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A first of MANY squeeeees to come….

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Just received notice that our I-129F petition form has been accepted into the “system” and we have been assigned a case number.  Now it really IS official. :o)

Now you know what I will be doing every hour until the thing is complete…checking the status online of course.

I can’t help it!

This is very exciting and it came about a week sooner than I had expected.  I’m hoping (and so is my Honey) that the rest of the process happens just as fast!

Send good thoughts, pray, cross your fingers, light candles…we need the good vibes for a quick process.

I’ve suddenly become VERY impatient. :o)

Gee…almost a month between posts!

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Hey, I’m on a roll…

Sorry no postie. I’ve been really busy at work. On a computer and sitting all day equals total aversion to sitting down in front of a computer at night.

I’ve been sitting, but not with the computer.

I’ve done a few rows of knitting here and there. I’ve been reading. I’ve been listening to someone else read (books on CD anyone?). I’ve been playing Xbox (yes, I do). Mostly tho, I’ve been collapsing on the couch after dinner and falling asleep.

I’ve started a Pilates class on Wednesdays at noon. Unfortunately I’ll have to stop that after this month. I just can’t keep up with it financially. I am going to get 2 good months out of it, so hopefully can continue on my own.

Been on the bike a few times.

I voted. Ms Cow wrote in Cow for Parks and Grasses Boss. Wonder what the vote counters thought of that. 🙂

Found a great hairdresser. Got great new color, went bold on a new, shorter cut. Lost a great hairdresser. Went back for great new color and to maintain cut. Color worked, cut, not so much.

Growing out hair…and will most likely go back to coloring my own hair again. I can color my own hair in an hour as opposed to 3 hours at the salon. And will still save money over getting it done at a school. As for cuts, I can go to the corner and get a quick trim for $10 with a coupon. Bim bam, I’m outta there! No more wasting an entire Saturday morning or afternoon sitting in a chair smelling chemicals for 4 hours.

It was good while it lasted. The salon folks were very friendly and really listened to what I wanted to do with my hair. I just can’t do it any more. Sigh.

I really do like my new cut, but it’s a pain. It grows out way too quickly. I can’t pull it back and still look nice – it takes about 8 clips to hold it back cos it’s so thick. I look like I was having something done at the salon and had to leave in a hurry.

If I leave it down, I get hot. Really hot. Especially when riding my bike. It’s like wearing a really really thick woolly hat that dips down over the back of my neck. All the time.

No thanks. I like the option of either putting it up or wearing it down or wearing it half up or whatever.

So I’m going to let it grow back. I miss my biking braids too. 🙂

Went thru an episode of Kitty not sleeping and MEOWING all night long. Is why I’ve been so damn tired. No sleep will do that to you. She’s sleeping again now, but I’m still not. Sigh. I’m getting better but I swear I still hear her MEOWING even tho she’s sound asleep at the end of the bed.

I’ve been trying to organize and get rid of about half of what I’ve got in this place before Honey and Cow arrive. Less than 40 days now and the place is not quite where I’d like it to be. I’ve got lots of things that need to go away and now need to find a way to get them away.

Getting a few items from a very generous friend that need new homes and I really could use here, so need to get back to work. They are arriving tomorrow.

Before I forget again…

Happy Biking Anniversary to me and my pretty pretty bike. Three years last month (Oct 16th) and still going strong. Really wish I could get myself in your saddle a lot more often.

Time to sort, organize and pack up give-aways!

It’s almost the end of the month…

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…the birthday month…and the shopping…oh my goodness the shopping…

I spent my Amazon gift card in a New York minute (thanks G!) and ordered a book I have had on my wish list for about 4 years (!!!!), and another that I found and thought I’d like (Ms Cow requested it actually).

A small shopping spree at The Yarn Boutique in Lafayette, CA happened the weekend after my birthday. The owner was there the day I went and she was very very helpful. The store is very small and PACKED to the ceiling, so don’t bring kids or carts or strollers or wheelchairs if you go. I could barely walk round in there and kept knocking stuff over. I got 3 different kinds of sock yarn and another set of square circulars. We also had a good chat about the yarn I won at the SF Ravelry Meet-up in May. She gave me a few suggestions about patterns I should look up – all free. 🙂 She’s made them before and really liked the results and said my yarns should work well.

I couldn’t stay there long tho as my wool allergies started up…high concentration of wool fumes in the wee tiny shop. 🙂

Lunch came after, then a trip to the hair colorist. Ask for Jesse, he rocks – maybe that cos he’s the head instructor for coloring… 🙂 If you’re curious, the number is 925-937-2011. Tell him Donna the knitter sent you. They are very accomodating as far as appointments go and the prices are very reasonable – Ms Troi says they can do that because the Academy tuition pays the rent, the rest is just a service to the local ‘hood.

And if that wasn’t enuf…I hit Target and Ross before I FINALLY headed home.

There has been a wee bit of internet shopping since then…very small amount of beads, some more yarn and needles (not b-day stuff tho as it’s for gift projects) and a few books from the my book swap club. One for me and one for Spence for a school reading project. I just LOVE the swap club!

It really was like Christmas in July around the Chaos this year. Not only was it very COLD out, I just kept getting delivery after delivery. 🙂

Spencer and I will decide some day what we will do to celebrate our b-days again. On our actual days, it was so freakin’ hot that we didn’t do much of anything. So I promised him, we’d wait til summer was over and do something special together.

Lunch with a friend

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Yesterday, Ms AmpuTeeHee and I met for lunch. You can read about it there and see a photo of my yummy burger.

And oooh, it was good. Hit the spot. Don’t normally go for the beef burger (I prefer turkey) and the fries, but every now and then the body just craves it.

I’m not very good with measuring portions (I eyeball it), keeping a food journal, or counting calories, etc. I DO pay attention to what’s in my food, what I eat, how much of it I eat, and how my body reacts to whatever it is I’m eating. I let myself indulge a craving (within reason) every so often, cos I can’t do “you CAN’T” have this or that or the other thing. Just makes me want it even more, and then I give in and go overboard.

Add all that “monitoring” to riding my bike to the train station when it’s not raining, and you get…..

drum roll…

….10 lbs lost since I started my new job. YAY!

I am happy about that…very happy. The planets are aligning as far as getting myself to a healthy place, so I’m going with it. I know that’s a lot for me (just me, no one else) to lose in 1 month. I also know that going forward, the weight might not come off as easily. I’m ok with all that. I’m on pretty good speaking terms with my body, so I know what it can do and how far I can push it. When it pushes back, I listen.

In the meantime, clothes are fitting better, even shoes. It’s a good feeling.

I don’t care what the scale says, or what the clothing tag says. Just feeling comfortable is nice.

Best laid plans, blah blah blah

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Well, the conference didn’t go as well as we planned and there has been a business setback. My friend is carrying on though and pushing forward, etc. He’s not one for giving in and this is his dream, so onward!

Ms Cow was a fantastic navigator by the way…even thru fog!!!

It has been nice having the car, altho it is very tiring to drive (and drive so much too) after not driving in a long time. I am worn out from yesterday. Drove Spence into SF today all the way to school and picked up his bike while I was there…more lots of driving…this time in traffic.

So on to the best laid plans. I don’t seem to be the superwoman I used to be. My big plans to take the two chairs off to the charity shop just fell thru. I can’t lift the damn things, so there is no way I’m going to be able to get them down the stairs and into a car. I’ll have to have some help with that. I’ll just have to borrow the car over the weekend when Spencer can help me. In the mean time, I’ve given up on even taking anything. I don’t have enuf for a car load without the chairs. To be honest, it doesn’t even fill up the cart. Sigh. Can’t lift the heavy boxes either, so taking anything to the charity shop for donation is out for today.

I’ll have a bit of a rest and then go do some running about…I have several things that need to be done that would take forever if done by bus, so having the car is not going to go to waste. I was going to try and fit in the errands and the donation run, so now I can just relax and take my time. I’ll pick up Spencer from BART and we’ll most likely take a run down to In ‘n Out for some yummy burgers. We only go to In n Out during Kublacon cos I’ve got a rental car and there is one by the hotel where it’s held, so this will be a bit of a treat for us. Altho I must confess that when I first picked up the car on Tuesday night, Antonella and I stopped in for dinner. 🙂

Oh yeah, almost forgot, the dice beads came the other day. The silver and gold medal ones are awesome, the skulls are a bit bigger than I thought they would be, and the “white” dice beads are actually “grey”. They’ll be some emails to the seller about that. I have a feeling I’ll be sending them back. I need WHITE. These just look the color of dingy socks. Yuk!

I’ve gotten several other “new” things to help me make stuff and give me instructions/ideas for Kublacon items, so I need to get going on it!

See ya later…

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I’ve got the use of a car for the next 2 days.

Tomorrow I go to Sacramento to a conference – standing in for my friend who is starting his own business.

The next day, I will be loading the car up with a few heavy boxes and some chairs to take for donation. I asked, he said sure no prob, so I’m going to be getting rid of some major stuff. As much big and heavy stuff as I can! Might as well. No way I’m gonna take any heavy boxes the usual way via bus!

Spencer will be getting rides to and from BART as well. I think on Thursday I’ll actually be driving in to SF to pick him and his bike up after school so he can have it here for the weekend.

Time for bed, I’ve got to be at the Sac Convention Center at 8am, so it’s a VERY early start for me and Ms Cow. She insists on coming. Anyway, she’s my navigator, so if we get lost, it’s HER fault. hahahahaha!

I think this is #568…Someone’s been making somthing…

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…unfortunately, it wasn’t me.

Feast your eyes upon my friend Antonella’s first adventure in making jewelry.

She was over one day and spotted a necklace in one of my English (as in “from England”) jewelry magazines.

She decided she had to have it. So I says, “I’ll find out where to get the beads and then we’ll make it.”

So after a few emails, I found them at Bijou Beads. We ordered and well, here you are…

…one Italian version of an English necklace.

She is very proud of herself…as well she should be – it looks pretty much like the necklace in the magazine.

She added a few beads and also switched things up a little, oh, and added a little purple dangle bead at the back by the clasp.

I won’t say how long it took for us to work on it, but she did 95% of the work herself after some quick instruction from me. It was a good Saturday night last night and now she’s got some killer bragging rights. She can’t wait to go back to work on Tuesday and show it off.

She was kinda ticked that tomorrow is a holiday and she’s got off – but only cos she can’t show off her handiwork! hee hee hee

Contest! Fabulous Prize!

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Not from me tho, I’m just trying to win it. 🙂

Such being the case (we love free things and prizes here in the chaos), go check it out. AntiM is giving away a few cool things for your home. Technically one is for your furry friend, but still, you win it.

So click on over, enter and don’t forget to say Donnaz Chaos sent you (I get extra entries if you do).

Hopefully I’ll win the heated leopard print kitty dish and that little witch I call my Precious Little Princess Kitty can stop going medieval on my good wrist – she’s pretty much scratching/biting the shit out of it lately. Just giving her extra treaties isn’t cutting it…she apparently wants MORE.

What I did this past weekend…Stitches 2009

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….first…we get ready…

Here’s Ms Cow all strapped into her carry tote – which also doubles as my knitting bag when she tags along.

This was taken early Friday afternoon. She was a bit excited, so had to make sure I didn’t forget her.

Later that evening while the laundry was going…I made these…

5 sets of Pink Ribbon Stitch Markers…

3 pairs of Pink Ribbon Earrings…

7 Pink Ribbon Cell Phone Charms…

All of these Pink Ribbon goodies were dropped off at the Yarn Dogs booth at Stitches for them to sell to raise money for their “Knitters for Knockers” Avon Walk Team 2009.

If you’ll remember, back when No-blog-Rachel did the walk with the team, I provided some goodies for them to wear and sell then as well.

Saturday morning, we’re all set to go and head out on BART to meet up with the rest of the group… Here’s Ms Cow in her tote with my knitting, nestled inside my rolling shopping cart. Although I did take the cart on BART, I did not take it into Stitches. Figured there would be way too many people and I was right. Just wish everyone else who had a rolling cart would have left there’s in their cars as well….

Some random shots of Stitches…

At some point the 5 of us…6 if you count Ms Cow, actually stopped for lunch…

Ms Cow never left the bag…she preferred to stay strapped in her safety ribbon for the duration.

The convention center was swarming with people, running here and there, oooohing and ahhhhing and running into each other…she was much safer staying in her carry tote.

Before and after lunch there was shopping, of course. After lunch, 3 (4) of us sat in on a drop spindle spinning demo at the main stage. OOOH, that was cool.

After the demo, there was more shopping.

About 5pm-ish, we all decided that we’d had enough and headed home. We stopped off for a lovely dinner and some questionable Italian lessons at a Macaroni Grill.

Waiting for the BART train home…poor Ms Cow has passed out. Good thing the knitting is there to cushion her. And no, not one of us actually knitted at Stitches. I did knit one row on my two-at-one-socks to show two of the ladies how I managed to not get myself all tangled up…but that doesn’t really count.

Thanks a bunch to the wonderful AmpuT who drove us all in her converted van. Dudes, that thing rocks! It was so cool! Too bad I didn’t get a photo of it when they pulled up at the BART station to pick me up… hee hee hee.

There were 5 of us (plus one wee little Cow) riding in style down to Stitches. The other 3 ladies I didn’t know before this, so I have 3 new knitterly friends. And we had such a fun time! They are all so funny, we were laughing and smiling the whole time. Except for at the end when I think we were all about ready to collapse and decided we needed to leave and get some food. Once we got some food in us tho…heh heh heh heh…

OK Cherry, here’s some photos now of what I bought while there…

Everything out at once…inspected and kitty approved…

Close up of some discount Cherry Tree Hill Sock yarn in Wisteria, the Whimsy Scarf Pattern (going to use the Cherry Tree Hill to make it), a few pin/buttons/badges…I seem to be collecting them…I heart sheep…Stitches 2009, and a Fiber Fiend Monster dude.

Two Square Circular #1’s, 24in. These things rock. I was hoping to find something like this for my sock knitting. The transition from cable to needle is wonderful, and the cable is soft and supple…no kinking or curling here! YAY! I am just rocking on Honey’s socks now. 🙂 Ooh, and one of the 2 drop spindles I bought. One top whorl and one bottom whorl. And check out the leather straps. Those are for my Suede tote bag lined with firemen fabric that has been hibernating while I look for handles.

Here is an awful photo of the second spindle, a Blue Faced Leicester Roving braid and some lace weight Yarn Place Grace and Jojoland Harmony yarn. The Grace is all mine (multi colored with greens and blues and greys) and the Harmony is for a gift (swear to you guys it’s the colors of Rainbow Sherbet). As I start the projects I’ll have better photos – and I’ve stashed it all in Ravelry, but need photos there too . It was too dark and dreary for the last few days to get any good ones tho.

And lastly, Ms Cow is leaning on a big ball of some sort of roving fluff in a really cool coppery brown color. I have no idea what it is…I bought it cos of the color. 🙂 If I’m going to be learning how to spin, I may as well like the color of what I’m totally ruining…

Not shown in any photos…the very large size S wooden, extended crochet hook. Stitch Diva ran out, so I had to order it. That should be arriving in about 2-3 weeks, depending on the amount of orders that poor man who makes them ends up getting out of them. Once I get that hook, the Random Acts of Acrylic Blankie is back on!!! I’ll burn thru that acrylic in NO TIME!!!! I really LOVE Tunisian Crochet…

Anyway, I pretty much got home about 8:30pm-ish and just about collapsed on the couch. But not until after I had put everything out on the bed and photographed it. Cos you know I’m just gonna tear into everything and then there will be no more photo ops.

Anywhoo…spent all day Sunday and part of today recovering. It was not so much the sore feet and back from wandering up and down the convention hall floor, it was the wool sensitivities! I started sneezing towards the end right before I left, but didn’t think anything of it.

Was fine thru dinner.

By the time I was settled in at BART waiting for the train home, it had hit. And hit in a BIG way. My eyes were swollen and watery and itchy. My nose was getting stuffed up. And my throat was so dry. And my hands…they were itchy as well.

Delayed reaction. Sigh. I had done so well all day long. I thought I would be able to survive unscathed. I was wrong. I guess I can handle a yarn store size amount of yarn stuff, just not a convention hall sized amount.

Oh well, this will definitely make me think twice about ever going again. But I’m as so glad I went this one time and finally saw what all the brouhaha was about.

Yes, it’s big.

Yes, there’s lots of stuff to buy and see and all that.

Been there, bought that, had the reaction…don’t need to go back now or ever wonder what I was missing.

Some sort of nesting going on….

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…or should I say hoarding…

Anyway, I’ve been busy this week.

Emotionally, it’s been a roller coaster.

Wow, this is my chance to switch careers. OMG, PANIC! What in the hell am I going to do if I don’t do software? Everything is going to be OK, relax, you have until May 15th. Do I REALLY have until May 15th? OMG, PANIC! Seriously, I’m OK with this…it’s time to move on.

Etc etc etc.

Getting very tired of it.

Any moment now, I suspect my head will start spinning and I’ll be spewing tonight’s dinner (tortellini with garlic marinara sauce by the way – was yum on the way down).

Everything else-wise…I’ve had a friend’s car for the week while he and his wife were out of town (you know who you are – THANKS!!!) All I had to do was drop them off at the airport and pick them up when they got back – and make sure to fill up the tank, of course. 🙂

Boy, am I glad I really don’t have a car. On the one hand, it was wonderfully convenient. On the other, I’ve become a lazy-ass shop-a-holic. And that was just the first two damn days. Good grief. Was teasing my friend via text that his car was costing me a fortune!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

I did manage to get some long overdue errands done that I’ve been putting off for the longest time and Spencer, Antonella and I went to shops and restaurants that we wouldn’t normally go to on bus or bike. We used the car wisely…hee hee. And as much as I’m calling myself a lazy ass, I really didn’t use it as much as I could have…Just the weekend and a few nights out for dinner.

As for the hoarding, well, since I did have a car, I hit the stores and stocked up on toiletries, cleaning stuff, cat litter, etc. The biggest containers I could get my hands on too. Several of each. Why not.

It cost me a big chunk of change, but one part of me said, “You got the car, take advantage of it, you are running out of everything.” The other part of me said, “Stock up now while you still got the chunks of change. That way you won’t have to worry about it later.”

Then I got it all home and said “Where the hell am I going to put it?!?”

Worked that out.

Been reading again.

And doing a bit of organizing. Thinking of dusting off the Job Basket again. Yes, I’ve been ignoring it since the Holidays. Well, DUH. Is anyone really all that surprised I slacked off. Chaos. Hello.

Been ignoring my bike…she is feeling very neglected. Maybe Spencer will be successful in getting me out on her this weekend. We’re going to continue with the clear weather/sunshine, need to take advantage of it!

Been knitting as much as I can on Spencer’s argyle scarf that no matter how long it gets, it’s still not long enough. Been knitting on that damned thing since November (ACK) and it’s STILL not done. This is the last time I’m using such a complicated technique on such a looooooong project.

Feel free to remind me I just said that when I announce I’ve decided to make a double knitted argyle queen sized afghan – cos you know I’ll forget all about the argyle scarf from hell and decide to do something completely and utterly stupid like that…sigh.

It stopped being “fun” and “cool” about 6 pattern repeats ago. I’m currently at 20. I’ve estimated that I need to do 33.


You know, I thought when I first signed in that I’ve got nothing to say, why am I even here…and then stuff just started spewing forth.

Guess we’re all just really lucky it’s not the tortellini with marinara sauce, eh?