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Finished Sock, On Deck redo, On the Needles Now, a Happy, Productive Visit

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Knitter’s Husband Marine Life Socks finished the other day.  They are approximately a size 13.  That’s a whole lotta sock.  Told Spencer while he was here for Thanksgiving that his feet are NOT allowed to grow any more.  It’s bad enough he’s at a size 12.


Spencer’s SF Giant’s socks not happening anymore.  The yarn is splitty, the colors are NOT working out in the jumble and I do NOT like knitting them as the yarn has too much nylon and it does NOT flow over the needles.  Spencer has agreed about the colors and has picked a different yarn out of the stash.  Cherry Tree Hill’s “Middle Earth”.  Photos later.  Still keeping an eye out for the right yarn as I do want to make him some Giants socks.  Definitely needs to be self-striping 100% Merino – which is way out of my price range at the moment.  This is how far I went before I had to say “NO MORE” – not black/orange/white but brown/coral/white.

Going on the needles today as I watch Da Bears trounce the Vikings – socks for my partner in crime Antonella.  After slacking off for three days, they are FINALLY going on the needles – Claudia Hand Painted Yarns “Roasted Chilies”.  I have five more pairs to make after these.  FIVE.  Yeah, I should really get going.


Once Spence FINALLY got to my house, we had a simple Thanksgiving dinner of lasagna and a salad.  But first we had dessert.  We LOVE pumpkin pie in The Chaos so that had to be eaten first!

After we rested a bit after our mini-feast, we went through all the boxes he left in his room.  I made a special pile of them and we made quick work of going through it all.  We came across wonderful things that triggered many happy memories of his grandparents, both gone now.  Here we are in two of the many awesome hats from his hat collection.  Mom and Dad always sent him various hats for birthdays and holidays and hats were his souvenirs whenever anyone traveled.  Here, he wears the Davey Crockett ‘Coon hat his Papa Bernie gave him, and I’m in a fancy Greek hat that Grandma Mary brought back from her Mediterranean Cruise.  He took the furry hat back to UCLA.

It was a Happy Holiday Visit, and we got some sorting and organizing done too!  What more could a Mom ask for…

Except maybe her Honey coming on December 14th for a Happy Holiday Visit and Honey helping sort and organize too!  I’ll have them both in for Christmas/New Year’s so look forward to whipping The Chaos into a bit better shape while they are here.  Looking forward to having access to strong, tall men.  I’ll have to cook and feed them, but small price to pay for all the much needed help they will provide.


On Deck

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These yarny cakes are destined to be black/orange/white jumble socks for Spencer.  He’s a big fan of the World Series Champs, the SF Giants.  So I figured it would be cool to make him some SF Giants socks.

Do you know how difficult it is to find black/orange/white yarn?!?  Luckily for me, the World Series takes place around Halloween.  Enter plenty of black/orange/white of just about anything.  Except sock yarn.

It took me a while, but I found some.  I was hoping for self-striping yarn, but this is the best I could do so close to Halloween – a lot was sold out already.  Actually it was the ONLY sock yarn I could get in a wool I could use, that I could afford, and that – most importantly – did NOT include any other colors besides black/orange/white.

Hey now wait just a minute – jumble what?!?  (Insert sound clip of screeching brakes here.)

The color changes on this yarn happen about every 15 or so inches.  Can’t really call this self-striping yarn, so I have to call it something.  So I call it “jumble”.

Best part of jumble yarn?  Don’t have to worry about starting it at the exact same place.  Not that it would be really all that difficult to NOT match black or orange or white stripes.  Unless you were completely in the dark.

Although lately, I’m sure I could find a way.

And so we come to the end of our Story…

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…fortunately it is a VERY HAPPY ENDING!

Main occupant of the House of Grandmother just called to say that the lost little box has FINALLY found it’s round-about way to her location.  It is safe and sound and will be opened once Auntie joins Grandmother tomorrow.

There is much rejoicing across the land.


Round and round and round it goes…

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…where it’s delivered, nobody knows.

This is the strange but true story of a long journey made by a small little box filled with stitchy giftness – and a few pairs of really cool gloves.

It started out on January 4th, 2012 when the little box was packed, taped up tight, labeled with it’s very own barcoded label, and dropped off at a California post office to start it’s journey across the country.

On January 7th, the maker/sender of the stitchy giftness wondered where the little box was in it’s journey.

With a checking of the tracking information, the strangeness began…

The mysterious Track and Confirm entity stated that the little box had gone out for delivery on January 6th in a place the maker/sender did not know.  This strange place was not the intended destination of the little box.

The little box was lost.

Maker/sender was confused.

First thing Monday January 9th, the phone calls to the Post Office began.

Maker/sender was told many times (5 at last count) that the little box was out for delivery, there is no problem.

When maker/sender explained that the little box was not in the city where it was intended to go, she was told as many times (that same 5) that she had probably addressed the little box incorrectly, so that is why it is lost in a strange city.

At which time the maker/sender shook her head in confusion and tried to explain.

The little box was addressed correctly because it’s label was printed from the online account of the maker/sender.  The address was taken from the account’s address book.  The maker/sender has sent stitchy giftness and many other items, cards, and letters to that address for 17 years.

So, no Ms Post Office person, the address does indeed exist, the occupant of the house has not moved to the strange city, and it actually WAS addressed correctly.

That address is the House of Grandmother.  It is a house of love and the spoiling of the grandson and the magical bottomless plates of Grandmotherly cooking goodness.  The Grandmother would NOT move without letting the grandson know the new location of the House of Grandmother.

Maker/sender was asked to leave names, addresses, phone numbers and was promised phone calls back.  She was given various phone numbers of postal locations she could call and check herself while she waited.

Maker/sender waited.  She called the numbers.  She was told time and time again that she had probably addressed the box incorrectly.  She received messages telling her again that she had probably put the wrong address on the little box.

But no one left a message saying the little box had been found.

One particular phone number was called repeatedly, but no one ever answered.  Maker/sender thought that was odd since it was in the middle of the day, and was curious as to why no one would answer the phone in the place where the little package had been sent.

After three days of no answers, and no one answering at the place that the little box had gone, maker/sender took matters in her own hands.

She googled the postal location of the lost box.  She found a new number and called it.  Once again, no one answered and the maker/sender was saddened.  She knew the little box was there, she just knew it!

She went back to the google listing, and went to the second page of articles and information.

With shock, she read article after article of how the postal location where the Track and Confirm Entity said the little box had gone was….closed!  The phone numbers that she had been either given or found were ringing in an empty building.  There was much knashing of teeth.

A bit more googling and maker/sender found out all mail that used to be sent to the closed location now went through another location – low and behold, there was another phone number.

With a knot in her stomach, maker/sender called the number.  It was answered after two rings.  Maker/sender was elated. The nice Mr. Postal Man on the other end listened to the sad story of the lost little box.  He asked her to wait while he went in search of the little box.

When he returned, he told her that the little box was not there in the office, although it had been before.  He told maker/sender that the little box had been sent back to the main sorting office in the city where the House of Grandmother is located.

Maker/sender was very thankful to Mr. Postal Man.

When she checked the Track and Confirm Entity tonight, the lost little box had found it’s way back to the main sorting facility and had been scanned as being located there.

Maker/sender wonders where the little lost box will go now.

…to be continued…

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Me and my big mouth…

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This is what happens when you are stupid enough to not start on time, then rush, and then have the balls to brag that things are going along GREAT JUST GREAT!

And then you publish it on the internet.

You mess up the pattern and don’t notice until 3 rows later.

THREE LONG ROWS OF 130+ stitches.

And it wasn’t a simple enough thing for me that I could just let a stitch go, go down a bit and fix the mistake.  I don’t do well with that process to begin with…  If I did that, it would just be better to frog and start over because it would all be a big fat yarny mess.

So just spent almost the entire knitting time since I bragged about how well things were going, tinking*.

Rinkety tinkety tink. 
The yarn ball fell in the sink. 
The knitter went skating, instead of just waiting,
and busted her butt in the rink.

(Makes no sense whatever, I know. It just popped into my head.)

So… Sorry Sis, you’ll have to wait a few extra days for your knitterly item.  There’s an envelope coming to Mom’s house by Saturday.  Enjoy your gift card in the interim.

*Definition of Tink:
Tink is the term used by knitters to mean unknitting or knitting backward. Tink is actually knit spelled backward.

When you notice a mistake in your knitting either in the row you are currently working on or the row you just finished working, the easiest way to fix it is to tink back to the problem stitch and start over.

It is not recommended that you tink over several rows because it takes a long time and is very nerve-wracking.

Also Known As: Unknitting, backward knitting

Secret knitting continues…

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…I am pushing the limits here, but still knitting my little fingers off.  If I was using metal needles, I think sparks would be flying.

Not really, but the projects have been going along a lot quicker than usual.  I’m sure it has NOTHING to do with the short deadline I’m up against.

Not at all.

One project is blocking another is halfway done on the needles.  The rest are not due before Xmas, so I’m in pretty good shape so far.

I’d be in better shape if I would have started earlier, but well, I’m knitting now, that’s all that matters.

Spence and I spent yesterday with family friends who came into town with their son to spend the day “in the big city” shopping and seeing the sites. 

Spence and I went earlier so I could shop for a coat. Happy to say I found one and now I won’t be freezing my butt off at the bus stop in every long sleeved shirt and fleece I have with a down vest zipped over it.

One of the downsizes of losing weight is all your nice warm winter coats and jackets are too big. Don’t get me wrong, clothes being too big is a good thing, but not in winter.

Anyway, we met with friends after lunch and spent more time trying to keep track of each other in the crowds than actually LOOKING at anything.

Oh, and I don’t care what language you speak, I’m sure they ALL include the words EXCUSE ME or PARDON ME or THANK YOU.  We may not all speak what words you speak, but most of us can recognize good manners.

And to the guy trying to sell his “art” for money instead of begging…it was a good idea until you started yelling out random insults.  Kinda ruined the whole vibe you had going on.

Just sayin’.

We gave up on the insanity after 2 hours (not even 2 actually) and got in the car for the long journey out of downtown.  It took us longer to get from Union Square to the Bay Bridge than it did to get from the Bay Bridge to Back 40 Texas BBQ.

Where we all enjoyed the company of friends over a yummy meal.

After we waited 40 min to be seated.

On a knitting roll….

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I can’t seem to stop knitting. Ever since my wrist has been mostly recovered (it’s pretty much 100% now unless I do something stupid…ummm), I can’t put the needles down.

Well, that’s not completely true, as I have put the needles down on my Juliette Sweater. Funny thing is, I stopped knitting on it because it’s summer and it’s a sweater and there’s quite a bit of it now and it makes me hot to knit it.

But…it’s acting like winter here and it’s chilly at night and I really should pick it up and knit on it because then I’ll have it all ready to wear once Fall is here.

But…I can’t do that because I am obsessed with knitting socks. I started about May-ish and I’ve done 2 pair since then (which is good for me). Just finished my first pair of the “Dr Who Socks” as I’ve been calling them as I’m using Knit Picks’ Time Traveler Felici yarn. No photos yet because they are still in the camera.

Next up on the needles is another few small projects – special gifts for a special little lady – that I can’t talk about because then the cat will be out of the bag. First gift will be knit on dpns, second one will be knit using the new 2-at-a-time-toe-up method from my new book. Trying something new – yay!

After that are socks, socks, and more socks with the new method. They are the perfect projects for the daily commute. I even cast off a sock while standing at the shuttle stop yesterday after work! Wish I had a photo, but I was the only person at the stop.

I’m geeking out excited about the new method because I have the hardest time getting things to match up on the socks when I do them one at time. Is the foot the same length? Am I starting the gussett at the same point? Is the leg the same? At worst, the socks I have done so far will be a few rows off – not noticable differences to anyone unless they’re going to sit and count row by row. I’m really tired of stopping my knitting to compare one sock to the other, so yeah. Bring on the 2-at-a-time.

Ok, enough geeking out. Photos soon.


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Hello out there!

I’m still here.

I’m knitting.

I’m working.

I’m aging.

It’s my b-day month. Tell me I look 30 and I’ll be your BFF.

Mom’s socks are done and blocked. Need to weave in the ends and send it off with a few other things.

Looking forward to a quiet Holiday weekend. Is there such a thing?


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Well here we are…Summer.

Mom’s b-day, Spencer’s b-day, my b-day… plus all sorts of other things going on.

Spencer starts his First. Job. Ever. on June 28th.

Can he really be turning 16?!? Good Grief!

He’s very excited, I’m feeling so old…am not looking forward to turning 47 next month.

Freakin 47. Figured I should get all my aging angst out of the way for the next few years so that when I turn 50 I can do so without flipping out. We’ll see in 3 years. 🙂

Almost done with Mom’s b-day socks. If you are my friend on Facebook, they are my secret project. Mom’s b-day was back on June 4th, and it’s about to be about a zillion degrees hot where they live, but yes, I’m knitting her a pair of socks – and they are late. Just shut it.

My Sis reads the blog, but Mom doesn’t go near the computer, and Sis already isn’t saying anything to Mom about the socks, so it’s safe to post here.

Have a few other things I’ve been making for her and my Sis, so will send those off with the socks. The Socks should be done in the next few days. Hope I remember to take photos of all this stuff before I send it all off – I get excited to finish things and mail them and then realize I didn’t take photos! D’oh!

Actual Knitting!!!!! With Photos!!!!!!

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Been knitting a lot since I decided my wrist was recovered enough to start trying again – I think I started the double-knit beanie about a month ago.

So far: one double-knit beanie for Spencer,

one regular knit beanie for Spencer,

one set of wrist warmers and matching sort of cowl for myself.

Not nearly enough yarn left for the cowl, so it’s a sort of neck warming thingy that can also be used as a headband/ear warmer sort of thing.

Two multi-colored (brown and several shades of green) balls of Lana Grossa something or other picked up during a browse thru the clearance wall at ImagiKnit after One-Sock-A-Month Club way back a long time ago.

Silly poses yes, but had to get the wrist warmers and the neck thingy all in one…much better than the “Oh my! What’s a knitter to do?!?” pose..

Doesn’t seem like much for those of you knitters who have 10 projects in progress and crank out tons of knitted items a year, but it is so very very much for me who has not be able to knit for so long.

I’m a new knitter all over again.

Oh, and I’ve been doing all this “freestyle”. No patterns, just grab the needles and yarn and go! I love it. Can’t tell you how liberating it is…creativity-wise.

Love it love it LOVE IT!!!!

And all of this just in time for the warm weather.

Oh, and did I mention the double-knit beanie is too big? Hoping a run thru the washer and dryer will set the stitches a bit and it’ll come out a bit smaller. It’s not wool, so there will be no shrinkage cos of that…maybe I should use COLD water? ha ha ha

It’s some acrylic yarn I bought while Spence and I visited Honey, summer of 2008. Spencer picked it out. It’s driving me crazy. Love the colors and all, but it’s 3 magic balls of yarn. I knit and knit and knit and I still seem to have the same amount I started with…seems like I’ll be knitting up a few more single knit beanies out of it. I can crank those out in a few nights knitting. By the time the balls are finished tho, I know I’ll be tired of green, grey, and rust. Good thing there are no more colors like that around here.

Next project is a baby something for my friend Cherry – her little one (girl!! Yay!!!) is due in May I believe. I won’t say what it is here as she reads this… I did ask colors and what kind of yarn and all and I think I may have found just the right stuff. I’m going to try and use worsted weight yarn as knitting with larger sized needles feels the best right now.

Still have to be careful with the “new” wrist, so that’s why I’m sticking to the larger sized needles. A few more months and I should be able to start knitting on some socks. Surprisingly, I have quite the collection of sock yarn…don’t know how all those skanks came into my possession, but there they are…and my size 0 (or are they 1’s?!?) square circular needles are waiting for me to grab them by the shafts and caress them with fingers and yarn. Can’t wait! Those things are like buttah in my hands. I bought those at Stitches West 2009. I wonder, do they come in dpns too?!?!?

Off to try out my one month trial of Xbox 360 LIVE. Saved off some “instant” movies to watch and might just try my hand at Call of Duty – World at War. Watch out Spence, Mama’s got a brand new gun (controller). While I watch a movie, I guess I can whip out an English ball or two and get started on yet another beanie. He doesn’t want a scarf and scarves take too long for my current instant knitting gratification mood.

No-blog-Rachel…I’m BACK!!!!