beginning, you know that deconstructing is one of my favorite knitting activities.

Because then I can knit it all up over and probably over again.

There goes that whole “not admitting to being a nutter” theory.

Reigning in the Chaos…a little at a time…

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This past week has been a doozy, but I sit here today typing, so I obviously survived the dooziness.

A lot of things have changed lately, from where I sit, for the better.  Here are a few tidbits:

  1. I was starting a new online shop.  I’ve cancelled it for now.
  2. I was whole-hog on the looking-for-a-new-place.  I’ve slowed down.
  3. I had signed up to do a local craft fair (at my complex, this weekend actually). I cancelled.
  4. I felt like crap all the time.  I’ve changed my eating habits and I’m moving again (as in easing back into something that can be called exercising). 
  5. I was trying to remember too much with a memory that isn’t as good as it used to be.  I’ve emptied the extras out onto paper and left other things forgotten. If they were important, I’ll find out soon enough.  Then I’ll add them to my calendar or my notes.

All of them important changes that add up to me being able to sleep again.  Not stressing over where I should be and what I should be doing or when things should be done or how many things still need doing.

Life is complicated enough, I really don’t need to make it more so.

There were many things (both big and small) that signalled me that I really needed to change my ways.

The two most obvious things:

  1. My body was screaming for mercy.
  2. I sat down in front of some very pretty sparkly jewelry supplies, had a zillion ideas in my head about what to do with all those pretty sparkly things and could do nothing but look at the pretty sparkly things and think “ooh, pretty sparkly things, aren’t they pretty and sparkly?”.

When my body talks so loudly (or in this case just about whacks me over the head with a baseball bat) and my creativity STOPS, I know there is something wrong.  Not only has something been wrong for a long time, but I’ve been ignoring it.  Bad Donna. Bad.

This time, I sat back and looked at ALL aspects of what was going on, not just the one that was complaining the most.  I unloaded the unnecessary things, rearranged the necessary things, and added some new very necessary things.

I am by no means done, but I have a very good start.

Now if I could just get back all those lost hours of sleep, I’d be golden. 🙂

Note: I know I am moving in the right direction.  I was able to sleep last night even after having 2 earthquakes yesterday that scared the living daylights out of me.

Someone’s in my kitchen cooking all day…

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…oh yeah, that would be me!

Started off today with a short ride to the farmer’s market down the street. Note to self, drag your bum out earlier and you won’t have to dig and dig for the few really good veggies that are left.

Anyways, got some fresh ingredients for some healthy veggie soup. Healthy as in not so full of sodium, but still tasty. I’ve tried just about every low-sodium canned soup out there and have yet to find one that I like, so I decided to try my hand at making my own. I was channel surfing last night and came upon the Dr. Oz show and lo and behold, they were talking about a healthy veggie soup that this woman made that helped her lose weight. I thought I’d give it a try. Don’t care whether it helps me lose weight, but being that I am currently obsessed with finding a tasty low-sodium soup, well, there you go.

Since I wanted it low-sodium, I substituted 4 tsp. of Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute spice mix (no salt in it that I could find in the ingredients) for the 4 cubes of chicken bouillon (which is way too salty for me). It still has an hour to cook, but so far, the broth tastes good.

I added zucchini and cut back on the celery and cabbage cos we don’t like those too much here in the Chaos. Also, the cans of Plum Tomatoes at TJ’s are a bit smaller than needed, so put in all of the two rather than waste the extra, so now it’s a bit more. I believe I also cut back to 3 cans of water instead of four.

I’m going to make some Mexican Star pasta later (since I’m using my pasta pot to cook the soup) and will add that if I want to make more of a meal out of it. It’s an uber chunky veggie soup, which is what we like here. And oh boy does it smell GOOD. My turn to fill up the hallway with the smell of what I’m cooking. Hee hee.

The only problem I have is…how to store it all? Not sure if I have enough containers….I’m pretty sure I’ll be using them ALL…sigh.

Can’t wait to take this to work for lunch!!!!!

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Actually got some knitting time in…

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Well now that the Olympics are over, I’ve started up knitting on Spencer’s beanie.

I actually picked it up on Saturday. I pulled my back on Friday, so couldn’t do much at all. Knitting and reading were about the only things I could manage on Saturday, so there you go.

I knit a good 2 inches or so on it during the afternoon and evening in between getting up and walking and stretching and reading bouts.

Would have much rather been out doing something else. Like going to a good friends’ 50th b-day party. Yeah, I missed a big one. Sigh.

Still feeling sore and smelling of Tiger Balm – I’m using the patch version on my back – it’s done wonders, but the smell…oi… It wouldn’t be too bad, but I’m sensitive nose-allergy-wise to some of the ingredients. Luckily, they are in small quantities and I’ve been able to deal. Small price to pay for the back to feel better.

Life back to “normal” round here I guess. As normal as it gets here in the Chaos.

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#569 It’s a Miracle!

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Hey Everyone!

I made something! *I* made something!

Hee hee…

Yesterday morning was a bit of an adventure… Taking Spencer to go get xrays in the middle of a deluge, a stop after at the groc store and hardware store and a long walk home in the rain…

Don’t worry, Spencer is OK. He hurt his wrist, but nothing is broken, it is just a sprain.

Anyway, we were both soaked to the skin. So after drying off, hanging up everything to dry, climbing into our warm jammies and several cups of tea and some snacks…I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

So off to nap I went…and I had a dream about something wonderful…

Last night, I made my dream come true.

I started with this….leftover beads from Antonella’s necklace and a bracelet chain.

It turned into this…

…and ended up as this…

I call this the “Foreign Bracelet”.

The “main” beads are from England, there is an Eiffel Tower Charm, an English Phone Booth Charm, and some sort of Asian Charms with Chinese characters on them (I think it’s Chinese).

Anyway, I love it! It was fun to make – pain free even! It took me several hours, but only because I searched through everything bead related that I have to find just the right pieces to add – just ask Antonella, I’ve got a lot of stuff!

So there you go…I made something. I love it.


My Post Counter is Wrong

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Wrong I tell you! I’ve been posting and posting and jabbering on and on and the count is still in the 550’s…I swear it’s been that way since the beginning of summer. I KNOW I’ve posted more than 10 times since June. Gah.

Whatever, time for some more jabbering.

I miss knitting.

I tried with the Tunisian Hook last night – no dice. Even that was too much. Regular crochet doesn’t work either.

Neither does sewing, making jewelry, or any other sort of crafting.

My consultation appointment with the wrist doc with the “New and Improved” MRI is tomorrow morning. I’m SO FLIPPIN’ TIRED OF WAITING.

The wrist REALLY hurts. The damp and cold IS NOT HELPING.

There has been a whirlwind of sorting and organizing activity here in the Chaos.

My apartment complex is getting inspected by the City on Friday morning. Nothing like an “incentive” to get you moving a bit faster.

The only storage areas left for sorting are the big, useless dining room closet and the smaller, but still as useless hall closet. Those will have to wait until after the inspection. Boxes and whatnot that have already been sorted but don’t have a home yet will be marked appropriately and put wherever there is room – need to get them out of the way.

I’ve made so many trips up and down to the recycling bins and dumpster that I should have buns of steel.

I’ve made 2 trips this week (so far) to the thrift store with a very large metal cart full of donations each time – on the bus – it’s been quite easy actually. The big cart is now sitting full in the corner waiting for another run. Can’t go tomorrow cos of doc appointment and Friday I’m expecting a package delivery, so I guess I’ll start up with the thrift store runs again next week.

My doc appt is tomorrow.

I’ve been doing some culinary experimentation. It sounds a lot better than its been tasting, trust me. It’s been fun tho – and I can usually salvage most of it, so we haven’t been starving.

My doc appt is tomorrow!!!

Back to work putting things away. I’ve done as much sorting as I can, now just to get it all back under the bed and in the closets and tucked away til after the holidays. I will do more as time and wrist permits – don’t think I’ll have it all done before the Holidays and I really do want to decorate for Xmas. So….everything goes away, clearly marked and mostly in their permanent homes.

After New Year tho…it’s back at it full force!

I got a new exercise DVD today from my DVD swap club. I’m so excited. It’s Core Conditioning and what not, but uses belly dancing moves. I watched it thru while eating lunch today (yeah, I know) and I think I just might be able to actually do this one and keep on doing it – I like belly dancing and the instructors aren’t annoying and my body is familiar with the moves – and it’s very low impact.

I’m going to the doc tomorrow.

Hello…are you still there?

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Just a quick Mom update. She’s recovering nicely. My sister says that she is bossing her around, so she’s definitely feeling much better than procedure day. hee hee. That’s it for Mom updates as they are quite boring and there’s not really much I can say. Thanks to everyone for all their thoughts and well wishes!

I’ve been keeping busy. Yes Virginia, you can be unemployed and still be busy.

I miss my jewelry class. Sign-ups are on now for the Fall class, but I’m not going to do it. It’s an extended version of the one I just took and it’s during the day again. I’m being optimistic and saying I’ll be busy working soon, so can’t be playing at jewelry class on Friday afternoons. 🙂

No knitting lately. I’ve tried, but I just can’t do it. Not only am I lacking in knitting mojo, but my wrist has decided to bother again (a cyst from the past has returned with a vengeance), and so I’ve replaced knitting and crocheting with reading and jewelry making. Now that Mom’s on the mend, I just might drag myself into the doc’s and see what they can do for my wrist.

I’ve also joined…damn…it’s like having a job! It’s really cool tho, you join, post books you’d like to trade and then, well, start trading. For every book you mail off to another member, you get a credit. The credits can then be used to “order” books from other members. It’s all quite addicting. I just joined up this past Thursday and have already sent off 12 books…with 8 more waiting for the appropriate approvals. Go check it out. If you decide to join, please put me in as a referral my swap id is ladilynn. The site also has two sister sites, one for CDs and one for DVDs.

After all the mailing I’ve done, I’m finally getting a book sent to me. WooHoo!!!! Unfortunately, most of the books I REALLY want have waiting lists. Oh well…

Drawing Class tomorrow!!!

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I’m hoping to have a fun time with the class and not sit there like a bump on a log.

The two, giant, tunisian crocheted blankets have not done their job. I am still blocked.

I have figured out that there are many reasons why:

1. I’ve been very lazy. Very easy to be very lazy when you don’t have to get up and go someplace where people have promised to pay you if you show up and do stuff.

2. My apt is a chaotic mess. Result of the laziness, of course. I have promised myself today is chore day – going to get all the basic stuff done, pack for class and then work a bit more on getting my crafting supplies in order. Ooooh…it’s lunch time! Chores will have to wait – can’t do chores if I’m hungry!

3. I have no idea where to even begin being creative. I have many lists of ideas. I have many ideas in my head. I look at the lists and it’s as if they are in a foreign language. I go to pull ideas out of my head and they are no longer there…they return when I decide to leave them alone.

4. I’m feeling rather lonely lately. Lonely equals woe-is-me, pity parties that totally block out any desire to do anything but park my ass on the couch and watch nonsense on TV. Which then ends up with me in bed with a book or magazine cos there is nothing but crap on TV. And then I can’t even concentrate on what I’m reading.

I do get out with my friend Antonella, I chat daily with my Honey, Spence and I spend lots of quality time together when we get the chance, I still call the family and chit chat, and I have actually been dragging my ass out on the bike and have been swimming once. My blood pressure is down and so is my weight – 4 more lbs actually.

I should be happy. I think about it all and go “meh – whatever”.

Trying not to put too many high hopes on these classes I’m taking and I think I’m doing pretty good with that. Stepping out of my creative box with the drawing is something different which I think I will really enjoy. The jewelry class can only help me as I have had lots of ideas for new pieces but I have no idea how to bring them into reality.

The classes are what they are and my chaos is what it is…hopefully being in contact with more people will get me back to whatever it is I was before I lost my job – ironically, I don’t even know what that is, really.

Meh – whatever!