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Happy Thursday! ***

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***This post is being re-posted because Blogger LOST the original I wrote yesterday. Thank God I have things setup so that EVERY post is emailed to me because there is no way in Hell I could have redone this and been so damn clever a second time round. 🙂


Good things today so far:

Bike to Work Day!

It’s like my own personal Halloween. My costume is my biking getup (which needs it’s own blog post) and I go from Energizing Station to Energizing Station holding open my bag and getting loads of free stuff dumped in… Haul this morning, large size of the official Bike to Work tote bag, tangerines, fig newtons, juice, various maps of trails in the Bay Area (very handy!), reflectors, lip balm, reflective ankle thingy to rein in your pants leg, a recyclable pen, a water bottle, Clif bars, and various coupons to local sports shops. Ooh, and this really cool magnetic blinky light which I still haven’t figured out quite how it works. Ms Cow got herself a wee little box of raisins for being a brave bicycle passenger (the trail is rather bumpy lately). All that was only from 2 stations. They LOVE to shower you with stuff – the list of goodies I turned down is even longer.

I hurds it trew da grapesvyn… Kalifornya waisins, nomity nom nom nom…

Paperback Swap

I LOVE this site. I’ve mailed off lots of books to good homes and just ordered 5 more for myself. Another Terry Pratchett book (Tiffany Aching, bk 3) and the first four books of the Stephen King “Dark Tower” series. Can’t wait to get them!

More Energy

This doesn’t really need an explanation, does it? Biking two days in a row and I feel great. Really should have started doing this a lot sooner.


Can’t wait to see what the “Energizer Station” sponsors have on the ride home. I’m really hoping for a new dingy-ding bell. The East Bay Park folks were giving them out last year, so I hope to get another this year. The poor thing is all worn out. It dingity-dings on it’s own now. Every time I hit a bump. Even a small bump. So I’m pretty much dingity-ding-dinging my way down the trail.

It’s like it’s saying:

“Look at the awesome outfit this woman is wearing! Here she comes wearing an awesome outfit! Look at her wearing that awesome outfit! She’s riding a bike! And wearing an awesome outfit while she rides! Make way for the biking chick with the awesome outfit! You want an outfit like hers, you KNOW you do! Cos it’s AWESOME!”



I originally wanted to write this update last night, but Blogger has been having some issues, so here it is on Friday. It’s also not going to be so clever and funny as it was last night – in my mind.

Final list of “treats” from Bike to Work Day gathered up along the way home: more maps (I’m pretty sure I’ve got a complete set for the East Bay now), a chocolate chip cookie for Spencer (and yes I did give it to him), Red Vines for Spencer, cheese sticks, various and sundry juice boxes and mini-Gatorade bottles, various and sundry chips and fruit snack bags, mandarin oranges (YUM), Clif bars, Fig Newtons, more raisins for Ms Cow, and lots of bags. About 4 more bags than I really wanted. They were begging us to take extras though, so I did and they will go this weekend to the charity thrift shop with the rest of my donations.

I was very careful this year to only take what Spence and I would use/eat – no need to be greedy. Do I REALLY need more pens when I have a drawerful at home? Didn’t think so. There were quite a few snacks because, well, Spencer is 16, quite tall and has entered his “bottomless pit of a stomach with two hollow legs” stage. Any food brought home is DEFINITELY consumed. So no waste there. The extra bags go away tomorrow and the maps I will keep in my “map box”.

At the last stop before leaving the trail, I decided now would be a good time to have a drink of some refreshing water since it was quite warm and hauling all those snacks was causing me to break out into a pretty good sweat. Well, being the graceful dove I am, I managed to dribble half the bottle down my shirt. It was actually quite refreshing since I was indeed rather toasty.


Not quite so refreshing was the small swarm of gnats I swallowed on the last leg of the trip.

Updated List: Minus one bottle of Gatorade used to wash out my mouth…

I really need to keep my mouth SHUT when I’m riding.

It’s almost the end of the month…

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…the birthday month…and the shopping…oh my goodness the shopping…

I spent my Amazon gift card in a New York minute (thanks G!) and ordered a book I have had on my wish list for about 4 years (!!!!), and another that I found and thought I’d like (Ms Cow requested it actually).

A small shopping spree at The Yarn Boutique in Lafayette, CA happened the weekend after my birthday. The owner was there the day I went and she was very very helpful. The store is very small and PACKED to the ceiling, so don’t bring kids or carts or strollers or wheelchairs if you go. I could barely walk round in there and kept knocking stuff over. I got 3 different kinds of sock yarn and another set of square circulars. We also had a good chat about the yarn I won at the SF Ravelry Meet-up in May. She gave me a few suggestions about patterns I should look up – all free. 🙂 She’s made them before and really liked the results and said my yarns should work well.

I couldn’t stay there long tho as my wool allergies started up…high concentration of wool fumes in the wee tiny shop. 🙂

Lunch came after, then a trip to the hair colorist. Ask for Jesse, he rocks – maybe that cos he’s the head instructor for coloring… 🙂 If you’re curious, the number is 925-937-2011. Tell him Donna the knitter sent you. They are very accomodating as far as appointments go and the prices are very reasonable – Ms Troi says they can do that because the Academy tuition pays the rent, the rest is just a service to the local ‘hood.

And if that wasn’t enuf…I hit Target and Ross before I FINALLY headed home.

There has been a wee bit of internet shopping since then…very small amount of beads, some more yarn and needles (not b-day stuff tho as it’s for gift projects) and a few books from the my book swap club. One for me and one for Spence for a school reading project. I just LOVE the swap club!

It really was like Christmas in July around the Chaos this year. Not only was it very COLD out, I just kept getting delivery after delivery. 🙂

Spencer and I will decide some day what we will do to celebrate our b-days again. On our actual days, it was so freakin’ hot that we didn’t do much of anything. So I promised him, we’d wait til summer was over and do something special together.

I’m obsessed (as Spencer always tells me)

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Not only do I belong to the Book Swap Club, but I also joined its 2 sister sites….DVD Swap and CD swap.

With all this sorting and purging, I’ve come across a few DVDs and CDs that I just don’t watch or listen to any more (some I didn’t even remember I had!!). Up on their respective sites they went. I’ve sent out 7 of the 12 DVDs I listed and 1 of the 16 CDs I listed. Not bad. The best part of signing up for all 3? I can transfer credits between all 3 sites and use them for all books, all DVDs, or all CDs, or anything I want! Wahoo!

I’m finally getting some books sent to me off my wish list, so I’m very happy with the whole situation. I’ve also ordered a few CDs and am on waiting lists for several DVDs.

Spencer says our house is like a post office cos I’m always packing things up and sending them out and he’s always ordering bike parts and I’m finally getting stuff in from my swap clubs.

Maybe I should get out my old uniform and do it up right!!! (I used to work for the Postal Service when I lived in Texas.)

These past few days I’ve been in a mood, which is hard to believe since I had such a good weekend and a great Monday! Lunch with AmpuT! We had a lovely lunch together chatting and catching up. She gifted me with some very funny toilet themed stitch markers and some gorgeous fiber – she’s so sweet! Sorry, but I’m too lazy to take pictures, let alone post them. There are four markers tho: plunger, roll of toilet paper, toilet and pile of poo. Once I start using them, you will see them. Or maybe I’ll take photos and post. Whichever comes first…don’t hold your breath for either.

I haven’t done ANYTHING fiber related all summer – and I haven’t done anything jewelry or drawing related since those classes ended! Gah. I feel a creativity crisis looming – if I don’t make something soon, I think I will explode! If the weather would just freakin’ cool down, I’m sure I would get going doing something. Maybe that’s why I can’t sleep…it’s all building up in my brain. I did however, dig out my turkish spindle and get going on some practice last night. I’ve got a few pretty batts now that I’d love to make into some usable yarn so I need to get going. I still suck, but with time, I KNOW I’ll get better cos I just LOVE it and I won’t have it any other way. 🙂

At least I’ve been keeping up with the sorting/purging bit. I’ve been managing to do at least 15-20 min worth every night since this weekend when I went all purge crazy on Saturday morning.

I’ve got a large shopping cart full of purses, clothes, misc crap, I mean useful items, that needs to go to the Thrift shop. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow. Or Friday. Or maybe Saturday. Or all three if I purge enough the next two nights!!

More and more space is being freed up in the living area even tho there is still a row of boxes against the wall. I have vowed not to bring in any more stuff until it is all cleared out. And even then, I really don’t think I’ll want to bring in anything new. Honestly, I have enough stuff and really don’t need more! Unless I find a job between now and then and get all that new furniture I want – but that only means the old furniture goes. One in, one out. 🙂

Enought chatter, it is time to watch “The Sarah Jane Chronicles”. Disc 1, season 1 from Netflix. Pretty soon the last season of Dr. Who will be out and I’ll be watching that!!! Maybe I’ll do today’s purging while I watch. Maybe not.

It’s so boring round here…

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I’m keeping busy, but still….snoozeville!

I’ve gotten in the mood lately to do lots of sorting and clearing out and etc etc etc. The Chaos is becoming less chaotic by the day. There is still quite a bit to do, but I am making lots of progress going thru boxes and getting rid of stuff.

Spencer had a friend over this weekend, so even tho I did do a bit of work, I really couldn’t do much. He is Spencer’s Kublacon buddy and they were working on their armies. Every year they are the only two that have unpainted pieces in their armies. I somehow convinced them that they should meet once a month or so and just paint and practice strategies and stuff like that. They got quite a bit of painting done and even put some time in at the local game shop testing out some new strategies at the gaming tables. Spencer has just put away the final remains of all his paints, brushes, glue, bits, pieces and whatnot and the place looks halfway decent. Yay!

It’s going to be pretty damn hot here for the next few days (100F +) and I am still in a purging/sorting/cleaning mood, so it is perfect! I wont’ be wanting to go out in the heat and what else have I got to do round here? I am determined to have this all cleared out before the Holidays hit. Fingers crossed I can keep up with it!

Now to go wrap up some books for Book Swap. Two more go out in the mail tomorrow!

Hello…are you still there?

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Just a quick Mom update. She’s recovering nicely. My sister says that she is bossing her around, so she’s definitely feeling much better than procedure day. hee hee. That’s it for Mom updates as they are quite boring and there’s not really much I can say. Thanks to everyone for all their thoughts and well wishes!

I’ve been keeping busy. Yes Virginia, you can be unemployed and still be busy.

I miss my jewelry class. Sign-ups are on now for the Fall class, but I’m not going to do it. It’s an extended version of the one I just took and it’s during the day again. I’m being optimistic and saying I’ll be busy working soon, so can’t be playing at jewelry class on Friday afternoons. 🙂

No knitting lately. I’ve tried, but I just can’t do it. Not only am I lacking in knitting mojo, but my wrist has decided to bother again (a cyst from the past has returned with a vengeance), and so I’ve replaced knitting and crocheting with reading and jewelry making. Now that Mom’s on the mend, I just might drag myself into the doc’s and see what they can do for my wrist.

I’ve also joined…damn…it’s like having a job! It’s really cool tho, you join, post books you’d like to trade and then, well, start trading. For every book you mail off to another member, you get a credit. The credits can then be used to “order” books from other members. It’s all quite addicting. I just joined up this past Thursday and have already sent off 12 books…with 8 more waiting for the appropriate approvals. Go check it out. If you decide to join, please put me in as a referral my swap id is ladilynn. The site also has two sister sites, one for CDs and one for DVDs.

After all the mailing I’ve done, I’m finally getting a book sent to me. WooHoo!!!! Unfortunately, most of the books I REALLY want have waiting lists. Oh well…