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All I got is Meh.

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I should be excited.

This Saturday is “Bruin Day” and we are off to UCLA to wander and tour and talk and meet and greet and buy Bruin stuff.

I am working on an AWESOME jewelry project for a friend.  After a few false starts with the wrong beads, the wrong needles, the wrong thread…I am off and running and it is looking fantastic.  Even if I do say so myself.

With the skills I’m learning from this project, I will finally be able to do justice to my Grandmother’s beads – of which I don’t remember posting photos.  Hmmmm.

Anyway, I should be excited and all I can do is go Meh.

Too many other things going on and I haven’t been sleeping again.



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It’s almost the end of the month…

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…the birthday month…and the shopping…oh my goodness the shopping…

I spent my Amazon gift card in a New York minute (thanks G!) and ordered a book I have had on my wish list for about 4 years (!!!!), and another that I found and thought I’d like (Ms Cow requested it actually).

A small shopping spree at The Yarn Boutique in Lafayette, CA happened the weekend after my birthday. The owner was there the day I went and she was very very helpful. The store is very small and PACKED to the ceiling, so don’t bring kids or carts or strollers or wheelchairs if you go. I could barely walk round in there and kept knocking stuff over. I got 3 different kinds of sock yarn and another set of square circulars. We also had a good chat about the yarn I won at the SF Ravelry Meet-up in May. She gave me a few suggestions about patterns I should look up – all free. 🙂 She’s made them before and really liked the results and said my yarns should work well.

I couldn’t stay there long tho as my wool allergies started up…high concentration of wool fumes in the wee tiny shop. 🙂

Lunch came after, then a trip to the hair colorist. Ask for Jesse, he rocks – maybe that cos he’s the head instructor for coloring… 🙂 If you’re curious, the number is 925-937-2011. Tell him Donna the knitter sent you. They are very accomodating as far as appointments go and the prices are very reasonable – Ms Troi says they can do that because the Academy tuition pays the rent, the rest is just a service to the local ‘hood.

And if that wasn’t enuf…I hit Target and Ross before I FINALLY headed home.

There has been a wee bit of internet shopping since then…very small amount of beads, some more yarn and needles (not b-day stuff tho as it’s for gift projects) and a few books from the my book swap club. One for me and one for Spence for a school reading project. I just LOVE the swap club!

It really was like Christmas in July around the Chaos this year. Not only was it very COLD out, I just kept getting delivery after delivery. 🙂

Spencer and I will decide some day what we will do to celebrate our b-days again. On our actual days, it was so freakin’ hot that we didn’t do much of anything. So I promised him, we’d wait til summer was over and do something special together.

It rained again this morning…

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…but nevermind. The sun is trying to shine, I saw a rainbow on the way to the bus stop this morning and I’ve lost weight.

Trying to focus on the positive as there are so many things now that could possibly be negative in my current brain-fried state of mind.

My body needs a rest. Rain threatened this morning, so I didn’t ride. If I can’t give my body a rest during the night (sleeping issues again), I can at least give it a break during the day every so often.

Job Update: The job is going well as can be for a newbie who has never ever ever done this before. Ever.

KublaCon Update: Still suffering from the worst case of creating block yet. KublaCon is 4.5 weeks away. I’ve got a flea market table. I’ve got NUTTIN’ to sell people. N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

What I do have is a bead stash that has been culled, arranged, rearranged and rearranged again. Time to stop “playing” with the pretty, shiny beads and make something. Seriously.

Every weekend until KublaCon and a few after it are full. Busy busy busy.

I miss sleeping in. I really really really do. Really.

Drive by Update…

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Still adjusting to the work routine. Getting quicker on my rides to BART, but they still wear me out. Just wish it wasn’t so darn cold in the mornings still…

Haven’t done much crafting/knitting -wise. With all this coming home and falling asleep on the couch after work, things have gotten rather cluttered and creativity-stifling.

For a few nights this week, I have been putting things away and so on, so I should be able to get back to all my projects soon. This weekend as a matter of fact.

This weekend is a busy one. Antonella and I are off to San Francisco for a friend’s Art Showing, some bead store blitzing (mostly of our wallets, I’m sure) and a stop off at our fav stores on the way home if we’re still standing by then (and if we have anything left in those poor abused wallets).

Then we’re off to my place for a girl’s-night-in-crafting. I’ve been teaching Antonella how to make jewelry, so we’re going to make some stuff for ourselves, then she’s agreed to help me get some work done on some things for KublaCon.

There will be my 30min Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner, some snackage, and prob some instant viewing on Xbox while we work.

A full day!

Best laid plans, blah blah blah

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Well, the conference didn’t go as well as we planned and there has been a business setback. My friend is carrying on though and pushing forward, etc. He’s not one for giving in and this is his dream, so onward!

Ms Cow was a fantastic navigator by the way…even thru fog!!!

It has been nice having the car, altho it is very tiring to drive (and drive so much too) after not driving in a long time. I am worn out from yesterday. Drove Spence into SF today all the way to school and picked up his bike while I was there…more lots of driving…this time in traffic.

So on to the best laid plans. I don’t seem to be the superwoman I used to be. My big plans to take the two chairs off to the charity shop just fell thru. I can’t lift the damn things, so there is no way I’m going to be able to get them down the stairs and into a car. I’ll have to have some help with that. I’ll just have to borrow the car over the weekend when Spencer can help me. In the mean time, I’ve given up on even taking anything. I don’t have enuf for a car load without the chairs. To be honest, it doesn’t even fill up the cart. Sigh. Can’t lift the heavy boxes either, so taking anything to the charity shop for donation is out for today.

I’ll have a bit of a rest and then go do some running about…I have several things that need to be done that would take forever if done by bus, so having the car is not going to go to waste. I was going to try and fit in the errands and the donation run, so now I can just relax and take my time. I’ll pick up Spencer from BART and we’ll most likely take a run down to In ‘n Out for some yummy burgers. We only go to In n Out during Kublacon cos I’ve got a rental car and there is one by the hotel where it’s held, so this will be a bit of a treat for us. Altho I must confess that when I first picked up the car on Tuesday night, Antonella and I stopped in for dinner. 🙂

Oh yeah, almost forgot, the dice beads came the other day. The silver and gold medal ones are awesome, the skulls are a bit bigger than I thought they would be, and the “white” dice beads are actually “grey”. They’ll be some emails to the seller about that. I have a feeling I’ll be sending them back. I need WHITE. These just look the color of dingy socks. Yuk!

I’ve gotten several other “new” things to help me make stuff and give me instructions/ideas for Kublacon items, so I need to get going on it!

The rain finally came…

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Lots of updates…

Spencer is enjoying the new school. He’s actually getting homework! And he loves the fact that he has a locker. It’s the little things that make us happy. 🙂

Had my last surgery follow-up with the wrist doc. I am FREEEE…to do whatever I damn well please. He says everything looks great, my range of motion is excellent, my strength is pretty much “that” close to being 100% and he doesn’t want to see me again. :o) I still haven’t done any heavy lifting, but thankfully, no heavy lifting has been required. It still gets worn out if I overdo things though, so I do still need to be careful.

My friend who was waiting for licenses and stuff for his business is now “this” close to getting them. There has been much movement there in the last few days and some political intervention even. :o)

I have found a new supplier for dice beads! I am so excited I can’t even tell you! At our first Kublacon 4 years ago, I bought a wee box full of mini dice beads (200 in the box). I’ve been making things off and on for the last few years and now I am running out. This year, I decided to go ahead and get a Kublacon Flea Market spot for the Friday night of the convention when I signed us up this past week. I am very excited. I have been drawing things out, making lists, collecting up supplies for several months now and now it’s time to start cranking some stuff out. Most all of these designs and ideas have included dice beads…and PANIC! I needed more.

After trying to get some from various game shops (where I got them in the first place), I was very discouraged as they are not sold anymore. Last night I got a revelation and checked on Etsy and Artfire. Both sites have shops that sell not only hand crafted things, but supplies for hand crafters as well. SHAZAAAM! Next thing I know I’m ordering metal dice in silver and gold colors, and regular white dice beads, small red skulls and some little bells. I got a little bit of all of it and if they work in my designs and stuff, then I can order bigger batches. The gold and silver will really make my jewelry designs look awesome!

I have one rosary to make this week (jade and silver – it is going to be purty!), and then it is time to get crankin’ on Kublacon stuff. Spence and I have made a huge list of things that would possibly be good sellers at a gamer convention so now it’s time to make patterns and get the assembly line going! Yayyyyyy!!!!

Oh, and I’m back to sorting thru stuff here in the Chaos and took 2 cart loads of stuff to the charity shop this week!

My future is filled with sorting, spring cleaning (I’m starting in the kitchen), and making stuff.

Oh, and Spencer’s beanie is finally on it’s final start. I think this is the one. No more frogging!

Got any cheese with that whine?

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As a matter of fact, no, I don’t.

And that’s why I’m a whiny cranky pants today.

This whole weekend was just one shopping fail after another.

Saturday we biked over to the farmer’s market for some of our favorite chipotle cheddar cheese. The vendor wasn’t there, so…no cheese for us…one week. We head off to Safeway for some stuff and Spencer pops into McCallou’s looking for a beanie – he comes out with 2. Grr.

Yesterday, I talked Antonella into running off with me to the Ashby BART flea market. We were on the hunt for interesting beads and bead findings. Neither one of the two vendors who sell things like that and are usually at the flea market were there. Not many vendors were, but that’s beside the point.

Antonella consoled herself with two cool rings and a pair of very pretty earrings.

I got nuttin’. Grrr.

We went off to downtown Berkeley for lunch and a stab at getting some more dice beads. At least the pizza was most excellent.

Like I was telling her on the way home. Once I get it in my mind that I am going out for a specific item, I get very disappointed when I don’t get it and no matter what I look at, nothing seems appealing. And when I have an entire weekend of not getting, well…crankiness ensues.

I am in a rainy mood. The weather dudes say that more is on the way.

Bring it.

#569 It’s a Miracle!

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Hey Everyone!

I made something! *I* made something!

Hee hee…

Yesterday morning was a bit of an adventure… Taking Spencer to go get xrays in the middle of a deluge, a stop after at the groc store and hardware store and a long walk home in the rain…

Don’t worry, Spencer is OK. He hurt his wrist, but nothing is broken, it is just a sprain.

Anyway, we were both soaked to the skin. So after drying off, hanging up everything to dry, climbing into our warm jammies and several cups of tea and some snacks…I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

So off to nap I went…and I had a dream about something wonderful…

Last night, I made my dream come true.

I started with this….leftover beads from Antonella’s necklace and a bracelet chain.

It turned into this…

…and ended up as this…

I call this the “Foreign Bracelet”.

The “main” beads are from England, there is an Eiffel Tower Charm, an English Phone Booth Charm, and some sort of Asian Charms with Chinese characters on them (I think it’s Chinese).

Anyway, I love it! It was fun to make – pain free even! It took me several hours, but only because I searched through everything bead related that I have to find just the right pieces to add – just ask Antonella, I’ve got a lot of stuff!

So there you go…I made something. I love it.


Still working hard at being unemployed…

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Hello everyone,

Things have been tough in the Chaos here. Lately I’ve been a bit down so NOTHING is getting done around here. Just the basics to get by. Being sick last week, disappointment after disappointment and life in general has just been dragging me deeper and deeper.

No creativity let loose, no making of anything, no sorting, no organizing. Nothing.

I get up late, I chat with Honey for an hour, I sit on the couch with the Kitty and read or sleep the day away. Horror of all horrors, I’ve actually been watching daytime TV!!!! Talk shows only, no soaps, and the talk shows are of the more “classy” type. No Jerry Springer or that other dude allowed. Sometimes I put on Discovery Channel all day.

I’ve learned a lot about building cars (Overhaulin’) so I guess it’s not really time wasted, right? Yeah, right.

My Mom and Sis sent grandma’s vintage beads on Saturday. The USPS attempted delivery on Monday (that was QUICK!!). Silly me decided to go out and enjoy the nice weather, so I missed them. I’ve been trying to get it re-delivered ever since. I finally cornered the carrier today and he promised he’d bring the box tomorrow.

I can’t wait to get my hands on them! I have lots of plans in my head and hopefully I can pull myself up and out of my current funk enough to work with them and get going on some really cool stuff!!! Which I hope I can continue and grow into SOMETHING going on around here besides moping and feeling sorry for myself.

Today I decided I need to put myself on a schedule. Time blocks need to happen for daily/weekly chores, deep cleaning, sorting/organizing, creating/making, bike riding, exercising, relaxing, and so on. I need to pull myself up and get my butt in gear or NOTHING is going to keep getting done. And I want this place looking good by Christmas. I want to start the new year with an organized place. I know if I just made myself do something little every day, I could do it. There really isn’t that much to do, I only need to apply myself a whole lot more.

I’m even thinking about going back to school. Don’t know what I’d study yet, but the thought is there – again. Especially since I’m having such bad luck on the job front.

On the wrist front, I’ve been dealing with pain from a “cyst” type thing on my wrist. My insurance company is stalling the doc’s office. They’re not being very timely with responses for pre-auths, etc. I don’t know what is worse, the pain or the frustration. Meanwhile, the pain gets worse and worse. Gee thanks insurance company. So glad you care so much for your members. So very glad this isn’t life threatening.

On a happier note, Ms Cow will step in and do some more fashion posts. She’s really getting into this…she is making notes for a post as I type. We bought a new book about Fashion History and she’s had her nose in it since Monday. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Drive-by posting…

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Still gettin’ things done over here in the Chaos.

OMG…so who else is going to run off and make some of these?!?!?! I’m stopping on the way home to find something to put in them…either chocolate chips or blueberries or something otherwise yummy! Must. Make. Some…

Mom’s recovery is coming along. Not only is she back to her normal self (as evidenced by some annoying parental habits), but the doctor even says she’s healing well. 🙂

I finally remembered to ask Mom if she still had some old beads laying around the house. Sure enough, the old candy tin housing my Grandmothers glass seed beads is alive and well and soon to be on it’s way to the Chaos. I used to “play” with those beads when I was little, pouring them out of their vials, putting them back in, arranging the little glass vials “just so” in the tin. Counting the strands on the tassels – that’s how seed beads used to be sold, strung on cheap string and made into cute little bunches, or tassels as I called them. Well, the strings have long since deteriorated, it’s a good thing I put the tassels into old film canisters. 🙂

Now that I sort of know what I’m doing, I’m going to try and make some jewelry out of these family antiques. I can’t wait to see them again (the memories!). There will be photos as soon as my Mom and Sis find a good way to pack it all up and ship it safely.

I’m back in the saddle – have been bike riding Friday, Sunday and Monday! Today I rested as I’ve managed to get out of riding shape and am quite sore from the waist down. Tomorrow I go for a ride again. Yay!

My poor little kitty (my 16yr old fluffy white baby) was sick this morning…sure hope she’s feeling better. Can’t quite tell as she’s been sleeping all day. Guess that’s a good thing – since that is normally what she does anyway.