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Happy Birthday to Our Spencer

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Dear Spencer,

Happy 19th Birthday Son!

This is the first time that neither your Dad nor I have been with you on your birthday.  It is inevitable that this happens, you are becoming your own Man.

But, as I keep telling myself, I was there for the one that started them all – the day you were born.  I celebrate this date for me too you know.  It may be your Birthday, but it’s also my MomDay.

You complained that you had to work today.  All I can do is smile and say “welcome to the real world”.  The only time I have not had to work on my birthday is when it fell on a weekend.

I hope you enjoy yourself today both during work and after work and I hope the weather in LA is a lot better than it is here.  At least it’s not 110F like it was the day you were born in Texas.

Have a great day Spencer!



PS When are you going to send me your Mother’s Day photos?  I need some recent pix. Thx.

It’s almost time…

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This Thursday, Spencer is off to college.  UCLA, here he comes.

Everyone (me, his father and his father’s partner) is heading down to take him and all his stuff to school.

I have booked myself into a fancy pants hotel close to campus for 2 nights to pamper myself during this big transition.  There will be many mixed feelings in the next few days.  I am so excited and happy for him as he goes off on his own into the world and starts his own life.  I am sad that he won’t be around much to get things from the high shelves, do the dishes, carry heavy things, go out to Chinatown for Dim Sum on a whim.

Time to let him go off and experience the world, time for me to finish adjusting to him not being around.  He’s been getting me ready by not being around all that much these past few years – he’s been busy with school, work, and friends.

I know he’ll be ok, he’s a great kid and hopefully, mama didn’t raise no fool.

I’m very proud of what’s he done so far to get where he is today.

I can’t believe I’ve made it through these first 18 years.  It’s been a rough ride sometimes, but it’s been worth it.

Now it’s time for him to go off and make his own way in the world and time for me to begin the next phase of mine.

Love you Spence!  May all your dreams come true.  Enjoy your college years, the real world of work and mortgages comes way too soon.

Think I owe a hair update…

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…it is still not colored.

I’m tired of doing it.

I had to file my taxes early so that we could fill out and submit financial aid forms for college.

I’m getting a refund.

It got deposited yesterday.

Work is having another convention booth down in LA at the end of March.

I’ve lost 9 lbs.

I’m stressed and not sleeping enough.

I deserve a rest.

I deserve a treat.

Mid-March I will be going for the works.

Mid-March plus one day:

The before mid-March will be forgotten.

No grey hairs.

A sassy new haircut.

A happy me.

…and I won’t scare anybody off at the convention.

Bring it.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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May the New Year bring all that my dear friends and readers wish for and a few happy surprises.

I wish every good thing for my Spencer – he’ll be graduating from High School, turning 18 and going off to college to begin his own life.  All around a HUGE year.  Choose well my son.  Is your turn to do all that now.  I’ve done my part, now it’s your turn.  Go get ’em!

Excuse me while I go cry…


For my Mom and Sis I wish a happy, healthy New Year and a bottomless box of Kleenex as we all watch our Spencer go forth to conquer the world.  And he will, cos that’s the kind of guy he is…

Oh crap, here come more tears….

My Honey and I get the same wish: health, happiness and to be united with the one we love.  Anyone know a good immigration lawyer who gives free consultations?

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Reigning in the Chaos…a little at a time…

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This past week has been a doozy, but I sit here today typing, so I obviously survived the dooziness.

A lot of things have changed lately, from where I sit, for the better.  Here are a few tidbits:

  1. I was starting a new online shop.  I’ve cancelled it for now.
  2. I was whole-hog on the looking-for-a-new-place.  I’ve slowed down.
  3. I had signed up to do a local craft fair (at my complex, this weekend actually). I cancelled.
  4. I felt like crap all the time.  I’ve changed my eating habits and I’m moving again (as in easing back into something that can be called exercising). 
  5. I was trying to remember too much with a memory that isn’t as good as it used to be.  I’ve emptied the extras out onto paper and left other things forgotten. If they were important, I’ll find out soon enough.  Then I’ll add them to my calendar or my notes.

All of them important changes that add up to me being able to sleep again.  Not stressing over where I should be and what I should be doing or when things should be done or how many things still need doing.

Life is complicated enough, I really don’t need to make it more so.

There were many things (both big and small) that signalled me that I really needed to change my ways.

The two most obvious things:

  1. My body was screaming for mercy.
  2. I sat down in front of some very pretty sparkly jewelry supplies, had a zillion ideas in my head about what to do with all those pretty sparkly things and could do nothing but look at the pretty sparkly things and think “ooh, pretty sparkly things, aren’t they pretty and sparkly?”.

When my body talks so loudly (or in this case just about whacks me over the head with a baseball bat) and my creativity STOPS, I know there is something wrong.  Not only has something been wrong for a long time, but I’ve been ignoring it.  Bad Donna. Bad.

This time, I sat back and looked at ALL aspects of what was going on, not just the one that was complaining the most.  I unloaded the unnecessary things, rearranged the necessary things, and added some new very necessary things.

I am by no means done, but I have a very good start.

Now if I could just get back all those lost hours of sleep, I’d be golden. 🙂

Note: I know I am moving in the right direction.  I was able to sleep last night even after having 2 earthquakes yesterday that scared the living daylights out of me.

A New Beginning for the Chaos

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Along with everything else going on round here, The Chaos might be moving.

Donna and Spencer of The Chaos are tired of commuting. We’re tired of the heat.

Things are being donated, recycled, and thrown out.  Just in case.

The Chaos Nest is down-sizing.  Whether it moves or not.  Spencer is applying for colleges and financial aid.

I’m in denial.

I go tomorrow to my first open house.  I’m putting together my folder with anything and everything I think I might need.  Can’t forget my checkbook either.

I’m excited, scared, and all sorts of other emotions I can’t even identify.

It’s just too much right now, but it has to be done.

Life goes on.

I was going to say if you don’t hear from me for a few weeks it means I’m busy moving, but, well, um…that’s usually the status quo here.

I’ll keep you posted. Promise.

In the meantime, light those candles, send the mojo, say your prayers, or rattle your beads… I really like the place I’m going to see tomorrow after work.

Wish me luck.

It’s been over a month…

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…since my last post.

So, what have I been up to?

Basically a whole lotta nuttin’.

My to-do list grows daily, hourly even, as more ideas pop into my already crowded brain.

And I really shouldn’t act on any of those until I get a few things in my life cleaned up and straightened out.

Mainly my apartment and the reality that my son is a senior now and pretty well grown and getting ready to leave the nest.

I have to get my apt in order so I can move. I need a change of pace and somewhere not so hot, dry, dusty and pollen laiden. Good luck finding something convenient for me at a price I can afford, right? ack.

I have to come to terms with the whole “empty nesting” reality.

Bottom line, I don’t feel (mentally) like I’m old enough to be going through the empty nest bit…although sometimes I look and feel (physically) way more than old enough. Gah.

Where did the years go?!?

So what have I been doing?

Watching netflix and playing Wheel of Fortune on my new netbook.

Yeah, lots getting done here at Casa de Chaos. (she wrote sarcastically)

I feel like I’m living a comedy bit from the 70’s. Can’t remember who it was but I thought it was totally hilarious way back then…

Teacher: So what did you do on your summer vacation?
Student: I got up, I got dressed, I went to the corner and hung out with my friends, I came home, I ate dinner, I went to bed.

Teacher: What did you do the second day of your summer vacation?
Student: I got up, I got dressed, I went to the corner and hung out with my friends, I came home, I ate dinner, I went to bed.

Etc etc etc…

Now, it’s not so funny.

I am so stuck in a deep rut.

I’d say “Calgon take me away”, but that would only may my rut muddy, and then it would be even more difficult to get up and out of it.

(I know, pretty lame attempt at humor.)
Time to reset, recharge, re-whatever my reality.

Could have caused so much trouble…

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…with the title I wanted to use.

It had to do with the fact that I’m on my own a lot lately – Lonely.

It’s at least a zillion degrees outside – Hot.

I don’t see my son a whole heck of a lot lately – Mama.

I’m needing something to drink – Seeks.

Preferably something tall and cold – Tall One.

Which could have gotten me a lot of hits.  It still might.


I made this**:

A big pitcher of cucumber, lemon, and mint water. Although there is no mint in it at the moment since the grocery store didn’t have any mint. Mmmmm…hits the spot.

Spencer drank half of it when he came home before he took a shower and went back out again.

I’ve become a pit stop/diner.

Thank God I don’t have a washer/dryer, I don’t want to be the laundry-mat too.

Besides, his Dad would never see him if he didn’t go there and do laundry every so often.

There has been a lot of knitting going on during the Chaos Commute.  Not much happening at home lately.

Too. Damn. Hot. To. Knit.

1 cucumber, sliced
2 lemons, sliced
5-10 fresh mint leaves

Add all to glass pitcher, add water, let it set for a few hours in the fridge.  After a day, you can take out the slices and leaves if you still have some water left.  It’s very refreshing on a hot day.  Ours usually doesn’t last that long, cos it’s just so darn refreshing.

If you have a camelback water system, drain the water thru a sieve to get rid of slices, leaves and seeds before you put the water in it.  Tastes so good when you’re out running or riding.

Birthday Boy…

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…no longer. Spencer is now a “young man”.

My young man is now 16 – as of 6:49am this morning – I swear, I woke up in the middle of the night with labor pains to mark this momentous occassion.

Seems like just yesterday that I took my first look at the wriggling baby who wrapped his long, tiny fingers round my one big finger in the delivery room.

Now he’s pushing 5’10”, is about 160lbs and wearing size 11 shoes.

No photos today cos I’m a totally lame mother. We went out to breakfast this morning before I headed off to work and he went off to spent the day with his best buddies. I took a photo of our burritos, but not my newly driving 16 yr old son.



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It is official.

Spencer and I just spent 1.5 hours at the local DMV office getting his driver’s permit. As long as he follows the zillion and one rules they attach to it, he’s a legal driver.

In 2 days he turns 16.

I…am old.