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I’m still Here…and so is everyone else.

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Yesterday I turned 50yrs old.

There was no zombie apocalypse.

California didn’t break off and sink into the Pacific Ocean.

The Earth didn’t spiral into the Sun.

In other words, it wasn’t the end of the world.

It was just another day and here I am the day after saying it wasn’t so bad.

It is especially good if you face it head on with no grey hairs on that head and lots of love and happy wishes from those in your life who haven’t hit that milestone yet.  From those that have, you get welcomed to “The 5-0 Club”.

Never knew it existed.  I always thought it was just AARP.

Oh, and I will be filling out that AARP membership.  I’ll get a snazzy free travel bag and access to a supposed boat load of discounts.

And getting older is all about the free and the discounts.  Even more so than it was before 50.  🙂

Happy Birthday Spencer, Part 2

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Almost forgot…

Here’s your “birthday shirt and a pair of socks”.  They should be done by the time you are 30.  Love you!

Happy Birthday to Our Spencer

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Dear Spencer,

Happy 19th Birthday Son!

This is the first time that neither your Dad nor I have been with you on your birthday.  It is inevitable that this happens, you are becoming your own Man.

But, as I keep telling myself, I was there for the one that started them all – the day you were born.  I celebrate this date for me too you know.  It may be your Birthday, but it’s also my MomDay.

You complained that you had to work today.  All I can do is smile and say “welcome to the real world”.  The only time I have not had to work on my birthday is when it fell on a weekend.

I hope you enjoy yourself today both during work and after work and I hope the weather in LA is a lot better than it is here.  At least it’s not 110F like it was the day you were born in Texas.

Have a great day Spencer!



PS When are you going to send me your Mother’s Day photos?  I need some recent pix. Thx.

Happy Birthday Spencer!

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Today is my son’s 18th birthday.

I am extrememly happy for him.

I am sad for me.

I am proud of the man he has become.

Happy Birthday Spencer!  May you have many more and may all your dreams and wishes come true! 

Love you LOTS, Mom.


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Today would have been Mom’s 81st Birthday.

I took a photo of an old photo of Mom that I wanted to post.  On my phone it looks fine.  In reality it is blurry.

I wanted to write a nice post and put that old photo in it – it is one of my favorite ones of her.

Suddenly I have no words and now I have no photo.

I miss you Mom.

Edited to add:  Jeez, I could have at least said Happy Birthday.  “Happy Birthday Mom”.

It’s almost the end of the month…

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…the birthday month…and the shopping…oh my goodness the shopping…

I spent my Amazon gift card in a New York minute (thanks G!) and ordered a book I have had on my wish list for about 4 years (!!!!), and another that I found and thought I’d like (Ms Cow requested it actually).

A small shopping spree at The Yarn Boutique in Lafayette, CA happened the weekend after my birthday. The owner was there the day I went and she was very very helpful. The store is very small and PACKED to the ceiling, so don’t bring kids or carts or strollers or wheelchairs if you go. I could barely walk round in there and kept knocking stuff over. I got 3 different kinds of sock yarn and another set of square circulars. We also had a good chat about the yarn I won at the SF Ravelry Meet-up in May. She gave me a few suggestions about patterns I should look up – all free. 🙂 She’s made them before and really liked the results and said my yarns should work well.

I couldn’t stay there long tho as my wool allergies started up…high concentration of wool fumes in the wee tiny shop. 🙂

Lunch came after, then a trip to the hair colorist. Ask for Jesse, he rocks – maybe that cos he’s the head instructor for coloring… 🙂 If you’re curious, the number is 925-937-2011. Tell him Donna the knitter sent you. They are very accomodating as far as appointments go and the prices are very reasonable – Ms Troi says they can do that because the Academy tuition pays the rent, the rest is just a service to the local ‘hood.

And if that wasn’t enuf…I hit Target and Ross before I FINALLY headed home.

There has been a wee bit of internet shopping since then…very small amount of beads, some more yarn and needles (not b-day stuff tho as it’s for gift projects) and a few books from the my book swap club. One for me and one for Spence for a school reading project. I just LOVE the swap club!

It really was like Christmas in July around the Chaos this year. Not only was it very COLD out, I just kept getting delivery after delivery. 🙂

Spencer and I will decide some day what we will do to celebrate our b-days again. On our actual days, it was so freakin’ hot that we didn’t do much of anything. So I promised him, we’d wait til summer was over and do something special together.

Happy Birthday to me!

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OK, so I thought I had figured out something to count for my birthday.

I thought it would be clever to count down the minutes to my actual time of birth so long ago…
But then that would entail 47 monotonous posts.
There are tons of minutes in the day, but I don’t feel like wasting any of them doing post after post after post.
Then I thought, I’ll just put them all in one but that would be totally b.0.r.i.n.g. and how the heck would I organize it?
So I’m writing this all to tell you I was born at 8:39am 47 years ago…and I’m setting this to auto post so that I can get it all precise-like and now I can go relax for the night.
I’m going to go knit for 47 minutes. The first Dr Who sock is complete and I’ve already cast on and finished the toe of it’s quasi-twin.


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I’m tired and should really be getting ready for bed. Instead, I’m about to pay bills. Argle.

I’m calling my hair dude tomorrow to schedule time for next Saturday. Grey must go!
I played way too much xbox today and I don’t care. Unfortunately, my wrist does. D’oh!
My kitchen is a wreck. I’ll deal with it tomorrow.
Spain won the World Cup. Tha tha tha-tha-tha (look up Katherine Tate and The Interpreter – hilarious)
Evil Thorn Season has started. My Beastly Tires are ready. Bring it.
Lance, dude, you shoulda just stayed retired – gone out while you were ahead. Now you’re just another biker back in the pack.
I’m trying to think of what to use to count off my age on Thursday. Don’t know if I have that much of anything. Sigh.
Maybe I’ll just ignore my birthday. Kinda leaning in that direction already anyway.
I just had to check the calendar to make sure my b-day really was on Thursday.
Maybe I’ll just count the brain cells I have left. Maybe I’ll just go to bed and save the bills for tomorrow.


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Hello out there!

I’m still here.

I’m knitting.

I’m working.

I’m aging.

It’s my b-day month. Tell me I look 30 and I’ll be your BFF.

Mom’s socks are done and blocked. Need to weave in the ends and send it off with a few other things.

Looking forward to a quiet Holiday weekend. Is there such a thing?

Birthday Boy…

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…no longer. Spencer is now a “young man”.

My young man is now 16 – as of 6:49am this morning – I swear, I woke up in the middle of the night with labor pains to mark this momentous occassion.

Seems like just yesterday that I took my first look at the wriggling baby who wrapped his long, tiny fingers round my one big finger in the delivery room.

Now he’s pushing 5’10”, is about 160lbs and wearing size 11 shoes.

No photos today cos I’m a totally lame mother. We went out to breakfast this morning before I headed off to work and he went off to spent the day with his best buddies. I took a photo of our burritos, but not my newly driving 16 yr old son.