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Me and my big mouth…

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This is what happens when you are stupid enough to not start on time, then rush, and then have the balls to brag that things are going along GREAT JUST GREAT!

And then you publish it on the internet.

You mess up the pattern and don’t notice until 3 rows later.

THREE LONG ROWS OF 130+ stitches.

And it wasn’t a simple enough thing for me that I could just let a stitch go, go down a bit and fix the mistake.  I don’t do well with that process to begin with…  If I did that, it would just be better to frog and start over because it would all be a big fat yarny mess.

So just spent almost the entire knitting time since I bragged about how well things were going, tinking*.

Rinkety tinkety tink. 
The yarn ball fell in the sink. 
The knitter went skating, instead of just waiting,
and busted her butt in the rink.

(Makes no sense whatever, I know. It just popped into my head.)

So… Sorry Sis, you’ll have to wait a few extra days for your knitterly item.  There’s an envelope coming to Mom’s house by Saturday.  Enjoy your gift card in the interim.

*Definition of Tink:
Tink is the term used by knitters to mean unknitting or knitting backward. Tink is actually knit spelled backward.

When you notice a mistake in your knitting either in the row you are currently working on or the row you just finished working, the easiest way to fix it is to tink back to the problem stitch and start over.

It is not recommended that you tink over several rows because it takes a long time and is very nerve-wracking.

Also Known As: Unknitting, backward knitting

Things to Do…

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…as always in the Chaos, there are MANY. THINGS. TO. DO.

As is normal here, I’ve not done very much. Although I did get a lot done this weekend. Oddly enough, it doesn’t look like I did anything.

All the small steps will add up to things looking better soon. I just know it.

I am currently working on a secret knitting project with a tight deadline.

It’s going quite well considering all the stitches involved and that I haven’t ever made one of these before and I haven’t knit on anything in months and sometimes I can’t concentrate and I loose my place on the pattern quite often.


In other words, a Typical Chaos Knitting Experience.

One main thing crossed off the TO-DO list this weekend was rescuing a blue dryer ball from behind the dryers. Poor thing has been trapped back there for a week.

A full set again.

Coming Soon: Ms Cow dishes on our Day Out at the Museum.

Time Lord Obsessed

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OK, so I’ve been really busy about the Chaos, at work (this job thing really wears me out – in a good way tho), Kublacon (another year down) and just the daily ins and outs of being me.

Still trying to recover from Kublacon – there are photos to be taken and items to be added to the shop.

Posts to be written about Kublacon, what I’ve been making, the fact that my wrist is recovered enough to knit with small needles again, happenings about town, things seen, Spencer’s doings, etc.

Meanwhile, the latest Knitpicks catalog pops into my mailbox. Damn them, they always seem to arrive when I’m at my weakest…

Anyone else notice the “Time Traveler” self-striping sock yarn? Love the description!

Anyway again….6 balls later…ordered during a particularly weak moment during Kublacon weekend….on their way to be delivered today to the Chaos. I’ve also stocked up my Netflix queue with a bunch of Dr. Who episodes, old and new, so that I may knit away whilst watching. 🙂

I had an idea to knit a neverending scarf, but it will have to be quite thin in order to take advantage of the stripes. I like thickish scarves, so nah. I think I’ll stick to socks. I know of 3 Dr. Who fans who would appreciate a Tom Baker-esque pair of socks and 6 balls is the perfect amount for that. 🙂

About Balls….

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Conversation in the elevator yesterday while going up to do laundry…

Little Girl: I like your balls lady!

Me: Why thank you!

Little Girls Mom: snicker snicker snicker snicker…


Seen floating in the canal while riding the trail this morning…

  • One pink ball about the size of a basketball
  • 3 baseballs
  • One football


Seen *on* the trail….3 piles of doggy poop

  • One very large as in “does a bear shit on the trail” large
  • One very small
  • And one very smooshed (luckily not by me)

(I know, I know, not technically balls…more like torpedoes…landmines…work with me here…had to tell about the poops!!!)


For those looking for artsy type stuff…

First Drawing Class today…I LOVE IT! I am very glad I signed up for this class. Once I get past the fact that I’m the youngest person in the class…it’s not so bad!

Today we learned about the basic shapes used in drawing and about highlighting and shadowing. Someday when I get over being a lazy ass, I’ll post a scan of some of my work. I’m doing pretty good for a beginner, even if I do say so myself. hee hee

Oh, and I TOTALLY love that I can ride from door to door and lock up my bike right outside the classroom door. Really wish it wasn’t so windy sometimes, but it does give me a good workout!

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