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Donna and Kiko

Donna and Kiko


Hi there.  My name is Donna and this is my Chaos.

My brain’s off switch doesn’t always work so there are usually lots of ideas about all sorts of things rolling around in my brain.  I intend to set them loose and try to corral them here.

The things I write about will vary. I knit, sew, make jewelry and take photos.  You can expect to see things about what I’ve done and how I’ve done it.  I consider myself creative – sometimes my ideas are really out there.  I’ll share it all here. Even the epic fails.  There have been many, there will be more.  I guarantee it.

Sometimes I write corny poetry or silly stories.  Time to get all of them preserved for posterity.  I hope to put down some older stuff as I find it while I’m going through my boxes in storage.  I have been organizing and purging for about ten years and I’m still not done.  It’s an ongoing project and keeps me busy – I am obviously easily distracted.  I am always looking for different/easy/minimal-stinky-chemical ways to clean so will be sharing what I find here.

At times I will rant.  My favorite rant subject lately is peri-menopause and all things menstrual and hormonal.  If I do post such a rant, I will give fair warning in the post titles and start off with some sort of disclaimer so that those with sensitivities to such “female issues” can look away.  I promise.

I like to shop and will write reviews if I really really like something.

On a personal note, I am a newlywed, married to my Honey on April 5, 2014.  We adopted a kitten in July 2015 and named her Kiko.  She just might have to have her own page.  I have an adult son (just over 21) who is living life in LA with his lady and their two cats.

I have have been known to get quite silly and/or obsess about things so come on in and enjoy the show.  There’s always something going on in here.